Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh so funny....

This morning i was listening to the twins talk on the monitor while i was getting ready to take Alexis to the dr and this is what i heard:

Austin: "Sissy, I got hiccups"
Madison: "Bubby I got gas"

Later on in the conversation I heard
Madison: "i got gas"
Austin: "Sissy shooo stinky"

I love listening to these conversations on the monitor because they have no idea i can hear them and they are so open and funny!

I was on the phone today with my aunt and Austin wanted to talk so he gets on the phone and says this:
"t-ta i got hicups" after he says it he opens his mouth and says "look see i got hicups"
Like she could see through the phone.

Another Funny thing is He was watching Diego and was repeating parts of the song they sing and words, he says at the same time they did "alescate" (spelling?)and he looks at me and I was laughing and saying it with him, and he says "that's Right Austin, that right" He says that because after they do something that is correct or say the right answer to a question i say "that's right Austin or that's right Madison" So now he does it. Too funny!

we went to eat lunch and came home to try to get a nap in, NOT they kept wanting to go to sleep in the car, i would not let them because if they dozed in the car when they got home they would not go back to sleep. But they chatted and chatted. It was getting late so i went in to get them so they would go to sleep tonight. of course when i get in there Austin is sleeping sitting up and Madison is curled up with her pillow asleep. I woke them up though.
I leave and go scrapbook with the ladies from church at the church. I get home at 11:30p Kids did good for daddy. Alexis was a little fussy not to bad considering her ears probably hurt her bad.

Oh yeah and I got a Sty...YUCK! first time ever!

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