Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Conversations with a 2 year old!

Today Austin was having a conversation with me and Madison. He was watching Blues Clues Joe on there was looking at a picture and said I love to read books

Austin: I love books too... Mommy, Do you love books too?

Mommy: Yes I do Austin

Austin: Sissy, Do you love books too?

Madison: Yes bubby!

I made Rice crispy treats yesterday and I gave them one today at snack time and Austin said "Mommy this is good i love this"

Tonight we were singing and dancing YMCA, Stayin Alive, Do you Remember (not sure that is the title)

They did the move to Stayin Alive... it is too cute!

Here is a pic to look at since i have not downloaded my pics from my camera yet..

OH and please pray for Adam he is one his third interview for this job he wants they are only interviewing 2 this time for the job he is one of them, we have 50 percent chance!

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