Thursday, July 19, 2007

To potty or not to potty!

Grr we tried to start introducing the potty and no diapers on Monday. Well it went ok, we got princess panties and Diego and cars. Well Austin did ok, Madison did great until dinner when she was in the high chair and i could not get her out fast enough when she told me she had to pee she told me seconds before she had to go. I asked the Dr that day when i took her in for her fever. she only had a viral throat infection no ears or strep. the dr said just take it slow until they get more into telling me they have to go and the closer they get to 3 bladder control will get better. So we did it again on Tuesday, Madison started holding it in even though i was putting them on the potty every 10 to 15 min. Austin would say he had to go and then get near the potty and say no pee yet. when he did sit it would be like 2 min and he would scream for for his pants back on. When he was right about to pee he would say i pee i sit him there and nothing, he gets up and then 2 min later pees a lil in his pants..GRRR. he is not motivated about candy, or "throwing" the diego undies away because they were wet. Madison is easy to manipulate but she would hold it on day 2. So we went back to diapers and we will keep trying and going before getting in our PJs at night and before bath. I am in no hurry, i just want them to get use to the idea.

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