Friday, August 24, 2007

Alexis 6 month Check up

She is in the 10th percentile weighing in at 13 lbs 9.5 oz. I can not remember the height right now..

She is doing good. We discussed her eating schedule. She still nurses about 7 times a day or more. Sleeps all night still. I have been giving her 2 solids a day now. She suggested i revolve her around nursing and 2 cereal meals a day. Add in any fruit or veggie for lunch if i choose. I can also mix in a fruit or veggie in the cereal as well.

We also discussed getting her use to her crib and out of our bed in the co sleeper. I do this because when she does which is rare wake up in the middle of the night she does not cry until she is way past hungry, she will wiggle and grunt lightly. So if she is in her crib it is likely I would not hear her until she is crying mad. that is why she is still there. so we talked about and I am going to transition her to her crib.

We also talked about Madison's recent constipation. It all started when she started drinking more V8 because of her veggie strike. She also started wanting more milk. plus she loves meat. She gets milk of magnisnia (sp?) but we stopped giving it every other day after they both were going pretty good on their own. We then started it back everyday until we got a good BM. Well Madison still has not had one. The Doctor suggested giving her sweet acidolphous (sp?) milk or soy silk milk. I bought soy milk.

Now after we get home from the dr Austin started running a fever! GRRR we just left the dr. Either he got it from Adam or from caelan. So here we go rotating Motrin/Tylenol. we will see how it goes. He also has not ate much all day and is rather calm today.

Alexis had 4 shots and had to drink the rotovirus drops. SO she was not in a good mood today.

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