Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a shock...

Friday night the 10th we are going to eat Chinese and as we walk in I get a phone call from Adams mom. She asked me where we were and where was Adam Wayne. I tell her and she says I have some bad news, I knew it was not papa, Dave or Laura because she was too calm for that. She then tells me that Uncle Ted killed himself today. We were in shock, that is when she started crying. She said he tried to slit his wrist then he shot himself. the first thing i thought of was his wife Patsy, then the grandkids that loved him so much, then i thought of Papa and Lola. we hang up and call her back after dinner. We decide during Dinner to go to GA tomorrow.

We get ready and end of leaving at 12 after breakfast, i had to run 2 errands, Adam had to mow the back yard. We had a long road trip since we had to stop to eat lunch, feed Ali twice or so, and of course Gas. So we get there at 8:30 their time 7:30 ours.

Sunday we get to Lola's before the Viewing and Adams mom kept it a secret from Lola that we were coming. She was at the door when we got there because someone had just left her house. she saw me get out and started Crying and crying, she was so happy to see us! She was shocked and very happy.
at the viewing it was PACKED. I carried Ali in the Bjorn so i could help Adam with the twins. there was 3 sets of twins there ours, anther B/G set that was 11 mo, and an older B/B set (papa's cousins) (one was there that we saw). Adams aunt that has a B/G set her twins were not there they are in there 20's, I think.

Monday was the actual funeral at 11a so we had to be there around 10:30a. The kids did ok considering they had not had breakfast yet just a snack. I took crayons, gameboy and a couple toys. Ali was hungry for her Oatmeal so she got the most fussy I got her oatmeal and fed her in my arms. at the burial I stayed in the car with all the kids since Ali was asleep and it was HOT outside. they moved most of it inside the church. it did not last real long. After we went to Lola's to eat. after we left for home. We left at about 4 i think. we stopped in Atlanta at Fudruckers to eat. We got home at 10p.

I have some pics soon to share of our trip, not many though.

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Chelle said...

How horrible! My nephew committed suicide. That just makes everything more difficult for the families! I'm sorry for your loss.

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