Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aww toothache what a PAIN!

I have this major problem with one of my teeth. I have in the past had 3 dentist try to fix it and each and every time they charge me lots and mess it up more! I was told by the most recent one that the previous dentist did not do a crown as i was told and as i paid for. So long story short i have a hole in my tooth and parts keep breaking off. it is the last tooth on the bottom (not wisdom) right.. I just want it GONE now no more fixing it! Ok so you say you have insurance go fix it...

Problem is our ins is a plan that is great as far as what we have to pay 100 percent preventive and 80/20 major. But every dentist I have been to and my husband has been to want to charge us for things under the preventive area and charge us the 80 percent on the major VS the 20 we are suppose to pay.

So today i spent a good bit calling every dentist with in a 50 mile radius around me seeing if 1) they took our plan still, 2) they would charge the right amount, 3) they were accepting New patients.

Because last night I may have gotten 20 minutes of solid sleep. I am in MAJOR PAIN!

So finally after calling Many dentists I got Adam and I one for August 17th in MADISON, TN ! yes like over an hour away. but they are the only one that fit all 3 requirments. We will see if they charge right when we get there!


Dana said...

Ugh! How frustrating! I feel for you - I have not had good luck with local dentists since moving here. Hope all goes well!

Chelle said...

OH UGH! That is the worst pain ever! I hope you were able to get it fixed. Did you have to leave town before the appointment?

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