Friday, August 31, 2007

Family in town

Here are some pics from When Adam's Parents and granddad were in town. We swam outside, played outside, inside. They left on Monday at noon. We enjoyed having them here and so did the kids. However Alexis cried at Adam's mom for some reason every time pretty much. I felt bad for her and for Alexis (because she cant say why) we assume its her separation anxiety or stranger awareness since she has done it with others. She occasionally did it with his dad or granddad too.


Chelle said...

You got some fabulous pictures to scrapbook!

Anonymous said...

Adams family and others wouldnt be so strange if you lived in georgia where adam and the rest of the family belongs

Chelle said...

I had to come see what the controversy was. From an outsider, it sounds as though this is light-hearted from someone in Adam's family. I think they are just saying they want to be with you. That sounds like something my Mom would say (that we belong in Ohio) because that is where they live.

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