Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fundom Kids

Friday the 10th I took the kids to Fundom Kids in Joelton. It was so much fun. It is an old skating center converted into a big indoor playplace, they had a castle, dress up clothes, swings, train tables, water table, race track with big wheels to race, all the ride on toys you can imagine, a baby area, kitchen area, play houses, and anything else you can think of. the kids loved it. Adam met us there as he got off early that day.
The DJ did some trivia for the kids (with the parents helping) he played theme music to movies. Austin answered the first one it was batman. he got his dollar off prize, now Madison wanted to, So the next one the DJ said that for a week no one has been able to get it so they played and Adam said only thing i can think of is Zorro. So I take Madison up there and she gets to the Mic and says nothing, i say tell him Zorro.
Madison gets it right and she gets the prize runs back to daddy to say "Daddy, its Zorro, but I'm Shy" She said that all on her own! SO CUTE!
Austin wanted to go again so we did and it was Jurassic Park. he said it as plain as day.

I forgot my Camera that day.

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