Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weekend fun!

Friday we really did not do much. We later went out that night very late after kids in bed (a sitter to watch them while they slept) with some friends.

Saturday I had an ALL DAY CROP!! yeah my old store Scrap it held an all day event at a church in Hermitage. there were 64 people there! I stayed late to help them clean up. I got about 6 pages or so done. I had the baby with me from 12:30 until Adam came and got her at 3. I then went to walmart to develop some of my Ellington Ag center pics. Walmart messed up a few go figure they always do that is why i stopped using them YEARS ago. oh well i will give them to non scrapbooking family members. I have found a new online printing co i am going to use. They do awesome work and you can get lots of different sizes, its called you can see what the pic will look like before its printed.

Sunday I slept in after feeding the baby. she for some reason woke up at 5am! then she did not go back to sleep for a Nap until 4PM! GRRR who knows why, Adam took her after i fed her in the AM and played with her and the kids so i could nap! what an awesome Daddy!

I had to go to church that evening for a class for working in the nursery. I start working i believe in early sept. it will be fun i am working Sunday evenings in the 3 year old room.

No pics today sorry!

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Renee Graham said...

I found you! Thanks so much for helping after the crop. It would have been so much longer without you and I think I would have had to stab Dana with my Fiskars had you not been there! haha

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