Friday, August 31, 2007

Visit to Meemaws

We went to Meemaws Wednesday. My mom was there since she is staying during the week with her to help Poppy so he can work. My aunt Lenis came and brought Chad's kids Carter and the new baby Savannah. She was born July 16th weighing 7lbs 7oz. She lost weight because her mother (Chad's GF) was a little clueless on breastfeeding. Don't get me started on her....
anyway she is now just back to birth weight after they put her on formula. She is itty bitty! here are some pics

They say she has colic a lot. and cries all the time.

I also got to see Nellie! She was FAT! oh my ! For those who do not know my aunt is taking care of my dog. We just could not give her the attention she needed. My aunt has not kids just dogs. I did not want to give my dog away for good. I can see her anytime and get her back if I wanted to. She is well taken care of and she saw me and went crazy! I miss her too!

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