Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a full weekend

Our weekend was full full!
Friday was not so good at the dentist. we drove all the way there and come to find they can not see us because we have to wait until October until we APPEAR on their roster! WHAT that is Crazy, just so we appear on some piece of paper, they know we have the ins and we are covered, and they are our primary doc! oh no she also failed to call me to tell me that she canceled my appt Thursday afternoon after i got off the phone discussing what we planned on doing at the appt! Oh boy was i MAD! I drug 3 kids away from their playing time at the bouncy place 45 min away to be turned away! and it was Adams day off!

So Friday we go out to a Mexican rest that Adam had won a GC to called Rosarios. it was ok but i would not drive out of my way to eat there. not a lot of choices nor traditional Mexican. we then went out to a club with some friends. it was kinda lame there that night. we then stopped at waffle house before going home.

Sat am I took the kids to the murfreesboro's twins club summer event at the Smyrna splash pad. We had fun. Adam stayed home with Alexis. we came home at lunch. Adam started feeling bad, headache, throat hurts, body aches, fever 101.7, chills you name it. this came one all of a sudden. We hung out the rest of the night, grilled out. Mom came and brought Adam some meds.

Sunday I took all 3 kids to church by myself. it was a good service. Austin threw a fit to leave. came home took a nap (or not talked most of it), then got up got our swim suits on went to Lori's to Paul and Issac's Bday party (pool party) we had fun swimming even though Austin was a grump from lack of sleep. we had to leave early cause I had to go to church to work. I had to stop at home to change, get gas and then get to church on time. I had fun, I only took the twins and left ali with daddy.
The kids learned something. I am in the 3 yr room and we were learning about Peace and getting along with others being nice. I guess the 2 yr olds learned a similar lesson too cause i saw on their craft paper about getting along. I asked Austin what he learned at church, he did not respond i said did you learn about getting along with others? and he said "make peace" SO AWESOME!
then he said "God our father" it took me a minute to understand what he was talking about. then I started saying "God our father, God our father,...and Madison says "once again, once again" i finished with "we bow our heads and thank you" and they both say "amen amen" i was so excited!!!
we get home and daddy is still feeling bad.

Monday Adam stays home because he still has a fever, i get up and call to get a dr apt. He goes at 10:30. HE has STREP! Yeah yuck! he gets an antibiotic and that's it. I also had to send caelan home with a fever as well. Lets pray the kids do not get anything. Madison was not acting like her self today, she is constipated, we have given her her meds for the past 3 nights, and her BMs are still hard and small, she is not eating like Madison since she is constipated. She was clingy and whiny tonight, I hope she is not sick....!

Oh this morning i go in the room and Madison tells me she has a "Mole like mommy and Nana" I said where and she pointed to a scratch boo boo on her ankle. Austin chimes in to say "I lost my Mole mommy" Oh so funny!

So that is the update

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