Friday, August 24, 2007


Wednesday I just finished getting all my tagging done for the sale. Nothing major

Adam's Parents came in town Today (thurs)

I am done with tagging!!

Adam is better now finally!

My mom brought Madison over Beauty and the beast movie. Both the kids liked it! of course Madison was in Heaven!

I need to charge my Batteries in my camera to upload them here.

The kids had a good day of playing with each other on wed. They were so cute to listen to.. Austin said "Madison come here come here sissy...come here big girl"
Too cute! They giggled at each other and chased each other, then they started doing this thing from Diego know the Bo Bo monkey's say Opps sorry when they get caught. Well the kids kept falling down laughing and saying "opps sorry" and laughing more.

I made more baby food.

Alexis loves to copy you when you do the "rasberry sound" she will copy you back.

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