Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No monsters!

Austin started this thing the other day when he got from nap. I walked in the room and he said "Mommy, I'm scared, I cryin"
I said "why is that Austin"
He says "There's Monsters over there in my room"
I said "Austin we do not have monsters in our house"

OH no not starting on scared of monsters in our room already!

So i thought it was just a one time thing since that was 3 days ago, well tonight i was reading my email and I hear on the Monitor about 1am Austin is crying saying "Monsters mommy"
I go in there and he gets up and says "i scared there are monsters"

I explain to him like before Austin we do not have monsters in our house, monsters are only pretend, we only have you, Madison, ali, daddy and mommy in our house. he said "ok, and said no monsters in our house."

Oh i hope this goes away soon.

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