Thursday, August 16, 2007

This week!

Since we were out of town Monday we had to come home to get things in order cause we thought Adams parents were coming in town Wed am. We called them and come to find out they have to post pone until next Thurs the 23rd because Adam's dad got a heat rash and had to go tot he Dr. so at least that gives me time to get my consignment stuff ready and out of the spare room and the rest of the house together.
Wed night we went to the grocery store and eat at blue coast burrito.
i am getting my stuff ready for the sale.
Adam had a job interview today with a company he really wants to work for. So please pray he gets it.
He is off tomorrow Since it is his BDAY! 33! we are going to take the kids to a play date tomorrow to Steve's fantastic fun zone, then Adam and I have dental appts in Madison, Tn at 1p.
I am taking Adam out for his bday, my brother will watch the kids as they sleep.

The kids:

Madison is so having fun wanting her hair in princess tails. She told Austin today "whatever bubby". Oh no!!!

Austin: he is making more noises and faces lately!

Alexis: she starts baby food that I made tonight. She ate bananas and oatmeal mix. Of course she loves it. She has found her feet. We bought her at a sale a baby Einstein gym to lay under and play and she is VERY VERY scared of it, even scared of the toy attachments away from the gym. she SCREAMS!!!

I know there is more they are doing but this is all i can think of at the moment.

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