Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well we turned 18 months! I will post some pics tomorrow or so on that. I can not believe they are a year and a half? Where did that time go

I have a lot to hooray about! One being on Wednesday I went to the Ortho and he did not agree with the report from the MRI's he said the films do not really show a meniscus tear, only no cartlidge(sp) under either of my kneecaps. WHICH is great because no surgery only meds to help rebuild the cartlidge (sp). He also gave me a cortisone (sp?) Shot in the right knee. He did say we need to watch that knee because the meniscus could have a very very slight tear or just real stained like. Anyways he said be careful with it. He also gave me some exercises for the cartlidge. GOOD NEWS!

Second is that I have two kids to start watching (hopefully all goes well) but I am confident that they are a go. One is a 9 mo old and one is a 7 mo old. One boy and one girl. Like having twins again. I think it will be fun!

Wed night we went to eat at Golden Corral and we were very disappointed. We have been there a dozen times and never had this experience it was GROSS!

Today I went to see my grandmother in Fayetteville. She had my cousin Carter today. SO the kids played with him some (he is 8 mo).Madison wanted his bottle of juice so bad and did not want her sippy cup of milk. It has been over 8 mo since she had a bottle. Who knows.
They had fun playing and dancing and showing off.

We had dinner at captain D's cause daddy was in closing week (accounting) and did not leave work until 8p. We ate inside, and Austin was a jibber jabber tonight. He talked the entire time we were in there and not talking quietly at all. It was fun....Really it was. He also said Meemaw (mmm aww) on the way home.
Fun two days....wonder what tomorrow has in is our anniversary tomorrow my mom will be watching the kids tomorrow night for us.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boring day...

It was a lazy day here today. The kids played and then later took a 2 hour nap. We woke up I had to go to the chiro. and then pick up my MRI films for tomorrows apt. I also went and picked up Adams medicine.

Got home and it started raining and hailing bad.

I had a couple expecting their first child in Sept. Come over to meet us about keeping their baby in November. I hope I get to they seemed like wonderful people who want the best for their child.

Other than that I went grocery shopping alone! Yeah.. Fun huh!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fathers Day

We had a good Fathers Day.we went to church and had a great time the sermon was great. the kids made fathers day cards for Adam and a bunny for them about God's Animals. I got Adam a 30 min Massage and back salt scrub from the place i got my Massage from. He will LOVE IT. I made him a card and had the kids sign it well scribble on it.
We had dinner with a Friend Angela, her DH, and their son Noah who is one month younger than Maddy and Austin. we went to Hickory Falls in Smyrna. I worked on the SB room more when i came home after the kids in bed.

Monday today we hung around the house. nothing major.
Madison was trying to sing the Veggie tales song while it was on today. SO cute. She is going to be my singer!
Yesterday we got her to say "happy", "Daddy", "Day" not all together but one after another. it was so CUTE.

austin has been a sweet boy trying to share more with madison, now we need to work with her more..

That is it for us for now.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

WOW What a day

My day started very WELL. I was FINALLY able to go get my half hour sweedish massage and Pedicure that Adam gave me for Valentines Day. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
The pedicure was a great job done but a little uncomfy sitting in the chair they had not the traditional chairs. Now the Massage was to die for from head to toe! I was in love.

Then i got home got the family and we went to the murfreesboro's TWIN club summer party. Kids ate and played on the playground. Not many people there but it was fun and very HOT.

We deceided to go to the Patterson Park indoor pool area to swim in the kiddy pool and play area waterfalls. The KIDS had a BLAST. Mommy and DAddy had fun. We bought them a float you sit in so they can not fall or anything.
The kiddy area is 2 ft with a big play fort area with tunnel slide and waterfalls, squirting water every where, tire swing, you name it. The adult area had a lap pool and a big twisty slide. I did not get pics because two adults two kids. no one to take pics.. i will get some next time somehow. We went to logans for dinner after and then went home to put two tired kids (20 min nap all day) to bed at 7:30p.


Now here is what has be going on since last post.

I got my Knee results on Tuesday. I have a torn in the Mensicus(sp?) in my rt knee and of course no cartlidge under knee cap. I have to see a ortho surgeon on Wed.

I offically quit my job. The last straw broke! I can not afford to pay my brother as my mom took the summer off.. and I was getting an uncomfy feeling at work the last two days when the Boss was being very unprofessionaly cursing at the employees and begin very RUDE to all. Very uncalled for.

We had quotes done on the house.

Wednesday i just hung around the house and had to wake the kids up at 11 AM. they were still sleeping. they went to bed the night before at 9.

I went Thursday to Adams work for Lunch and his co workers wanted to see them. they have not seen them since they were 12 mo old. I also went to pick up a seesaw little tikes whale for the kids from another twin mom. I then went to see my mom and she watched them while i went to khols to look for a swim suit and fathers day gift (no luck on either). I am not paying 80 for a suit. CRAZY. I then went to Kroger. I went home to meet a contractor. Adam came home and we got the kids from Moms and went to Party City to get stuff for his work party. Sounds like fun huh?!

Friday I did not do anything but play with the kids. My friend from Work Angela her son is a month younger than mine, she came over to bring Noah for me to watch while her and her DH went to a Wedding rehersal they are photographing. We had him from 3 to 8. He is a very laid back child. Much like madison in ways and austin in others.

I finally took some pics of the house so here they are. I will be taking inside pics soon.

Austin does this cute, funny face and says "Baby" in a diff voice like Adam and it is so CUTE.

Friday night madison laid in her crib saying "Ashee, ashee" over and over and "daddy" for about 10 min before she finally went to sleep.

That is all for now.
Here are some pics of the kids from today at the Summer event.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have a BIG talker now

I am so amazed that all of a sudden Madison is copying every word I say. She says Meemaw, Ashlei (ash-hee) (my cousin), Laura, Jess, Toot toot, night night, wuv you, grandma (ganma), Poppy, Papa, Pawpaw, Matt, chicken (chen hen), broccoli, cheese, diaper, lotion, water, wet, cold, potty, stink....the list goes on. She will try to say anything. these are the words you can make out when she copies. She also is doing this funny face now. I need to get a pic of it.

Austin tries hard to say things sometimes but has no interest, he does his own thing. He jibbers a lot! Sounds like the Sims Language.
Him and Madison of course talk their own Twin lang still to each other.

Adam and I got all the broken down boxes and trash out of the garage tonight. We called for large item pick up ( you only get one after you move in).

I am trying to think of something for Adam for fathers day. I had something in mind to make him but that will not get done my SB room is not even done yet. Plus our anniversary is coming up.

I got some pics of my friends girl who was my Flower girl in my wedding at the age of 2! WOW has she grown up I can not believe it! I will put them here.

I have so much to do lately!
I called and got some contractors to come out. First is Thurs at 6. I have to see the chiro tomorrow, and he will have the results of my really bad knee. I am not sure I want to know. I need to call and schedule my pedicure that Adam got me for Valentines day. I need to cont getting my house in order. I called and got the kids 18 mo check up changed since it is on the day I work. I have it for the 28th now instead of 19th. Oh well. I hope Madison does not get an ear infection after these shots. Every shot she has gotten since 9 mo she has gotten an ear infection from. The dr said her son did the same thing. She says it is common. I hate it when they are sick at such a young age, luckily we have not been that sick! Thank GOD!

I am so excited about watching kids at home! I can not wait.
I was at lunch today and I was sitting near a mom and her 2 yr old and I got real sad that I was not with my kids. It mad me really see how I miss them and want to be with them every day (well most days LOL).

I went to Old time pottery yesterday and got some great deals. I will post pics later of that.

that is all for now!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

A lazy Day

I just wanted to Veg today. We sort of did...
I wanted to go to story time today but i could not force myself to wake my sleeping children at 8:15a. They woke up finally at 9:20a.

We hung around the house playing until I had to go to the bank and get my brother so he could watch them for a few hours while I went to have my other MRI for my other Knee.

We had the ins adjuster come back to add something they forgot and explain what all needs to be replaced.

We also had our coffee table FINALLY delivered and they brought the bolts they left off our guest bed.

My MRI was not fun, i had to lay on a hard table for 35 min plus perfectly still after waiting 2 hours and 15 min in the waiting room!!

Madison was so cute today, she was copying me: I hollered for Nellie to come here and madison said "Nelhee", then I did it again to see if that was what she was saying. I then started saying other names and she copied too: Mommy, Daddy, Maddy, Aushen(austin), Nana, Papa, pawpaw, Meeaww(meemaw). It was so CUTE.

I took some pics of them today, they just looked so cute.

My brother and Adam said Austin looked Gay..I and other women disagree. I will add the pics here tomorrow.

I cont' organizing my scraproom tonight.

Good night

Friday, June 09, 2006

Saw this on Amber McDonalds Blog

Copy and paste into your own, complete the phrase, and post me a comment if you do it! Can't wait to see your answers!

I AM: a mother 2 two beautiful Kids

I WANT: the best for my family and esp my KIDS

I HAVE: a perfect husband and 2 great kids

I WISH: happiness, world peace, Cure for everything

I HATE: Liars, ignorance, and criminals

I MISS: my aunt Cindy, my Step mom Barbara, and my Grandmother In Law Granny Wez

I HEAR: my babies sleeping and breathing on the monitor and Adam snoring

I WONDER: what my kids will be when they grow up

I REGRET: mmm cant think

I AM NOT: a person to stay by my self for a long time.

I DANCE: only in front of my kids and do not want to see

I SING: in the car or alone too bad to let anyone else hear

I CRY: when I am sad or happy!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy go lucky...but most of the time


I WRITE: a lot i journal everyday

I CONFUSE: myself sometimes and others too because i talk too fast and can not get out what i am saying sometimes

I NEED: Save more money, work out, cook more, clean more, and just have FUN

I SHOULD: exercise more, eat healthier all the time not just some.

I START: something and it takes me a while to finish it...

I FINISH: with the last word

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I just have some random thoughts to tell today:
Madison today said eat, cookie, bite, sweet, good girl, Ouch
Austin: just is talking his normal words along with some other words that no one knows what he says but Madison does.

We went to chickfila after Mrs Kristie came over. They got to see their daddy for the first time today since he left Monday AM.

I am offically going to be watching kids here mon to thurs 10a to 7p YEAH no more going to work away from my kids 2 days a week!!! Starting July 5th.

I am going to post some old pics of the kids on here. I was lookin at them on the computer the other day and can not believe they were ever 3lbs 7 oz and 3 lbs 12 oz... WOW where has the time gone to.

I am planning a Super Suppers party if anyone locally is interested in going and making meals for their family. See the website


SOrry for not posting as often as I said and Planned.

Adam is back from his business trip to Portland, OR tonight. Now my mind can rest that is he is home. I worry so MUCH when he is on a plane or not near his family. Boy did I do a lot i mean a lot of praying these past few days. I am glad he is back. Not because I had the kids alone, but because I missed him.

We had a great time while he was gone, the kids did good all 3 days. We played outside, went for walks, swung on the swing set, went out to eat, ran errands, visited my mom.
They went to bed each night well. Ate well. napped well.
We have said some new words in the past few days. Madison: said Hot, cold, Cookie, Maddy , Toast, Austin ( more like aust), Yes, Dog. She has done a few new signs, Mommy, Daddy, Juice, Cookie, thank you , Good.
Austin said Maddy, Austin same as maddy said it., hot, dog, truck, car, walk, Play. He has also learned the same new signs as Madison.

Thursday We go to the mall with angela to find a dress. they kids did good we ate in the Mall. walked around. I got them some shorts and shirts on sale super cheap at Jcpenneys.

Last Friday I took them to the Smyrna Lib for toddler/infant story time. They had a blast! they sang songs, played with toys, ran around, watched puppets (of course Madison would not go too close). They learned the motions to Wheels on the Bus. It is so CUTE! Of course they love to do "if your Happy and you know it". We went with my friend Angela and her son Noah. Also met up with another twin mom from the twins club and her twin girls who are also 17 mo old.
I had to wake my kids up at 8 to get there by 9 and they were not happy. the rest of the day was bad because they were woken up when they were not ready. Austin did not want to leave the lib, we left and went to Mcdonalds for breakfast with angela. Austin could not get the food fast enough, that is so not like him, it usually Madison. he rarely cries and whines if he is hungry. Madison did not want to leave Mcdonalds for some reason. We go home for a Nap, Angela goes with us and lets Noah Nap. Austin napped for about hour and half, Madison and Austin napped for about 2 and half hours.

last Sat I went to Garage sales. I found a Little tykes easel with a chalk board on one side and a clip on the other side to hold paper for $3.oo. I also found some clothes almost new for madison, no luck for austin. I got them the Dora talking backpack and acces. for 4.00. Then we went to My dads mom's "Grandmammas" they had a birthday party for Pat and Cole. Kids played out side in the gravel and dirt and had a blast, my kids love to be outside and Madison loves DIRT!
We gave them a corn on the cob and I blew on and got it warm and i said to madison here you go. SHe grabbed it and said " HOT". She knew what Hot meant..!!
At first they would not even as much as look at my dad or be near him, then they warmed up. Some days they do that and others they are fine.
My cousins gf kids were with us all day and night. we watched them, they are 9 and 10.

Sunday I did not have to work YEAH> we went to Sams and the rest of the day we hung out here. We put together my bookshelf. Kids woke up at 11a. Adam got packed for his trip.

Here are some pics from the last post and some new ones. I have to get a pic of the swing set with the toddler swings on it. we removed two of them and added two toddler swings.
the other pics are of my cousins.

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