Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayers Needed!

My grandmother is back in the hospital. She went in because she was not eating well because her pain med from her braking her ankle made her sick to eat. Well she went to vandy and the dr met her there in the ER.

We found out that she has only 20 percent function in her only Kidney (her other one she gave to her daughter (Cindy that passed away 2 years ago)).

The reason is she has a mass in her adonomen and it is pressing on her urethra causing her kidney to not flush out the toxins in her body. She is also dehydrated. They put a stint in to save her kidney. After they do that they will discuss what to do next. I am praying it is not cancer and if it is we can get rid of this too! please Lord!

Oh and Madison and Austin said the Cutest Prayer tonight for Meemaw.

"Jesus make my meemaw all better, Amen"


Well we are still in swim lessons. We have made improvements. Madison has her days and things she will and will not do. But the things she would not do are things I could not get her to do out of the water so nothing new.
Austin has his moments too.

I can not believe they are 2 and 1/2 now! and the "WHY" questions have already started! Also the "Why not mommy"

Friday I took the kids to the Fire Station for a play date with the Murfreesboro Twins Club, we then went to a play ground to play and eat lunch with the group. Kids had fun at the station, I will post pics! After we had to take Baby Alexis to the dr for her 4 mo old check up. She did good, she weighs 11 lbs and 11 oz and is 23 in long, she is in the 25th percentile. Madison hung in that percentile and still does, its a Fleming Girl thing... The dr said all is good see you in 2 month. She had 4 shots and her rotovirus by mouth fluid. She cried a little. that night I cropped with my aunts and had fun!

Saturday was a fun filled day. I went to Supper Thyme's to complete my meals in the morning. Got home got the kids and everyone ready to go to the POTATO Summer event in Lebanon at Don Fox Park. IT was suppose to be fun in the wading pool and playground but it CAME A DOWN POUR there, it was nice at home! Austin of course has a melt down most of the time embarrassing me because he did not want to eat lunch, he wanted to play on the play ground and it was raining. We left after about an hour. We had to rush to get home to get Jessica the babysitter to watch the twins while we went to the Kat's game with the Murfreesboro twins group we took the baby with, to make it easier for her. She did good, nursed there and went to sleep! They won and it came down to the last 41 sec. We had a good anniversary night out!

Sunday we went to Church. home for a Nap. I went to Kohl's and Old navy during Nap time. Found some great deals. I made homemade Salsa and a yogurt bars! Fun day at home!

Monday back to swim lessons and today too.

Alexis is cooing and laughing and loves to look at the twins and laugh at them. They think it is so funny and love it. they say "Ali is laughing at me" and laugh with her... Oh and she is TEETHING! I was hoping she would be like Austin and not get her first tooth until she 8 mo and not like Madison and get first tooth at 4 mos. OH well! Her gas is getting better, I think because she is nursing better and she is not getting bottles when we are in public any more. I had a friend make me this AWESOME nursing cover and we now nurse in public GREAT! She also has now switched nursing positions and that has made her happier!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

not so fun swimming...

We did not have the best day swimming. Madison almost refused to do anything. She did do somethings. Austin was a pain too for some of it. we learned to float, and to swim to the side of the pool and grab the edge. hope tomorrow is better!

I remembered one of Austins and Madison's new things. Instead of asking why sometimes they say :"What that means mommy?" Too funny!

We are having trouble getting Madison to eat her veggies now. We have never had this issue before. She loves meat!! She will eat salad most of the time. She has never ate cooked carrots or green beans (unless string ones, but not now). I have been giving her V8 splash and smoothies she drinks that. But i want her to eat them! Now she will eat fruit. Any ideas?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Fun Swimming

We had a great time swimming today. They both went under water with the instructor. Neither one complained! They did it for a watering can, of course Madison's had to be PINK! We tried to learn how to hold our breath and put our face in the water while making a puffy cheek face. Too cute to watch!

Austins new things today: is mom "why was i cryin", "how that happen", "What is that for"

Madison is still on the "I don't like it, I don't want to" kick! OH no it starts early!

Fun day today! we started our day with homemade Pancakes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swim Lessons

We started our Swim lessons today at Ms sues Swimming in Smyrna at 6:45p. I dropped Alexis off with Pawpaw. The kids did good at first Austin was unsure but about 3 min into it he was better. Madison was very uneasy on the exercise of getting in and out of the pool on your belly, she had always been like that though. She does not like to lay on changing tables at public bathrooms, or stand on a high table, i think it is a heights thing. She also will not walk in the bed of Pawpaws truck. So if she passes this lesson on that it will be a miracle. they both blew bubbles in the water though and got over the water in the face for the most part. We go for another 7 times! mon to thurs for two weeks.
I cooked Pepper steak in the Crock pot so we would have dinner ready when we got home. it was a new recipe and it was so GOOD!

Fathers Day

We went to church. But before church, I got the kids up while Adam was in the Shower and we got dressed. I told them today was Fathers day, I had them run to daddy in the bedroom and tell him Happy Fathers day. They did just that! SO CUTE. Then we gave him the mini accordion book i made for him. (i will take pics soon of it).
At Church the teachers asked them a series of questions about their Father. Here is how Madison responded:
What do you call your Father: Daddy
What is your daddy's Fave Color: Blue
What does your daddy like to do: Play with me
What do you like to help daddy do: Mow the grass
If you could get your daddy a present what would it be: Toys

Here is what Austin said:
What do you call your Father: Daddy
What is your daddy's Fave Color: Red
What does your daddy like to do: watch blues clues
What do you like to help daddy do: I don't know
If you could get your daddy a present what would it be: a car

that was too cute!

After church we went to Ihop for breakfast. Then home for Nap. We then grilled out.

Oh Thursday night we went to dinner for Fathers day since our weekend was going to be so hectic. We went to a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant in Brentwood. SO very GOOD!

Oh update on Adams Job: He did not get the Shelbyville job, I guess God knew that, that was not Adam's first choice for a new job. He has several more interview set up. Hopefully soon he will be blessed with the perfect job that he wants.

Saturday Shopping and BBQ at Moms

We headed out this morning to get some stuff at Sam's and Kohl's (they had a great sale). We got some princess shirts since that is all we want to wear or pink that is it. No other color shirts! GRRR. I got 2 pair of shorts and 3 shirts. Adam got swimming trunks and shirt. Austin got 2 pairs of shorts, Diego PJS, and one shirt. Madison got shirts, and Nemo PJs. Alexis got one outfit. Super sale! We then headed to Sam's. Came home at lunch, napped (the whole family). We had to go to Nana's for a BBQ at 5:30. Kids played and looked at their ducks. Pawpaws Nieces were visiting so they played with them. We took some good pics of Alexis and some with Madison and Alexis. Madison wanted to take some pics so she did ! OF course we had to play with the rocks! they had fun playing alone in their room at Nana's on the bed, pretending to go to sleep, it was funny! here are some pics

Splash Pad and Chikfila

Friday we had our day out. We got up at breakfast (well not really just a little snack) we headed out. First i had to drop them at Jessica's (babysitter, my brothers ex) so that i could run in Kohl's to get Madison a new bathing suit because hers were all we needed new towels. I got Madison a princess one and Austin a spider man one, they turn into a back pack. Then, We went to Smyrna ate at chikfila, then we headed to the Splash Pad at Gregory Mills park. OH what a nightmare that was! Austin was HORRIBLE! He for some reason would not get in the water, Madison did some. there was a ton of people there! I told him to go in the water or we go home, he then said OK lets go home, I would start that way and he would scream no i go play. He would cry and scream and point towards the water but would not go in. On top of this it was nap time now! Madison just wanted to hold her princess towel and take it everywhere she went. Austin finally gave in and said he wanted to go home. We get home and take a nap! Adam gets home and I leave to go scrapbook! I had fun! boy after today I wanted out of the house with no kids BAD! I took my camera but there was no way I could pull it out with that crowd and Austin throwing his fits!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alexis's 3 mo pics

also here is a pic of the twins

a normal day..

Nothing really new today. I just needed to blog to show some older pics that i downloaded from my Camera tonight for some of my previous posts. We are learning to chew gum, Austin does the best with it, he chewed one piece for over 3 hours until he gave it to me saying "I don't want it mommy". Madison did great last time but today she did not. here is a recent pic of Alexis

Conversations with a 2 year old!

Today Austin was having a conversation with me and Madison. He was watching Blues Clues Joe on there was looking at a picture and said I love to read books

Austin: I love books too... Mommy, Do you love books too?

Mommy: Yes I do Austin

Austin: Sissy, Do you love books too?

Madison: Yes bubby!

I made Rice crispy treats yesterday and I gave them one today at snack time and Austin said "Mommy this is good i love this"

Tonight we were singing and dancing YMCA, Stayin Alive, Do you Remember (not sure that is the title)

They did the move to Stayin Alive... it is too cute!

Here is a pic to look at since i have not downloaded my pics from my camera yet..

OH and please pray for Adam he is one his third interview for this job he wants they are only interviewing 2 this time for the job he is one of them, we have 50 percent chance!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scrapbooking and Swimming

I went Saturday to eat breakfast with my Aunt and GF before going to scrapbook with my fellow POTATO members and people from Chelle's Church. We had a blast it was from 8 to 5. I headed home after. Cooked Dinner and went to bed not long after everyone went to bed. I was so tired!

Sunday we went swimming at Patterson Park indoor Pool. Me and Adam took the kids. I went in the pool while Adam watched Alexis. The kids had a blast. I can not wait until we start our swimming lessons so they will feel more confident and learn more. We changed and then went to eat at Mi Patria Mexican restaurant. It was very good!
came home took baths and went to bed. Madison was a grump from no nap!

Steves Fun Zone, Dr apt, and more from Friday

Friday at 10 we went to Steve's Fun Zone in murfreesboro with the twins club. The kids had a blast! Madison is such the brave one, she went in all the bouncy things and climbed over big things and all. Austin was a little hesitant for some reason until Madison showed him how. Which is opposite usually Madison is hesitant on things. We played for a while and then left and went to Chickfila. Went home napped (well attempted to Nap) we left at 3 to the Dr office for Madison's feet.

We meet Adam there at the Dr office. We see him and he says that Madison had hyperflexible Joints. She does have flat feet but that is not the reason she walks the way she does. She is very flexible, she will be able to do the splits or be a great Yoga person when others can not. She may not look graceful on the soccer field but she can still function as everyone else. He said to discontinue all PT Which we have since Jan. He said that don't worry about how she looks running or walking because she is perfectly fine. as far as her falling or being less confident going down stairs now is part of being a 2 year old. She and Austin has fell down the stairs recently so that is why is is hesitant lately. He said the flexible flat feet diagnosis we got from the last Dr is not a diagnosis as far as this Dr is concerned.

After the Dr we headed to Cool springs mall for me to get some pics printed. After we at dinner at Golden Corral. We had a late night. Got home late.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The last two days...

It has not been that exciting these last two days. I have had crummy sinus/allergy issues. The kids have been mostly good. Austin was extra whiney today, he whined all day about everything. Yesterday Uncle Mat came by during lunch time and cooked us burgers and fries. Alexis has been good. I went grocery shopping last night. Adam had gone on a great interview that we all are praying for even the kids. Madison will say in her sad voice "Jesus, daddy get new one job, get more money" She even told matt yesterday when he was not paying attention to her "matt Listen to me: daddy get more money new one job" So please pray he should find out tomorrow. Plus he goes on another job interview tomorrow too.

Tormoorw we are going to Steves Fantastic Fun Zone in murfreesboro, it is an indoor bouncy place for kids. We are going with the Twins Club. Madison has a dr apt at 3:45p for her pediatric ortho appt.

I am going scrapbooking sat Am. I think i need to start taking pics of my layouts and posting them here too.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

POTATO Meeting

Well tonight I had a POTATO meeting we had elections, Sale sign up and a "live and Learn" which is a social round table groups. I was up against another lady for the same position, the first time this has happened in over 5 years in the group. Usually we are begging people to get involved. Well unfortunately I did not get the position. I went into it with if i get it great if not on to another position that is appointed and not elected. I just want to stay an officer of the club no matter what position, I can make any position great! So we shall see what i get next. I am the outgoing Newsletter Editor of 2 years. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Back up to today with the kids. We had a good day. They woke up telling me they wanted yogurt and Shrek Waffles for breakfast. While watching Diego Austin was copying him looking for things with his pretend binoculars(putting your hands cupped on your eyes looking through them) get it? Anyway, he would say "look mom I do like deego(diego), I see a truck, i see mommy" all day he did this.

Alexis seems to be feeling better.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Finally PICS!

You can now go back to my previous no picture posts and see pics! YEAH Check them out!

Today was ok. We played and hung around the house. I forgot to mention that Saturday night i rented Cinderella 3 for Madison to see since she Love the princesses but has never seen the movies. She has been to Disney though twice. She loved seeing the movie.

Tonight at dinner I did something and said by mistake "oh Crap" and right after i said it Austin said "oh crap mommy oh crap" I made no big deal out of it and ignored him. Adam waited and then busted out laughing, i started in, Austin and Madison did not know at that time why we were laughing, Austin asked "what funny mommy" I said "daddy is funny" so then they start laughing.

Our weekend

Friday night I went scrapbooking.

Saturday I got to sleep in after feeding alexis. We then all got ready to go to the discovery Center in Murfreesboro. We bought the annual membership after seeing that the kids liked it. It had so much stuff for them to enjoy, water, rocks, a tree house, a house, slide and more. The cost was 20 for all of us just for a day, and 60 for the year. Crazy! After we left there the kids kicking and screaming. We went to Wild Buffalos for lunch. As we were leaving the resterant Madison says "shoo I smell Poo poo" So funny! it was out of the blue. We leave and go to walmart for a few things. As we are pulling in the parking lot Madison starts faning herself and saying "Shoo its hot" She is on a roll today! We get home and we grill out.

Sunday we were going to get up and go to church but Adam was tired. plus the kids wake up at 10a. We get all ready and we go to Costco to take back our router because it was going out when uploading pics and just going in and out. So now I get pics online and on my Blog! I know you all were getting bored with no pics!
We eat lunch a BK and stop by Barnes and Noble for me to get a book.

I will get a pic on here when i Download my pics from my Camera tomorrow.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh so funny....

This morning i was listening to the twins talk on the monitor while i was getting ready to take Alexis to the dr and this is what i heard:

Austin: "Sissy, I got hiccups"
Madison: "Bubby I got gas"

Later on in the conversation I heard
Madison: "i got gas"
Austin: "Sissy shooo stinky"

I love listening to these conversations on the monitor because they have no idea i can hear them and they are so open and funny!

I was on the phone today with my aunt and Austin wanted to talk so he gets on the phone and says this:
"t-ta i got hicups" after he says it he opens his mouth and says "look see i got hicups"
Like she could see through the phone.

Another Funny thing is He was watching Diego and was repeating parts of the song they sing and words, he says at the same time they did "alescate" (spelling?)and he looks at me and I was laughing and saying it with him, and he says "that's Right Austin, that right" He says that because after they do something that is correct or say the right answer to a question i say "that's right Austin or that's right Madison" So now he does it. Too funny!

we went to eat lunch and came home to try to get a nap in, NOT they kept wanting to go to sleep in the car, i would not let them because if they dozed in the car when they got home they would not go back to sleep. But they chatted and chatted. It was getting late so i went in to get them so they would go to sleep tonight. of course when i get in there Austin is sleeping sitting up and Madison is curled up with her pillow asleep. I woke them up though.
I leave and go scrapbook with the ladies from church at the church. I get home at 11:30p Kids did good for daddy. Alexis was a little fussy not to bad considering her ears probably hurt her bad.

Oh yeah and I got a Sty...YUCK! first time ever!

Pooor baby :(

I took my baby alexis to the Dr this AM and she has a double ear infection bad. she has a head cold (runny nose, cough, 99 fever) She had the virus that the kdis got and it settled in her ears. I hope this is the last one she gets for a very very very long time. The twins never got sick until at least 8 mo or so, no ear infections until after a year. Austin just got his first 2 weeks ago. So i was told to nurse her and limit the number of pumped bottles (for when i am away from her), have her sleep upright, give tylonal for pain, antibiotic, run humidifier, and run a hot shower and have her in the bathroom. My brother watched the twins whiel we went to the dr.

I will post a seperate post on some funny stuff from today!

My thursday...

We had a good day for the most part. Adam had a late day at work since it closing week. He got home at about 8 something. I took the kids all of them to eat Chinese. But before that I put the kids down for a nap and they played for 3 HOURS i went in there a lot to tell them to go to sleep. I could not separate them today because i was watching the kid i watch today. GRRR no nap = GRUMPY. After we got home Nana and Pawpaw came by to see the kids. Alexis is sick i am taking her Friday am to the DR. She has a barky cough, congestion. Kids got their pillows that i ordered today from my friend that owns Madison got a pink princess pillow and Austin got a Tampabay Bucs pillow AKA "GO BUCS" is what they call it. They have their name embroidered on them. She also made me a cute purse, the twins a small diaper bag, Madison a dress, a diaper organizer, and the kids a crayon on the go holder I will take pics and so you.

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