Saturday, October 25, 2008

Your Impact Matters and Karma

Do you like to win free stuff?

I have found a cool website you need to look at

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plans for sunday!

If you do not have any plans for Sunday you need to come to Murfreesboro for the "Hoedown" at our church, World Outreach. Its the biggest and best thing you have ever seen. Last year I think like 15,000 people came...crazy huh!

Its this Sunday from 2-6p. everything is FREE
Every bouncy thing around is there, cotton Candy, candy, cokes, popcorn, horse rides, petting zoo, games, music, little play, face painting, cake walk, and much more!

you can see pics in the photo gallery on the website.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall is here ..I think...

Tomorrow it will be a high of 70. I hope it stays because I am tired of being cold in the am and 85 plus in the afternoon. Its hard to plan what to wear! I am ready to move the summer clothes to the storage closet!

We went to a pumpkin patch last Friday with our MOPS group and we burned up! could not wear cute fall clothes in that weather! Today we went to a Halloween party (our costumes not ready yet) and we wore our "light" fall Halloween clothes but it was still hot!

We are being Peterpan (Austin), Tinkerbell (Alexis) and Wendy (Madison) for Halloween. Amy my cousin's grandmother-in-law is making the Wendy because I can not find one or even a blue night gown anywhere!

We have a fall hayride event, smores and all this Friday night I hope the weather is cool for that!

I ready for the cold so we can make chili, drink cocoa and turn the fire place on!

Not ready for snow though!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you love Purses?

A great new website is launching tomorrow: Handbag Planet.

To celebrate the launch they are giving away free purses, 24 bags in 24 hours. Follow the link above to get entered to win!

Why pay 100's of dollars for a new bag, Handbag Planet has high fashion, trendy handbags that are inspired by popular designer brands and they're priced between $30 - $80. I will definitely be checking them out for all of my purse needs.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fantasy Blogger League week 4

CHICAGO over Atlanta
MIAMI over houston
INDY over Baltimore
MINNESOTA over Detroit
NO over Oakland
CINCY over Jets
WASHINGTON over St. Louis
TB over Carolina
GB over Seattle
DALLAS over Arizona
SD over NE
NY GIANTS over Cleveland
MNF Combined Score: 52

Sunday, October 05, 2008

What have we been up to....

We have been very busy here lately. Tonight we were headed to dinner and Adam was going to go into work for about an hour to do a report while we went to the mall. Well while on our way my Aunt Lenis called and says she is headed to the Circus in Nashville and had 3 extra tickets and wants me and the kids to join them. SO we got dropped off to meet her, Carter, Savannah, chad, coti and 2 other people I did not know. We had a good time!

Today I went to our mom's Meetup group book club at Barnes and Noble. after I went home and we played outside until we left for dinner. we sanded and tightened and anchored down the playset. (we have been meaning to get this done like forever ago) We also fixed the tire swing. We played football with Austin, we swung, ate lunch outside it was great!

We are still battling allergies. it is crazy! this is the worst mine have been here but still not as bad as they were in GA! I just think we need RAIN!!!

The Kids have fall break next week except Alexis. so we are going to do some things with our friends next week.

We have a birthday to go to next weekend,and we may go to the pumpkin patch! who knows!

We are just enjoying the fall weather and watching FOOTBALL!!!

I think that is all for now i may post again soon if i think of anything new!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fantasy Blogger League week 3

Here are my picks. I am tired of being off by a game or 2 I am ready to get all of them right!

TENNESSEE over Baltimore
SD over Miami
INDY over Houston
NY GIANTS over Seattle
GB over Atlanta
CHICAGO over Detroit
TAMPA BAY over Denver
BUFFALO over Arizona
NE over San Fran.
DALLAS over Cincy
JAX over Pitt.
NO over Minn.

MNF Score: 33

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