Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still going strong

The potty training with Madison is still going good. The only accidents we have now is Poopy ones but it is wierd because that was the first thing she could reconize to go in the potty before she ever did the pee. So hopefully she will be getting better at it. After that we can work on night time and nap time. She is so proud of herself!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One almost down!

Madison is almost POTTY trained! She has been so GOOD. She has been some what ready for sometime here and there. It was not until she saw the new kids i started watching who is about 2 weeks older than her and she is potty trained except naps. So Madison wanted to be in Panties too!

We made a special trip just me and her to the store to get Big Girl "Princess" Panties and she saw the Hello Kitty "pink" ones and we got those.

day one: 1 accident
day two: 1 accident
day 3: (mostly in diapers since we were at the dealership) but no accidents!

If she has an accident it is mostly because she gets in a hurry and does not pull her panties down and just sits on the potty with them up.
She has pooped and peed!!!

She will also will just go on her own without you telling her to as well! You have to ask her most of the time to go.
She wants them on at nap but right now no...But she is dry during nap time!

Now Austin, he has no care, he will clap, cheer madison on, ask her if she needs to go potty, tell her to pull down her panties first, tell her "good job sissy you go pee pee in the potty"
But you ask him he says "tomorrow morning" everytime!

So we will get madison first!


Oh so many of you know my issues with my van. Well I have had it!
background: I have an 2005 Nissan Quest. I got it NEW in 05. We have had so many many problems, I have pursued the Lemon law, Nissan, BBB Autoline. you name it! The first chance I get to get out of it in a way that i am happy with I am going to get rid of it and get back into a HONDA! (Odyssey).

My new issue is I had a check engine light come one and i took to Auto Zone and it was the Catalytic Converter! (cost about 1500 it is Welded on) So I called Nissan hoping it was covered under the the longer warranty that the 36k one. THANK GOD it was covered under the 80k/8 year because of emissions. If i was going to have to pay i would get rid of it! So i take 4 kids to a dealership to get it LOOKED at. only to have to come back after they order the part.

I get a call and schedule a service apt for today at 10:30am. Since i only had my 3 today. I get there a little after 10:30 they are putting me in a rental since it will be 24 hours to repair. I reminded the guy that i will have 3 kids with me and 3 carseats to transfer so the vehicle must be big enough. I get there and the rental co they have there on hand in the dealership offers me the only car he has a CHEVY SILVERADO TRUCK! Are you kidding me a TRUCK! 3 kids ! Carseats!

I said oh no! So then he brings a Dodge Durango, ok this may work it has 3 rows. I get all kids out ready to switch car seats in the other. NOPE! the American made car that it is the back seats seat belt system does not lock unless on impact or breaking hard! and no LATCH system in the 3rd row. AND the infant seat can not go in the rear at all. ok so we try all 3 in the 2nd row, wont fit. the tether system is missing the plate it is needed for the 3rd row!

You still with me!

Kids are hungry, flipping every switch in the cars, going crazy, Alexis is crying hungry. it is past time to eat. I am hungry! HOT! So i give up take all of them inside in the kiddy room (well what they call kiddy room) feed Alexis. I called Adam and he is trying to tell me it will work he is looking online at the manual, i looked at too and the car! So I get him to come there and help! FINALLY I show him it wont he shows the dealer and the rental guy. So they some how magically get a Pathfinder. i know it will work it has 3 rows, its not an American car. YES IT WORKS!

now it is 2:20 and we leave!

I go get food to take home to eat and get them down for a nap! NOPE! more Drama!

I have no house key (at the dealer with my keys), No garage opener same as keys! Now i am locked out! My mom has one but she is at my grandmothers house!

I take the kids to my Friends house to eat and then we are going to go get Adam's key. Well we leave her House at 4:30, so Adam leaves in an hour. So i drive around to kill time let them sleep in the car. 6:30 I am in my house!

This all would not happen if i had a HONDA!

Waldon Farm/ ZOO

Last Saturday we went to Waldon Farm for a quick visit for pictures and then off to the Zoo for Gouls at Grassmere. We went with some new friends of ours that live in our neighborhood and they have a little boy who is 6 months.

The ZOO Was very crowded. The kids dress up and it was so cute and fun to see all the kids in costumes. they had Zoo people dressed up, also there was an appearance by "BELLE" and all the "Star Wars" Characters. The kids loved the Trick or treating part.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's next??

If we did not have our share of sickness here we go again!

I hope this is it and we are good for another 6 months or more.

this past Thursday nap time Austin throws up, then again at dinner time. ok so all day Friday is ok with throwing up only a mild case of diarrhea until early sat morning at 6 am! He has a bad case of diarrhea. GRRRR!

OK so we good right!


Saturday night/Sunday morning Madison throws up in her bed. Thank God that was it!



Sunday right before church Alexis is eating her fruit/cereal and she throws it all up. then again in the afternoon she throws up her juice/milk.



It is my turn! GRRRR i felt horrible! that is the worst ever! I was throwing up nothing was staying down, i felt like death, no energy to stand or nothing. Diarrhea too.

Adam only had a small case of diarrhea.

He stayed home today to help me today because of how bad I was on Sunday! I do not wish that pain on anyone!

THANK GOD I feel better and we all feel better, Now time to do MORE laundry!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Crazy Super Heros

The kids wanted to be super heros before going to bed one night. Madison looked more like "granny" Super Hero and Austin Looked like "cowboy" Super hero.
The pretended to fly around the room.

Pics from other posts

The Adventure Science center

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pumpkins, hayrides, and slides Oh my!

Saturday we took the kids to POTATO's Fall event at a Pumpkin patch in Portland, TN. About an hour away.

We got there ate lunch and then onto a Hayride were we went to pick our own pumpkin off the vine. Kids had fun! After hay ride daddy took the twins on a train ride and to fed the animals. I fed Alexis. We then played on the big slide and then we got ready to go home. Enjoy the pics!

The Call....

Saturday I got a call I did not want to get....

At 8am...Its my Mom. She said you all need to come see Meemaw.. She is not going to make it much longer.. days...

She told us to still take the kids to the pumpkin patch since they knew they were going. Afterwards we will head to Fayetteville to see meemaw.

My mom called me back to say the nurse in ICU jumped the gun a little. Her Dr came in and talked to mom and Poppy. He said that yes she is in her last stages. Either days, weeks, or who knows. Right now she is having hard time swallowing. So they are giving her a feeding tube in her nose since she is too weak for surgical one. They want to get her stronger to go home and not be in the hospital.

I am just praying that we can get a miracle that she can get real strong and get chemo!

I just hurt so much for my kids on this!

Hand....mouth....DR visit

We get to the dr. I signed in Madison and Alexis.

We get Madison checked first we talked about her constipation, her belly was good she said and she told us we can up the dose of Miralax and stop milk of mag(she said it can be dependent). Miralax can be taken up to 2 times a day. She said some kids respond on very little dose and others need more. Next she looks at her ears, nothing. Then the mouth (remember Madison will tell you her tongue hurts), well Madison has BLISTERS in there on her throat not strep but HAND FOOT AND MOUTH!! GRRR she said she got exposed to it 3 days before her first fever (Tuesday) so that makes it Saturday at the Science Center!

Now Alexis's turn Ears good, now her throat. Yes she has the same! SO her exposure was Tuesday ( when Maddy had a fever).

Austin is good!

SO no one is contagious since no on has a fever. Madison's fever was very short and so was Alexis's. No blisters showed up anywhere else either thank God!

About her UTI, the dr said that We will need to see if the cultures grow. the hospital's urine analysis is what they read not the growing cultures. If they grow anything then it is a UTI. she gave us a antibiotic for the UTI in case that is what it is.

She called me today to tell me nothing grew that is a UTI. So that is good.

Her first ER visit....

I had to take Alexis to the ER last Thursday night. Here is how it started...
We went out thursday to get new shoes for the twins. After we ate lunch, and I noticed Alexis just sleeping a lot and i felt her and she was warm. SO on the way home I called the dr to see if we needed to head in to the office before we got home. she told me to take her temp (rectal if possible) If over 101 i need to call them back. I got home checked it and it was 101.9 I called and since i had an apt for tomorrow, they told me to rotate tylonal and motrin and see them tomorrow since all offices were booked for the rest of the day. Call back if things change.

Well i keep checking on her and her temp now was 102.6. She was sleepy, not eating a lot, and breathing odd. So i called the after hours and she told me to go to the ER in Murfreesboro (bad idea). I called my friend whos husband works in the ER there as a Dr. he suggested as well to go in.

I did about 8p take her in. She gets there they cehck temp it is 103.5 and climbing so they gave her motrin and tylonal together. about an hour later it is down to 101.4. They tried several times to cath her for unrine and could not get it, they just tramazed her and made her red and swollen... GRRRRR then they had to put a bag to collect it. they check her ears, nothing.

Next they tried twice to get an IV in her to collect blood and give meds and fluid. so after twice in the arms they finally got the foot.

They checked all samples and the only thing they see is "dirty urine" which means cells in the urine, and a little blood (from the cath part). So they say she has a UTI. very uncommon in babies, so tomorrow we go to the dr to scehdule a ultrasound to find why and make sure she does not have Kidney reflux. we get home at 2a.

She cried and screamed until 4:30a. She was so exhausted and in pain. We also lost her fave and only paci she will use. I searched for the first one we lost in the bedroom that I had already searched for before with no luck, adam goes to the van to look for the second that we lost friday. I look under the bed and there the first one was (we looked there several times before). It was a "GOD" "send" that we found it. So she finally slept till 6 am, still tossing not really sound.
At 6a i caled the dr because she is still screamming in pain, abd not really peeing. She suggested a warm bath since they most likely have made her urethra have spasms from the cath. That worked!
Adam stayed home friday since no one got sleep!
We have a 10:45 apt at the dr..

See the next post for that update....this one is getting long...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Prayers for a little baby

There is a little boy in our twins club that is one month right now, and he is in the hospital because he was born without a left ventricle I can not remember what it is medically called. His twin is a healthy little boy. His parents live in Spring Hill and his mom commutes in to Nashville with her husband every day with the healthy twin to stay at the hospital all day and even a couple hours at night with the dad when he picks them up.

Every night we add Issac to our prayers. Madison will say please make baby Issac's Heart better it has a boo boo. It is the sweetest thing to see your kids pray and remember what we talk about that that needs a prayer to Jesus as see says.

Also please continue to pray for my grandmother. We went to my moms last week and meemaw was there. Madison walks in (she knew meemaw was there) and the first thing she says is "wheres my meemaw at" I just about cried. she went straight to her and gave her a hug and kiss.


Madison is going to be Sleeping Beauty and when she saw her costume she was so ecstatic! Austin finally he decided that he wanted to be a Bucs Pirate. he will say a pirate says ARRRGGG. Too cute! I am looking for Alexis one not sure yet.


Let see what have I not posted about yet....

We took the kids to the Adventure Science center last Saturday since the Parents Magazine was having a 15th birthday party and it was half off. We only paid $9 to go. We had a blast the kids had fun! We did the slides went to the top Madison is still scared of surfaces that are up high off the ground or like the metal kind that has holes in it you can see to the bottom. I do not know why she is like this.
They are scared of the dinosaurs there though when they were up close. I will have pics to come.

After that we went to eat lunch then headed to the Meet up for Murfreesboro moms, we went to the Fall festival hay ride at General Bragg park in Murfreesboro. We had a lot of fun, hay ride, roasting marshmallows and making smores, sack races, other games, a play ground, and hot dogs!

Sunday we had church and football.
The teacher on Sunday night had to tell me how sweet Austin was that night. Madison had asked for more crackers at snack time and the teacher said Madison say "May please have more crackers", but before she could get it out, Austin said "may my sister have more crackers please" Too sweet and funny.

Alexis is growing like a weed, but she hates to be in her belly so no trying to crawl here. she is lazy like her bro and sissy were. She loves Green beans and the apples and chicken i made her too. Only food she has not cared for so far was Carrots alone.

Today Madison started a fever at nap time, she would not eat her pb&J she asked for. She is also constipated again and has asked to sit on the potty to go stinky several times today, we tried, but she cant go only pee. So i went to get her some Miralax as the milk of magnesia is not working.

Austin is now calling me MOM and Adam DAD and Madison Sister. So funny!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thumb sucker

We have a thumb sucker. Alexis!
Austin only really briefly sucked his a baby.

Well this past few weeks has really started sucking her thumb and liking it. It looks so cute and sweet. (well now it does maybe later on as a toddler it might not. but oh well)

Where has Customer Service gone to?

We went to the only olive garden with in a 30 mile radius from us and that was 20 miles away.
We have had bad service there before but nothing major. We wanted to go back since it was Never ending Pasta bowl and we wanted a cheaper dinner out.

We waited about 30 minutes for a table. No big deal it was sat night.

We get to out table and the trouble begins. First we waited 15 min for waiter to greet us and take a drink order. He brings them but forgets the HOT water so i could defrost her baby food.

IT took him 2 times for me asking for it. I explained why i needed it. He brings it to me in a childs plastic cup FULL to the rim. SO I can not really get her food in it without it over flowing. GRRR!!

We tell him our order, but we ask him if they had Bow tie pasta for the kids instead of fettuccine noodles or even rotini pasta. He had no clue what i was talking about. So finally i said do you have Penne. yes OK so we place our order.

we wait and wait for bread sticks and salad. finally our salad comes. No tongs! no cheese! he made an excuse when we asked for tongs, he said that the salad lady does that and he has no control over it. he did not offer to bring us any we had to say can you bring us any? and can we get bread sticks.

he comes back no cheese no tongs no bread sticks!

Our order comes and the kids is all wrong.no bread sticks and Adam is missing his meatballs.

He finally brings bead sticks and the correct orders. NO cheese, he continues making excuses as to why instead of fixing it.

Now we are waiting and waiting for drink refills. GRRR

We have the never ending bowls and its time for a refill and he never asks us. we get him over there and tell him we need more but instead of taking our order he just walks off. We had to say Hey can you take the order. so he does.

no drinks still!

Ok so we get all this and he brings the check (no mints)

So i say to Adam i am going to talk to the manager because this is cRAZY!

I tell her about it and she takes the check and says he brought you this check I said yes, she said that was the checks managers get not customers. So she takes care of our check and apologizes. ok i go back to the table and we get ready to go.
He comes to the table and says can i get your check. Adam said the manager took care of it. He proceeds to ask why, what went wrong.

I said "what went right?" I told him to talk to his manager about it because I did not feel like getting into it with him since i was too mad to speak to him.

He keeps on begging! Adam said calmly first you need to be more attentive. the waiter starts making excuses!

I said wait that is not the main issue here. You need to stop making excuses for your mistakes as you make them, you need to apologize and fix it instead. I was telling him what he did and i was getting upset at his attitude. he tells me to be quite there are customers in the restaurant. I said that is why i told you to talk to your manager instead. we leave!

I was still so mad that a week later i write the corp office. I got a good response back and the manager the next day that was there that night called me again.

They are sending me a GC. and asking me to give them a second chance. We will see since i have never had a great exp there at all before. Hopefully it will never be that bad again.

Here are some pics from the previous posts

I have not uploaded some of Alexis in her Christianising outfit yet.
These are not the best ones But I will post the others in the other posts.

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