Sunday, August 02, 2009

OK now Catch up AGAIN....I am about to turn the this Blog around!

I am going to give a big UPDATE!! No particular order! its been almost 3 months! I will have pics on here either in this post or another!

*We had a Great Soccer season! We really started to learn the game and do better as a team towards the end of the season!

*Austin after Soccer signed up for Flag Football with Daddy being the coach. It was a great season and he loved it even though he did not want to play defense!

* I am getting ready for 3 consignment sales!!

* Alexis Got Glasses for her Extropia, we are going to try this for 3 months. it has improved her speech, PT and OT so much!

* I am going to be an AUNT!! Adam's sister is having a Baby girl at the end of Sept!

*We got in a Car accident May 1st. that was not fun with 2 kids in the car!

* We went to Disney at the beginning of June and had a great time!

* We extended our garden this year. We LOVE IT!

* the Kids switched Gymnastics places, this one is so much better!

* Alexis is going to be having some Gentic testing done to see if she has a condition called 22Q. it has things to do with speech, heart, urinary tract, bowels and more.

* I became the president of my Moms Club here in Murfreesboro, i dont know if that is something to celbrate for or be sad about LOL!

* My good Friend's Daughter Allison needs prayers! she has a tumor on her eye. she is 4 years old!

* While in Fl we got to go to the Bucs Fan Fair day! AWESOME!! Can not wait until season starts. We are also going to the bucs V Titans Preseason Game Aug 15th.

* We went to Adam's Counsin Chris's Wedding Memorial Day weekend in AL. I just noticed that I lost all the reception pics when i transferred them to Disc to reformate my computer! I wanna cry!

* I chopped my hair off and love it!

* my baby brother graduated HS and is going to Tennessee Tech University in august in Cookville!

* Twins had thier program at MDO in May and they start back in September.

* I got to host a Ford American Idol party and have 2 ford Fusions here to test drive and prizes!

* we took madison on our way back from FL to the American Girl store to get her dolls hair Fixed.

* We have went several times to PT mallard in AL to play at the waterpark!

* we have had swim lessons! Madison can swim underwater with her eyes open to me with no life vest on.

Disney Pics will be a seperate post!

* We had a great BBQ on the 4th at our neighbors and the day after a great dinner with our AWESOME friends The Kirkpatrick's!

More pics to come~

Friday, May 22, 2009


I am so sorry I have been MIA! I will recap the last 2 months after I get my Pics uploaded tonight!

Friday, April 03, 2009

First Soccer Game

We had our first soccer game Saturday and it was so cute to watch. I think they thought it was just going to be like practice except in uniform! LOL After getting used to it they started picking up on it. we won 8-0! Only because we have an older kid (almost 6 he missed cut off for 6yr old team by a month) and his mom is a pro soccer/college player. he scored 7 out 8 goals and only played half the game.

Austin gets frustrated that he cant get the ball to kick it in the net. The other kid is always with the ball. But you cant take his glory from him either.

Austin is a left footed kicker and the coach wants us to keep encouraging that and says he has a Strong kick with that left foot.
We have thought for a while now he was left handed, but he will still flip flop when writing.
madison is her crazy leg self kicking, soccer will not be her strong point...LOL but she gives it her 110%!~

Alexis's progress

We have a successful surgery for her Tubes Wednesday. She did great only thing she did was get sick after waking up and drinking to get ready to go home. it was a very fast procedure. It took longer for pre op on Monday and registration on wed that the procedure and recovery.

We have already started seeing progress. you can tell she is hearing things differently from the way she reacts to things.

She will mock you now. she said diaper today, momma is clearer, she says bubba.
She is walking BETTER! Balance is BETTER!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alexis, Poor baby

My baby is getting Ear tubes April 1st at 12p she has to be there at 9a. She has pre Op on the 30th. I hope this will help her in the way she needs it. I am so tired of her feeling bad, plus we think her ears are a part of her balance issue and her speech issue.
I hate we have to do this but I know she needs it. Please just pray all goes well and that this will help her!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i am behind on this blog and behind on posting pics

New beds for Madison and Austin

Alexis's 2nd Birthday

Family pics of Cousins

Snow Pics we had about 6 to 7 in snow

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Baby is 2!

I can not believe that My baby girl is 2! I am a little late posting this but anyway. she turned 2 on the 18th.
We are having a "wow wow Wubzy party" Sunday.
We did a little thing here Thursday at the house, we had cupcakes a dinner. We went to Birthday lunch with daddy since i was suppose to work that night but I was an extra so I did not go in plus my stomach was a little upset as well so it worked out.

I will post recent pics after the party on Sunday!

We gave her one of her presents tonight as it came by UPS today. She loves these buckets that Ms Kim has and so we found a set online and got them for her. She was so happy with them!

Monday, February 09, 2009

A list of stuff

I think if I make a list of things I need to get done on here I will get them accomplished faster...we will see huh??

1. Get the toddler beds in the attic
2. Take back a couple things to the stores.
3. get my room more organized and clean
4. the upstairs bathrooms
5. get the consignment stuff all hung and ready to tag.
6. get the garage in order (again!)
7. I have a few things to hang on the wall.
8. switch out some old photos on the wall for new ones
9. clean out my closet and organize it more.
10. list my Craig's list stuff and free cycle stuff
11. Touch up paint
12. order vinyl wall things from Uppercase Living

I think that is all for now. I got a lot done this weekend with the great weather!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A new Day

After I posted my other post I want to clarify a few things.

First of all if anyone wants to know if I was talking about one group of people in general or one person in general, please just email me or call me and ask like a big person!

I was talking about a lot of different people in my life now and in the past. I was just frustrated and PMSing and wanted to "Vent".

I feel that the real thing to do is just Pray for those people. Pray that they will one day realize there is only one Judge at that is God. Pray that they will eventually start treating those as they want to be treated.

We are all adults and all I ask is if you want to know what or who I am talking about please ask me before talking about it to other people or having others do the dirty work for you. I am an adult and I can handle a conversation about it if I am approached.

There is not a person on this earth that I hate or can not forgive. I may not like your actions or how you handle yourself but I will never do anything to be cruel to a person or intentionally hurt someone. that is just not who I am. If I have ever offended or hurt you please come to me and talk to me about it. If I have I will apologize for it.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Either its just that time of month that is making me so frustrated easier or its totally the situation.

I can not name names nor the actual situation but i will go around about it. This is my personal blog to write what I want right?

There is a situation that has just come up that has me so over the "volunteering", non paid position i hold!

I can not STAND a controlling person when I am hired or appointed to do a job! just let me do the job i was asked or hired to do with out someone telling me EXACTLY what words to use or actions to take.
If you want to control that bad do the job yourself!

Another thing I can not take is CADDY women and "Cliques".

I try to get along with everyone, but when I try to talk to certain people even though some of them I may not be "BFF's" with they ask as if I am not as good as they are, or like they are too good to have a civil conversation with me or someone that is not in their little "snob" clique.

I am sorry if I don't dress in designer clothes (i don't like buying clothes for me I am a plain jane jeans and tshirt gal), or I don't drive a "luxury" vehicle, wear loads of makeup, make my hair all "foo fooey", or talk your talk.

I am a down to earth person who does dress my kids in NICE clothes, drives a Mini van, will do anything for a friend, "plain jane", I don't like to wear makeup, but I am a good friend!

I hate phoney people, 2faced, gossiping caddy women!

when I have an idea or thought these "women" brush it off but when the "cliquey" ones say the same idea it is all of a sudden a MAGICAL best idea they have ever heard!

I am sorry but MY FAMILY comes first! I will put them before anyone or anything!

I am thankful for those friends I do have that understand this crazy post! you know who you are! I will DO anything for a loyal friend!

Writing this makes me so emotional because I feel I have never befriended anyone, I have never not talked to someone or acted stuck up because the other person has less money, drives a different vehicle than me, or is just different than I am.

This is what's wrong with some of the kids these days is that some adults are too quick to "judge" the outside before looking inside of the person or even trying to get to know the person first!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Belated Christmas update and pics!

We had a great Christmas. The twins really understand it all. They loved turning on the lights each day and unplugging them. they even cried when we had to take the tree down.
they understand why we have Christmas! AMAZING!

Christmas eve we went to Church that night came home put our Christmas cookies and milk out. they sprinkled reindeer food in the yard.
Christmas Morning we woke up. Nana and Pawpaw came over brought the gifts.
When Madison opened her Nintendo DS she screamed "A DS" she and Austin were so excited with them.
Madison opened her American girl Bity baby and was so excited she said "A BABY!" and loved the stroller too!
Austin loved his Batman Cave and super man game for the V motion.
He also loved his Vtech digital art studio.
The other Fave is the COOL SCHOOL! that thing is so cool, now we have to get another one!

Alexis did not want to open anything at first. finally she did she got a shopping cart, stroller with baby, ride on pony.

We later left and went to my dad's side for xmas lunch there. kids had fun playing. after that went to xmas with Poppy, and my aunts xmas. such fun playing!

The next day we got up and left for GA, for xmas there. we did not return until Monday evening.
The twins got clothes, pianos, laptop (play ones), Madison got earrings and Austin got a Cars racetrack, a little electronic drum set thing, movies, art stuff, games, DVD games, pirate stuff, princess stuff.
Of course all got money too.

Alexis got stuffed animals (which she does not like things fuzzy, OT is working on that), clothes, a ride on toy, Books, music toy, and music CD.

If i forgot something which I am sure I did with all the stuff we got.

nana also got the twins these talking things like Furbys but different. they got PJ's from Tta/Caroline. Aunt lenis got them a marker set and art pads. Amy/tj got them a barbie and something cars (can not remember). Alexis got a Movie. they also got some other stuff like cars, princess stuff.

Adam got GA shirt, Mug from me. From his family side he got a GA wind sock for outside, tools, hand sander, gym pants, money, and a grill set.

I got Money, a griddle (for pancakes and what not), a steam mop!!!

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