Friday, January 23, 2009

Belated Christmas update and pics!

We had a great Christmas. The twins really understand it all. They loved turning on the lights each day and unplugging them. they even cried when we had to take the tree down.
they understand why we have Christmas! AMAZING!

Christmas eve we went to Church that night came home put our Christmas cookies and milk out. they sprinkled reindeer food in the yard.
Christmas Morning we woke up. Nana and Pawpaw came over brought the gifts.
When Madison opened her Nintendo DS she screamed "A DS" she and Austin were so excited with them.
Madison opened her American girl Bity baby and was so excited she said "A BABY!" and loved the stroller too!
Austin loved his Batman Cave and super man game for the V motion.
He also loved his Vtech digital art studio.
The other Fave is the COOL SCHOOL! that thing is so cool, now we have to get another one!

Alexis did not want to open anything at first. finally she did she got a shopping cart, stroller with baby, ride on pony.

We later left and went to my dad's side for xmas lunch there. kids had fun playing. after that went to xmas with Poppy, and my aunts xmas. such fun playing!

The next day we got up and left for GA, for xmas there. we did not return until Monday evening.
The twins got clothes, pianos, laptop (play ones), Madison got earrings and Austin got a Cars racetrack, a little electronic drum set thing, movies, art stuff, games, DVD games, pirate stuff, princess stuff.
Of course all got money too.

Alexis got stuffed animals (which she does not like things fuzzy, OT is working on that), clothes, a ride on toy, Books, music toy, and music CD.

If i forgot something which I am sure I did with all the stuff we got.

nana also got the twins these talking things like Furbys but different. they got PJ's from Tta/Caroline. Aunt lenis got them a marker set and art pads. Amy/tj got them a barbie and something cars (can not remember). Alexis got a Movie. they also got some other stuff like cars, princess stuff.

Adam got GA shirt, Mug from me. From his family side he got a GA wind sock for outside, tools, hand sander, gym pants, money, and a grill set.

I got Money, a griddle (for pancakes and what not), a steam mop!!!

She is walking!!

Finally my stubborn one is Walking! after Christmas she would walk about 5 feet. then during PT on one Thursday she would do about 10 ft, well the next Monday she just took off and I called to tell Adam that all morning she has not crawled she was walking all over the play room! that wed she started opening and closing doors! PT came that Thursday and was amazed that she started walking everywhere, even though her arms were up high but she was walking. She even walked backwards 5 steps for the PT and she turns around, walks in a circle, carries items while walking. such an amazing turn around in a short time! you just could not make her do it she had to do it on her own time. I will post a pic soon.

I am back!

I feel like it has been forever since i have posted on here.
again I will give a little update here and those that need thier own seperate post I will do so.

Right now we are dealing with lots of illness! First alexis at the beginning of Jan gets a double ear infection and croup!
then Jan 16th the twins had a 4 year check up. She checked alexis to be sure she had gotten better. even though the night before we had a high temp. she was fine there! Madison had some fluid on her rt ear saw during her ear test, it was clear so she siad just watch for temp and she would call in a med if need be.

Saturday night she gets HIGH temps and ends up in our bed with a 104 temp I called the dr and he said come in Monday.
Monday we go in and she has an ear infection.
Tuesday Madison Starts her temp, i wait until wed to call the dr to make sure in fact she was keeping the temp. so they say call back thursday when dr willams is in and they will get the med. well Wed night madison is up with a 105 temp and it took me forever to get it down to 102! finally we are at 100. now Austin also has a temp of 102-103. Thwey both are complianing of throat hurts, head hurts. So i just call thursday AM and get an apt.
the nurse calls me back to tell me to bring Alexis to see if the meds were working. if not they would do a rocefin(sp?) shot.

We get there Madison has a 102 temp, austin none, alexis none.
Strep swab and flu swap on twins. Dr comes in checks ears on alexis both ears are yucky she says! great now we get the shot!
Austin ears ,throat great, and the flu nad strep negative. so he just has a viral cough, the crud!
Madison has a flaming ear infection on the Rt side! as we knew. she had neg strep and flu. her throat looks fine. so just ear infection.

alexis gets her shot and we have to come back Friday (tomorrow) and sat for the rest of the shot process.
if she gets another back to back ear infection after this we will have to be considerd for Tubes.

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