Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh the doctor!

Wednesday as I was changing Alexis's diaper that morning I opened it up to a diaper full of what looked like pinkish red koolaid! After much thought I calmly called the dr. I got in that afternoon, I took the diaper with me. She was checked out by the dr so far so good. But we had to do a cath to get urine because that defiantly blood in her urine in her diaper. The test came back with a UTI which is very uncommon under 2. So we are waiting our 2 day wait to see if it does grow to a UTI, if so we will have a ultrasound and other test with Dye in her with a scan done. If no UTI the dr said that is a whole different ballgame. She seems to think there is a "plumbing" issue in which causes the small size. I don't know what exactly she means by this. They will check it all out of course. she said no matter what we will see a urologist at vandy. Austin saw one and had surgery by one at vandy, we will go back to him of course.

Some background Alexis is still small and has a hard time gaining weight (but so did Madison as well) she did loose a whole pound a month ago due to several virus bugs. she also is a very laid back, lazy, happy ,content baby. She has just now gotten use to her belly. She hates it even to lay on you asleep on her stomach. she also just loves to sit, lay and play and watch the twins. she knows how to roll but will not really continue to roll to go places.

My Mother is worried she has Neuroblastoma (my cousins little girl had it). she thinks she has it because she is not crawling, walking, not gaining a lot of weight (weighs 15lbs), stays constipated (all my kids have that issue), and the UTI.
So of course that has me scared

The culture came back with no UTI, and all other numbers came back good so now they want us to repeat it and do blood work when we go thursday for our 1 year check up. WE will see what happens from there.

My Baby is ONE!!!

I can not believe a year ago today 2/18 my baby was born. WOW were has the time gone!

We went to dinner on saturday night with my mom, Jared, and our family of 5. We had fun! they sang to Allie!

We are having her birthday party at my house the weekend of march 1st.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

misc things going on

We are still going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I am sore from a power lifting class i took. Adam is getting compliments at work that it looks like he is losing weight. sometimes i feel like i am and sometimes not so much. but my goal right now is to just get in shape to gear up to start weight watchers full force and loose weight.

We had some storms here on Super Tuesday that kept me glued to the TV until 3a until it passed us. Others however were not as lucky, keep those people in TN and other states in your prayers!

Did you all go Vote? We diD! I took all 3 kids with me NO STROLLERS! So I dont want to hear any excuses from anyone that did not vote because they had no time or kids with them! blah blah, you do what you have to do. No complaining about who is running in the end or even wins if you dont vote!

I am looking for dance and karate schools for the kids. I have narrowed it down between two Karate schools i think. Dance is whole other issue!

I think that is it!

****spell check is not working and I am in a hurry to check over every letter!

GRRR more Van issues

I was out all day on Tuesday and in the evening i was coming home to let them go potty and grab some stuff for my meeting. I was headed to meet adam in Nashville.
I get in the driveway turn off the car come back turn it on and nothing nothing! weird things started happening the dashboard lights started flashing, a odd clicking sound started coming from the sterring wheel area, then i pull the key out and light still flashing and the interior overhead lights turn orange. then a hissing loud whistle sound comes from the same area as the clicking. we get out I call my brother until adam gets home. he comes looks at it and notices that where the fuse box area is it is HISSING loudly and whistling. I read about this van having shorts causing fires. I called my dad and described it to him and he said a short that caused the battery to die all of a sudden is what he said it sounds like. my brother takes the battery to Auto place and the battery is in deed dead! But i am still scared to drive the darn thing from things i have read about the shorts.

Hi HO HI Ho its off to work I go!

I got a part time job at the Olive Garden that will be opening feb 24th. I start training 2/19th. I am doing this for extra money and to get out of the house. it will be evenings and weekends! I am excited about this!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Lazy Ali

Oh Alexis!

She is such a laid back, lazy child! She is the "typical" 3rd child syndrome. she gets handed everything to her no need for her to work for it. She is a very content child. she has no care to roll and roll or crawl. so we had her evaluated for early intervention she got in. SO we had the PT eval today. She of course got in with one day a week therapy.

The therapist said they see this A LOT with siblings, the other siblings give them things that at our out of reach so no need to work for it. Plus she loves to lay, sit and play and watch the twins act crazy!

She has weaker muscles because she hated her stomach until recently even will not sleep on your chest on her belly! since the stomach muscles development first then legs, then arms then hands. so she has no desire to push up, crawl, pull up, stand etc.

Alexis also already prefers to use her left hand, but will use her right as well just not her preference.

She also may develop later the same hyperflexable joints like Madison. (Austin has it a little , I have it too)

She said it should not take Alexis long to catch up at all.

another issue is that she wants to be near me all the time.

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