Thursday, August 31, 2006

A night without kids!

My mom offered to take the kids overnight so we can go out to dinner and a movie for Adams bday.
We dropped them off at 5:30. We went to Franklin/brentwood to find a place to eat we both wanted Japanese. So we saw this place in front of the movie theatre I can not think of the name right now but it was GOOD! We sat at the hibatchi grill. Good food and lots of it. Our movie started at 9:30. We stopped by the borders to look while we waited for our movie.
We say Talladega Nights with Ricky Bobby. It was funny!

We went home and I got out my stuff to start tagging. We went to bed late.

Daddy's Birthday!

August 17th Adams Birthday!

I had an officers meeting dinner. He had the kids. we are celebrating Friday.
He is 32 now!

Madison will say : "Happy, Daddy, Day" Just not all together.

He had a good day at work he had cake!

Dentist Appt

August 16th we went to the Dentist for our 6 mo check up. We get in the room and the dental Hygentist does Austin first. He screams and madison stands back and watches. I thought she would cry too. He did not fight too much. He must have chipped off a layer of one of his front two teeth. No big deal they say since that will be one of the first two he will lose. Other than that he is doing good, he may have a crowding issue when adult teeth come in. Right now he is cutting two of his Incisor teeth. He is done. Now Madison's turn.
She gets up there and no big deal lays there, opens when they say open, still and not a peep! I was in shock and amazed! Austin kept saying "Sissy" over and over. When she was done she still just laid there until I got her up. Now the Dr comes in. Both sort of cried austin more than madison. Her teeth are fine. She will have some extra room for her adult teeth.

We got a prize and rode the horse a couple more times and played some. Then we left and got lunch and went and ate at Costco with Nana. Then home and NAP!

I had no kids today so we were able to make this appt for today.

Where has time gone

I am going to be doing several posts tonight to catch up so stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

what have we been up to...

Since the last update not much has changed, I have two kids I watch pretty much full time. So that keeps me very busy and tired at the end of the day. Of course this pregnancy makes me more tired than usual.

I went to the podiatrist about my foot. I have 3 cysts two of them are the same kind I had on my ankle in 1989 and had surgery on. luckily this time I will hopefully only have to have them make a cut, stick in a probe and freeze them. Last resort is surgery. I prefer neither!

Austin's surgery is still set for the 25th.

I went to the OB for my 4 week check up last Friday. all is good I have only gained 2 lbs. ( feels like more). With the twins I only gained 5 total lbs. He did an ultrasound to double check the cervix and make sure one baby. Well, we only have one in there! it was kinda weird seeing one child in there. Heart rate was good. Cervix was good. Now my cerclauge is set for Wednesday the 23rd. I will be under general anesthesia(sp?) and be down for 2 days. My grandmother is coming to help, my cousin, and her GF is coming to help.

In the mix of all this I have a consignment sale to do the 25th and 26th.

Adam helped my mom move into her house (they bought a house now) last weekend.

my brother left for Japan on the 6th. he returns the 20th.

I have only got sick twice! Once was gross food, the other was bad timing on meds and food together.

I can not eat things too sweet. Very odd for me. not even Sweet tea that is a huge thing for me! I love sweet tea.

Other than that nothing new. boring .

I am Back

Yes I know I was going to come back the next day and talk about what we have been saying and accomplishing. But I have been so exhausted I can not even think straight. So here I go with that then I will update tonight about what all has been going on in our world lately.

Austin: Is starting to talk a lot more some new words are : Thank (for thank you), Apples, Hot dog (for the Mickey Mouse Club house song), Please (all the time if he wants something and he signs it at the same time), Madison, Mouse, Noddy (TV show), Boots, Car, Truck, Plane, sissy, Hot (for everything he thinks is Hot), Dora (dor), sings "Hey Jude", night night, Hiney, he is really into saying BYE, book, Nana, medicine, Cracker, Bops(for the doodlebops), Stairs, Paci, Nellie( sounds like Nel-eee), and Ashee. Those are the ones my mind can think of right now.

Madison: Of course she is still talking more and more! and she will repeat any word you ask her too, sometimes you can not understand it but you know she is saying it. She is pretty good and saying most of them right. her's are : Welcome, Bops, Boots, Dora, Apples, Potty, Diapee, good girl, bubby, Austin, Madison, Ava, Plane, swing, slide, ashee, sissy, noddy, hot dog, thank you, toes, hiney( for her But and she points to it), dance, she tries to sing twinkle twinkle, love, Nellie, work, book, please, bottle, Monkey, medicine, elmo, tigger, roo, big bird, shirt, and carter (sounds like Carker).

Now the things we are doing new:

Austin: He will pretend to sing anything a lot of the time he sings with his eyes closed and moves his head back and forth. He dances to the hot dog song a lot. He loves his Match Box cars I got him he lines them up in the window seal, on his ramp red light thing, he play with them all the time. He can do the sound of a cow, chicken, horse, pig, dog, cat, monkey, sheep, duck, Bear, tiger, and Mickey mouse ( however that is Hot dog song). He likes to pretend he is reading the books. He jabbers some non sense that only I guess Madison knows what he means because she responds or goes to him. He can walk down the stairs one handed and and use his other hand on the rail or wall or not. He likes to draw on the magna doodle, or with a crayon or sidewalk chalk. He loves making the sound of a car, truck. He also now will do the train sound CHoo Choo and use his arm like he is pulling the whistle. He can recognize a few letters like T, D, B, A, C, Z. He loves the letter T. He gives hugs (love) and now will kiss with a pucker not open.
Oh and he loves to eat Tomatoes! He calls grapes Balls. He loves to Climb! He knows all his body parts including the leg, arm, hiney, knee, Shoulders, tongue, and more. He still snaps his fingers. If he see someone getting a dirty diaper changed or he has one he says Shoooo and makes a face and shakes his head. he signs help,

Madison: She is a hoot! she is her Daddy made over. Adam has her doing George Bush, which is she shrugs and bounces her shoulders up and squints her eyes. She sings Korn with the rough voice like adam and says "are you READY" (sounds like a monster in a way). When she says cookies monster she says it like he does in a rough monster voice. She sings "Hey jude" too. She loves to read books! She knows all her body parts like austin. she winks, she tries to snap too. She tries to jump. She loves to Climb. She also knows the alphabet letters like austin too. she does the car sound like Austin. They both can start the ABC song with A, B.
Can start counting 1, 2. She loves to eat cucumbers and lettuce. She signs smart, and help. She says all the animal sounds and in addition she does tigger by saying whooowhoo (like tigger does) and she shakes her shoulders at at same time.

I think that is all , they do new things every day! Sorry no pictures.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wow has it been that long

Since I have Blogged!

This pregnancy I am very TIRED more than the last one. Good thing is I am not sick like I was with the twins THANK GOD!

I am 9 weeks now!

Here is what has been going on since last posted.

the weekend of the 23rd Saturday I scrapped with some Multiple moms from POTATO. Then we left for a surprise birthday party for my step dad in AL. I stayed the night with my Grandmother in TN so we could spend Sunday all day with her. Adam went too.

We left for FL to the National Organization of twins Club convention in Orlando, FL. We left on Tuesday the 25th. We drove all night in shifts. All was good except that the two passenger side air vents went out not even half way! SUCKED! Luckily I was drivin at the time. Kids slept 90 percent of the time and when awake watched the DVD players we borrowed for the trip. LIFE SAVER!

We got to the hotel at 8 am wed. We checked in. Ate breakfast, then we headed to Magic Kingdom!
We had fun. Madison was ok with Donald Duck but very scared of Mickey and Minnie together! Austin of course loved it!.
We rode Teacups, Mickey's Philharmagic show, Country Bears show, Buzz light year ride, Carousel, played in poohs play house area, some other things.

On the mickey's show you have to wear 3D glasses and Madison was scared because at the beginning it is a loud music banging and such. She finally calmed down but would not keep the glasses on. Austin kept them on and loved the stuff coming at him trying to grab it...When the carpet ride that looks like you are falling and on a rollar coaster, you can see him look down and lean like he was falling. He loved it!

Madison really enjoyed getting soaked in poohs treehouse area, where the water comes out of the ground like a sprinkler. She would lean her face down at it and wait for the water to hit her in the face, She absolutely Loved IT! Austin got wet but only a little he was interested in other things.

We left and we back to see the people who bought our old house, we have stayed in contact since we moved, Loved seeing how they decorated the house. Such sweet people!
We found that a neighbor of ours there that was trying to have a baby, just had TWINS boy and a girl days before! How exciting!

My convention started on thursday AM. Adam stayed in the hotel room all day with them Thursday.

Friday Was my birthday. I was done at about 7 at the convention, so we went to eat at our fave place called Crazy Buffet in altamonte springs, it is not a typical buffet, it is 20 a person, it is all you can eat sushi, sashimi, Chinese, crab legs, king crab, all you can eat hibachi bar, wok bar, tempura and more! We then went to the hotel to stop by the under the sea party for the convention. The kids loved dancing. Even no kids allowed they saw them dancing in the hall and told us to bring them in. What a hit they were. Austin was watchin my two friends do the hand jive in the middle of the dance floor so he started to copy them! How I wish I had my Camera with me! It was so FUNNY! We left and went to bed!
Oh and Adam got to take the kids to the Tampabay Bucs training camp in Disney's world wide sports complex. This is a tradition for us and we miss it now that we have moved. He was in HEAVEN even though it was HOT!. He got some great pics!

Saturday I was there until 11 but had to report back at 2 so we went swimming at the hotel with the kids. I went back for my National Worker appointment. ( I was nominated and appointed to be a National worker for the national Newsletter). I was done at 4 so we met some friends and their 2 and half year old for dinner at Logans.
I had to be back for the Final Banquet at 6. It was closing ceremonies.

Sunday we got up and left. Drove to mid GA to meet Adams family and our friends for Lunch.
We then cont on home, we got home at about 10 I think?

Tuesday I had a new child start. He is 14 mo old. Next Monday I have the other child start 11 mo old girl. My kids did great!

I went to my POTATO monthly meeting on Tuesday and we played BUNKO, first time for me. I won the most bunkos and got movie tickets and movie snacks. YEAH

I will post another post on our new accomplishments and stuff tomorrow I am exhausted. This is getting long! Here are some pics!

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