Friday, September 28, 2007


I can not believe the Imagination on these kids. I enjoy it so much it is so cute!

I went to get them from Nap and They were telling me that they were Feeding the Chickens. and they were saying and motioning at the same time "here chicken here chicken". The chickens were between their two beds it was so sweet. they said "here Mommy here is some food for you to feed the chickens too"

Also one day Adam goes in there and they are pretending to be driving. Saying " bye daddy we are going to the store"

Madison loves her Camera and is always wanting to take a picture of something. MMm I wonder where she gets that from??? LOL Austin will sit down and say "sissy take picture of me"

Its Been a While

It seems like it has been forever since I have posted about what we have been up to.

I know I have not posted about the Baby Dedication at church. We had a great time. The twins went to the nursery and We focused on the Alexis and her day. I will have pictures to show later I have not Downloaded them on my computer.

It is Football season and in our house that is the best time of year! College ball and Pro ball. We are Tampa Bay Bucs fans and University of Georgia Fans! Lots of RED!

I have pics of the twins in their GA Dawgs Cheer leading outfit and jersey. They looked so cute. We went to Olive Garden (another post on our service :( !! )

We have been organizing the Garage and the house. I have made a calender of a small project each day to accomplish besides the everyday dishes, laundry, and picking up. I have goals i need to get accomplished.

We had a Sunday night children's ministries team family picnic last Sunday. We had fun, kids loved playing.

I have posted an ad in the paper for 2 more kids to watch. Yeah I know I am crazy! But financially we need it.

Adam is awaiting a decision on a job interview he went on so keep him in your prayers!

My mom got Austin his Bday or Xmas(not sure which) present ( well we picked it up). It is a very nice Train table from Costco made by Kid craft, it has two trundle drawers and a 100 piece wooden train set that has a construction set, boats and more it was ONLY $130.00. The kids were with us and Austin threw a fit that when we got home it stayed in the car to take to Nana's, We told him it was Matt's Train table( my 16 year old brother). Austin was even with us when we took it to Matt in my moms Garage.
She is going to get Madison a big play Kitchen.

2 weekends ago Adam and I went out with some friends for his bday. We had fun. Ashlei and Christina watched the kids since my mom had to stay with my meemaw. They were suppose to spend the night with Nana.

I have been scrapbooking on Friday nights for a few hours.

Tonight I went to Moms night out with my POTATO group to Buca Di Beppo it was good. I thought that place was pricey but it was about the same as Olive Garden or less.

I have had some issues with the kids behaviors lately. I am praying hard that this will get better.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prayers are working

After I posted that last post the next day my grandmother went to the Dr and had a good report. Her blood looked good and looked like where ever it was leaking from had stopped. and she gained 5 lbs! She may be ready to take chemo soon if she keeps this up!

I heard Madison saying in the morning on the monitor "dear Jesus, please make my Meemaw better and My bubby be good, Amen"

So cute. My grandmother said Madison's prayers are working! Lord I hope all are prayers are working. Thanks to you all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Help needed! Prayers!

I know I posted that we needed some prayers for my grandmother. Well, we really need them now more than ever. She does not have much time left unless somethings turn around quickly. Somewhere she is loosing blood and having to get blood too often. She is too weak to find out where much less do anything about it. Please pray she gets stronger, and the bleeding stops. because they are telling us they can not keep giving transfusions because Insurance will not keep paying...GRRR HEALTH CARE! Don't get me started on that!

I am at peace with it (well I think) but my heart aches for my kids and her other great grand kids. I also ache for my brother he wants her there for his graduation, and more.

She told us that she is not giving up she is going to fight till the end! That is my MEEMAW! she is such a fighter! A wonderful person! I admire her strength.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

prayers needed!

My grandmother did not get a good report Wednesday. She had a scan done and it showed the cancer still spreading. She needs Chemo but is not strong right now for that. The Dr is going to give her some nausea meds in her port so that we can possibly get her strong enough for chemo. He is calling in hospice to help with pain management and help. She is going to do that at my mom's house so she can be near doctors. I pray we can get her stronger. I also wish we could go back in time and had her here at vandy dr all along getting treatments instead of the place that almost killed her Huntsville.

I am scared to lose her. Mainly because of the kids. They ADORE HER! I do not know how to explain to them about it if she were to leave us for heaven. I just pray I do not have to do that any time soon.

OK I can not write about this anymore! I need to go on to a happier subject.

Friday, September 14, 2007

some random things

This week we are recouping from the trip. we have had a pretty boring week.

Today Madison and Austin have now officially learned how to operate their power wheels for the most part, they just need to learn which way to steer when they need to. We rode around the neighborhood tonight. they wore me out! It has been so nice out the last 2 days. I am going to take some pics ASAP.

Pray for Adam he has a few job interviews that he has done and will be doing. Let's pray he gets one that will fit his needs.

We are having Alexis Dedicated at church Sunday evening.

It's been 10 years...

We went last Thursday to Houston, TX for my 10 year High school reunion. We took my brother with us. So that he could watch the kids in the hotel while we attended the reunion Friday night. We ended up leaving Murfreesboro after eating and finished loading the car at about 9p. We arrive in Houston at 12p on Friday. We first check in them we meet my old friend Amber and her son Thomas for lunch at Pappaduex. Great lunch!

Then we go back to the hotel to shower, and get ready for the night. we go get the kids and Matt dinner at Whataburger. Reunion started at 7 we get there at 8.

I had a blast seeing a lot of my old friends. A few whom i would have liked to go could not so we will see them Saturday. We graduated with 560 and about mmm lets say 150 or less showed up. Hard to tell we were in a party room at the Cadillac Bar. We had a Mexican buffet. I have some pics to share. We got back to the room at 12a.

Saturday we went to meet our old family friends of ours Cathy, Freddie, Brian and his 3 year old son Sean. IT was so nice to see them again. We had to rush since she had to go to work and we were meeting someone for lunch.

We met my old high school teacher Leah stephanow, her husband and daughter. Her daughter at the age of 2 was in our wedding she is now 9. We had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant Los Cucos. It was in a new building that was HUGE! they now have several locations. it use to be a very small restaurant family owned. We then drove around seeing the area, went to the old neighborhood talked to Leza's parents. We went to the Katy Mills Mall to let the kids play in the play area to run around. They have an awesome play area. We then met Leza, Keith, Greis, Hannah and her kids at Clay's for dinner. We loved this place you can sit out on the patio eating while your kids play in the sand, they have a petting zoo, slides and more. It is a burger fries type of place. We had lots of fun! After we went over to Leza and Keith's house to chat, Madison and Austin colored and watched Little Mermaid. leza gave Madison the little mermaid on DVD since we had only the VHS one.

We go back to the hotel and get in bed. We get up at 8 pack and leave the hotel. We eat breakfast at my fave place Whataburger. Oh I wish we had one! We have it again for lunch. We have several stops. We ate dinner at shoney's this one was HORRIBLE! We get home at 4:30am!

Thank God Adam has the day off Monday to recoup.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:

I saw your comment on my Blog titled family in town. I feel that I need to make a post on here to comment to you since you were not big enough to make your name known.
I was very upset by your comment. I felt like I have done no wrong. I can not explain to you or anyone for that matter as to why Alexis cries with others. She does this to almost everyone except me, and adam. Not all the time will she do this to others such as My mom, my grandmother, Adam’s dad or others. But she does! She is a BABY! She is at the stage where she is having stranger anxiety and separation anxiety. By stranger in these terms means anyone but PARENTS!
As far as you posting an anonymously, my thoughts on that is that if you are big enough to give your opinopn then be a bigger person to say it to my face or with your name known. Other wise keep your negative comments to yourself. Not only are you upsetting me but Adam as well.

As far as the part about being where ADAM belongs. He belongs where he CHOOSES to belong. He is an ADULT with his OWN FAMILY now. GET OVER IT! We chose to raise our kids here and start our lives here and that is what we are doing. No one can influence where we live nor tell us where to live. If you would like to know all the reasons we chose here over other places we discussed please ask we will be glad to tell you.

Finally TIRES

I head to Fayetteville to get 2 tires since my mom was there helping my grandmother and this was the only way to get tires with kids during the week. I head down there Wednesday with my 3 kids and Caelan. Ash takes me to drop off my van. It was suppose to be done in 45 min. we head to walmart while it is being done. I go back in an hour to find out that they said they could not find the wheel lock key. I asked where did you look, they said in the back. I said first why did you not call me to ask instead of me wasting an hour, second did you not check where the spare tire is where the tire tools are? They said "no"! DUH you are a tire SHOP you should know these things. I did not know where it was but COMMON sense told me to check where the spare tire was. AHaha guess what there it is! I get them done, go back to get them. I spend some time with meemaw and the kids played with Carter. Lenis was there with Carter and Savannah. I get home at about 6:30p.

We pack and get the car loaded for the trip tomorrow.

Labor day 2007

We hung around the house and CLEANED all day!! I had to get the house clean and in order since we were leaving Thursday. Yeah I know exciting! but hey its got to be done!

Nashville shores labor Day weekend

All of us (my family and our friends) head to Nashville shores for the day(Saturday). We had fun! we stayed about 4 hours. I have some good pics to share as well. We got home and grilled out! it was fun!

Saturday fun, ears pierced and Tire disaster

I went and scrapped Friday night of labor day weekend. Saturday I call all around to get the cheapest tire price i can find and ones I can get that day. We call and apparently Nissan made a deal with Goodyear to only make my Van's Tire size for that VAN ONLY! yes my tire will ONLY fit a NISSAN Quest VAN! SUCKS! of course you know when anything is made for one thing only and you have to special order it, with that comes EXPENSIVE!! Yes my tire is $160.00 tire EACH! We finally find a place that says they have 2 in so we decide since it is so expensive we will replace the 2 that are VERY BAD, the other 2 are good. We head to Sears at the mall in Cool springs, with all three kids, and we had planed on getting the tires, playing in the mall and going to Costco. Well, after 4 almost 5 hours they call us to say that the manufacture labeled the tires wrong and they do not have them and can not get them until Tuesday. Not good because we leave for Houston Thursday night. At this time it is 5Pm and no one is open. Ok so we leave they tell us for the inconvenience they will give us 10 percent off! yeah ok that is not enough for having to be in that mall with 3 kids under 3 for 5 hours!
But while in the Mall we get Madison's ears pierced. She only cried for like 2 seconds after it was done. She then saw the cute pink earrings and she was good. She got a goody bag and a princess necklace.
So we leave go head home we had friends coming to see us to stay the weekend for labor day. We go show Nana her earrings. We then go to cracker Barrel to eat dinner.

Hair cut and mall outing

Friday Aug 31 I took Austin to get a haircut and took them to the Mall alone! we had fun playing in the play area. We tried a new hair place and it was much better and cheaper. He sat in a car chair it was the shape of a car. He loved it, he watched a show and ate pop corn when done. he and Madison also got a prize. The lady painted Madison's nails pink too!! Of course I did not take my camera Yes I know Me with out a camera! LOL

2 year old PMS!

I gave Madison Soy milk per the dr's orders until I could get to Kroger to get Sweet Acidiopolpus (sp?). Well I was reading about soy milk and I called the dr to confirm. Since Madison was having a bad week screaming and misbehaving I was wanting to know why. What I read and what I was told was that Soy milks has extra estrogen in it!! Holy CRAP my 2 year old was having estrogen surges like PMS! GREAT! So i quickly stopped that. We are not just using sweet acidopholus milk and it works too!

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