Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Camo =Cows

I got the kids clothes out this morning and Madison got Purple Nemo, and Austin got a black,gray,white Camoflauge outfit. Madison said "Mommy Bubby wear cow shirt and pants". Austin said "look cow shirt mommy" This was the first time to wear this shirt too. Too funny that they associated the camo with black white cows.

We had an ok day a little whining and getting in trouble but not too bad. we got in bed by 9 after getting a bath!

What a day!

Tuesday May 29th a day from you know where! Even though the twins slept in Alexis of course woke up to eat and then went back to sleep but that was all she did all day besides her cat naps. Kids were extra whiny, Alexis screamed all day! all because she had more bottles than normal over the weekend. So that proved my point with her colic. She gets more gas with her bottles and screams! but after a day with more than normal bottles she screams in pain and is hard to nurse she you have to give her at least one bottle to calm down that day so she can nurse the rest of the day and get back on track. Make sense? As i was dealing with a screaming baby, Madison and Austin decide to get the container of sugar off the counter that Adam forgot to put away last night, they open the spout and bring it to me saying "here you go mommy" But they have it upside down from the kitchen to the living room where i was feeding Alexis. So i stop with Alexis put her down, get on to them telling them why we do not get stuff off the counters. I get out the vacuum (which of course Austin did not like), I sweep the kitchen up. as i get lunch fixed Alexis screams the entire time. I get them fed, down for nap and take Alexis upstairs to my bed to nurse (she does better there) and try to get her to nap (NOT). It of course is closing week for Adam so that means late night from him ( not good with a day like today for me). I get Alexis to finally sleep while i get the kids up and down stairs while i start dinner. Adam gets home dinner, done and the phone rings. It is Juneanne asking me if i am coming to my OWN baby shower that the Murfreesboro twins club is giving me... LOL , i said yes it is not until the 29th, she said that is today...LOL Mommy dead brain! So since dinner is all on plates and ready I leave and say "have at it"...LOL not really. So i go to my shower, so nice! lots of diapers and other nice gifts! We had an adult twins panel talk about growing up a multiple. SO fun! two of them had twins themselves!

Our weekend!

Friday was a normal day for the most part. My cousin ash came over so that I could take her to the Airport in the morning. I had to finish a mini album for my Aunt's 40th birthday party on Sunday. Friday night we went to get a milkshake. I finished the album it turned out GREAT. I wish I took pics. I forgot to.

Saturday early am i get up at 5:15 to take her to the airport. ON my way home i stop by a few garage sales. i did not find anything. I come home cook breakfast for the kids eggs, sausage,and grits. I get them up. WE all eat. I decide before Adams aunt comes in town that I need to go get our pool, and sand for the sand water table. I decide to take one of the twins with me as an outing alone. I take Madison. We go to Big lots, Kmart, Toys r us, the bank, and the dollar store. We get blow up shrek chairs at big lots, a few dollar outside toys at the dollar store including shrek ones, we get sand, water guns, and floaties at toys r us, and at Kmart we get a pool.
After we get home they eat lunch and go down for a nap. Adam get the pool blown up and sets up the sand water table. I wake the kids up right when Adams aunt calls saying they are on their way. Kids wanted to go in the backyard to see the pool, Austin decides he wants to get in the pool clothes and all. So Madison follows along, the water was cool. they did not care at all. Lola and Joe arrive, the kids play for a little more. I fed the baby and we all then left for dinner. We go to Jim and Nicks. Good Food! Kids ate pretty good too! We come home play with Lola and Joe for a little bit before bed time and before they head back to the hotel.

Sunday we finally get to go to church because no one has a fever or we are not overly exhausted. Kids were happy to go they were all excited and jumping.
After Church we come home Lola and Joe are there waiting for us. I go get food for us for lunch. after Lola and Joe head back to GA we leave for my grandmother's house for the Surprise party. Austin broke out in bumps everywhere, i called the dr because i thought it was chicken pox, this came along with a barky croupy cough the dr said it was a viral rash and he had seen a lot of this viral rash with cough lately. make since because had a virus last Thursday/Friday. Madison did not get bumps only the cough just not as bad. He is not contagious unless a fever exists.

Teresa was so exited about her gift, we got her and Caroline two tickets for the CMA music fest which is 4 days! She cried! kids had fun playing outside (pics will show that when I am able to get them up) carter came too to play! we get home late ate taco bell for dinner.

Memorial day: We need to get the garage furniture together and garage organized for the 100th time. Matt and his friend Austin came to help Adam. Jessica came to play with me and the kids. After breakfast *kids woke up at 11!** we moved the pool to the front so we can be all together. Kids play in the pool, play with the beach ball, and the sprinkler. We had so much fun. We made koolaid ( a treat for us) eat lunch outside, get a Popsicle from the ice cream man. Nana and Paw paw came by for a little bit. We go to Red Robin for dinner, it was good and the kids at everything!

Funny thing Austin said, I saw that a cat had pooped in my flower bed, so i said to Adam "I am gonna kill me a cat for pooping in my flowers" Austin comes walking to where i saw it and said "Momma I go kill a cat, i kill a cat" Then while we were playing with our magnetic fishing pole and getting fish out of the pool, Austin says "daddy I kill a fish" So funny how he associated catching fish to that of the Cat thing. Watch what you say for sure!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Frequent Doctor visit Miles can I collect these for some sort of prize? I feel like we have been to the doctor a lot this year especially in the last few months.. All for a stinking VIRUS, no medication nothing to cure it! totally Sucks! I think we are passing this back and forth. Tuesday night Madison gets a fever, I take her in today because I was beginning to think it was like a Bladder, UTI or Kidney Infection. We tried to get her to potty since the last time at the Dr to get a sample. No such luck which is odd because she always asks when we take a bath to potty and she usually goes. Well so today we tired at the dr office no luck, so now I have a baggie thingy to attach to her to collect Urine in her diaper.. Oh such fun, but i have to do this within 2 to 3 hours of taking it to the dr...even better...
her throat was very very slightly pink, so test for strep and neg of course.. so viral it is.
Austin is finishing his antibiotics from his ear infections. And guess what... he starts a fever tonight like Madison! YEAH
I do not know how to be more strict on hand washing, sanitizing, watching cup swapping and bleaching a person can do to prevent this! Oh well i guess it will be building up their immunities!

This morning i walk into get them up and Madison looks at me and says in her pitiful voice "mommy, I need medicine" and Austin chimes in " Mommy, I am hungry"

Today out of the blue Madison started singing "row row row your boat" I do not recall ever singing this one to her... so funny where they pick things up at.

Also while watching Backyardigains today about Pirates they are walking around saying "a pirate says Arggggg" So cute!

I need to get some pics on here of Alexis and her Smiling and laughing. So cute! Adam can really get her going, of course! She has been doing this for about 2 weeks now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

tagged 5 questions

I was tagged by a friend of mine from my Multiples club.

1. You just had one baby after having twins a couple years ago. Is one baby “easier” than two, or is it all hard? The baby alone is harder than my twins were as babies alone. Now add in two toddlers running around and things get crazy at times. only thing she has done better than them as babies is sleep all night at 2 weeks old.

2. I know you are a scrapbooker. What drew you to scrapbooking and how long have you been doing it? I have been scrapbooking since junior high days..the not so safe way. my mom was always into crafts so i grew up on crafty things. I loved telling the stories about pics, loved taking pics too.

3. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be and why? Japan, love the culture and food. In the would be back in Houston, TX my home town

4. What is your favorite restaurant? Love Mexican food and Japanese food so that is a hard question. Also love Carabbas. Hard question!

5. If you won the lottery today what would be the first thing you would do with the money? Put money in a savings account or trust for each child to go to college on.

Now if you want to play email me or comment here and i will send you five questions that relate you that i want to know.


I can not upload any pics until the weekend... We are going to take our wireless router back, it will not let me upload pics. the connection goes out every time.

today Madison still has her low grade fever from last night. she is not acting sick except sleeping longer.

They are getting back into watching the shows on Noggin. They love Blues clues, Dora, backyardagains and wonder pets. They interact with them which is so cute to watch and see them learn.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All stocked up!

I went to supper thymes to get all stocked up for the month. I went with some Moms from POTATO group. I had a great time out plus got a lot of meals ready to eat! I just wish i had this while on bed rest and after the kids came home.

We had a simple day today. Madison repeated her ENTIRE ABC's to adam tonight without any prompting or help. She just started doing it all by herself in her highchair while waiting for dinner to be served. he said she said every single letter with no help. Useally she needs help with a couple letters that she skips. She loves to sing it! she did it for me tonight when i got home too! plus her and austin sang twinkle little star and rock a bye baby together all the words! WOW I am amazed everyday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday Monday!

I did not have to watch the little boy i watch today. So the kids and I go to eat lunch at like 2 with a friend of mine and her son at Red Robin. The kids did AWESOME eating today no issues, ate all the food and it was a lot of food. We left and i went thru the car wash drive thru, of course Austin did not like it towards the end when it was real loud. I stopped by Dollar General for shrek chairs that are the folding kind for 6 dollars, well they were out. I ended up getting the hard plastic kind shrek ones for 5. Adam stops by another Dollar store they have one folding shrek one and so he gets Madison a Pink Barbie one. So we are still on the look out for one more shrek one. We come to nap! after they wake up daddy is home and we went outside to play. Austin fell AGAIN and scraped his knee. I promise to get pics up soon!

Costco trip

Sunday we overslept for getting up and going to church. So Adam gets up and goes to walmart for some weed eater string our yard needs it! We eat breakfast and then head to Costco for wipes and more. I wanted to get some pics developed at wolfe but could not locate my CDS of pics only the back up DVDs. here is a cute story...

Remember when we went to opry mills mall for the deal or no deal...the kids wanted to ride the carousel, so i had to get cash out of the ATM to ride. So today at Costco Madison saw the ATM and asked Adam "daddy what is that?" he says "ATM Machine", Austin pipes up and says "mommy get money to ride the horses"
Wow how in the world does he remember all that by seeing an ATM machine, crazy smart!
We eat lunch there and then go home to Nap, Daddy mows the yard while they Nap, I scrapbook while Alexis some what Naps in the bouncy seat.

I cook a new recipe from Paula Dean Meatloaf. it was good! kids ate it too. I also did homemade mash potatoes. YUM!

Shrek day!

We had a fun filled saturday! I got up fed the baby and went back to sleep till 10:40 yeah! I then ate breakfast and off to get my hair cut! i went to the beauty school in town and got 12in cut off. I could not believe I had that much to cut. It has been over a year since last cut! I will show a pic later.
After that i had to go get the family so we could leave to go to caelans birthday party at 2p. It was fun, Austin was a bit of a pain (grump, whiney you name it) lack of sleep. We stay until 4:30 then head home for a nap before the movie. I take the baby to moms at 6 come back get the kids and adam for the movie. We get there get our snacks wait in the lobby for the theatre to be ready. we get to go in kids are excited. we were only suppose to occupy 2 seats since the kids were free, but we take 4 and luckily no one needed them. kids sit and do not even flinch when it gets dark and starts up. Austin did good the first hour of it, then he wanted to stand, kick seats in front of us, and move around. But then an exciting part came and he did better and sat down. Madison did great the whole time! We left and went to eat at chickfila before getting the baby. We get her and go home! Kids loved the movie and talked about! so cute!

Friday- what a day

We started our day very early. We had to be at the dentist at 8 am. We were a tad late. We get there they love the lobby because it has ride on horses Like the ones you put money in but they are free, they have tvs, an aquarium, video games and more.
Austin just wanted to play there. We get back to see the dentist, I let Madison go first with the dental hygentisit because i knew she would do great. Well she did, she sat still the entire time! She was so wonderful doing as they asked her to. She gets her toothbrush with a dinosaur cover she thought that was cool! Austin is next, OH no here we go! He is in hysterics, another lady comes in to help hold his legs, i hold is hands and help the lady get his mouth open wide. Now when the dentist comes in austin we let go first to get him over with. He did again the same. He said he has an overcrowding issue but great looking teeth other wise very healthy. No surpise on the over crowding Adam has it and so do others in his family. I had it too as a kid. Madisons turn and she was excellent again, her issue is a big overbite, but her teeth look good too. I had an overbit a little bit as a kid. He asked if she sucked her thumb i said no, she sucked a paccy for very little bit as a baby. So it looks like braces are in our future times 2. Adam still needs braces too. I had them as kid. We get our prizes and leave for the park.
On the way to the park i stop and breastfeed the baby. We then head to Barfield park. We meet the other Twin club moms 3 leaving and one staying. We play with these triplet girls who were 4. We had fun, it was colder than it has been. After we leave we head to Chickfila for lunch. They did good considering they were tired from being up at 7:30a! we get home and NAP! YEAH my time to nap too today! Adam gets home and i leave for scrapbooking with my aunts at Sassy scrapper. I have a blast! I got one layout done, and my "special project done" No pics from today.. boo

Friday, May 18, 2007

My day today

I made homemade spaghetti sauce for the first time EVER. it turned out great, i just made it up as i went.. YUMMY!
I went after Adam got home to get my hair cut but it was closed. i will go Saturday because i am going to go crop tomorrow with my aunts (Lori and Celia) at Sassy Scrapper in Murfreesboro. I took the kids to Nana's to see their big Ducks. I went to Sams and to the movie theatre to buy their Shrek the Third tickets for Saturday at 7! They are so excited about it.
Tomorrow we go at 8 am to the dentist. then to a Playdate with the Murfreesboro twin club at Barfield Crescent Park at 10. Then lunch and then home for a nap. THEN MOM LEAVES TO CROP YEAH !! well needed!!!!

Update on my meemaw

She had her follow up 6 week check up. He thinks that if the spots on her liver are cancerous and not cysts, then they are not active cancer. he did another CAT scan. He is going to talk to his surgeon about burning those spots off. A true MIRACLE to me! 7 mo ago we were told she had stage 4 colon cancer with spots on her liver, lung, adrenal gland and pelvic area. we do know that they did remove all the cancer in her colon which is the only thing this doc thinks she had he did not see the other spots besides what he thinks are cysts on her liver. God does amazing things, because we almost lost her a few times in the battle of the chemo, surgeries, sepsis, neglect from nurses and drs, you know name it...

So Smart

Sometimes my kids just are so smart it is scary.
Austin today woke up and said "mommy I wanna watch pinky do"
I said "why is that"
He said "stories Rock"
So funny cause her song she sings says "were going to the storybox where pinkys really good at making up stories and every story Rocks!"
So funny that he takes that from that. We just started watching Noggin again. They are getting where they are following the story line in Blues Clues and Dora. Like when they say "do you see the yellow box?" they will find it on the TV, or if they say is that the umbrella they will respond.

Austin told Madison today she was "Pretty pretty". and Madison said "thanks Bubby"
So sweet!

I asked Both of them today "where is daddy? they said work. I said where is Nana they said home i said where is paw paw they said with Nana and they said it in like a way that duh mom you know that. I said where is meemaw they said home i said where is Poppy, they said with the horses! and Madison said and the pigs.

Poppy is always outside piddling and feeding the animals and what not. So funny how they pick up on that.

we continued to go through where everyone was.

They are also always asking me "what is that, where is ____, who is that, and have been since before they ever turned 2. I dread the "why mommy" more than any other question.

Now since we are into our colors, ABC, 123 and shapes, they ask or tell me what color that is or ask what color that is. I ask them how many arms do you have? what shape is that, or A is for Apple.. they pick up so much. It is just so amazing at how much they learn so quickly!

We know all the animal sounds, other noises. Austin or Madison will say "I hear plane mommy" "I hear dinasour"

we can draw a circle and try to draw a square.

Madison knows where you heart is on your body and what sound it makes.

They do not miss anything either you can not really fool them much either.

I forgot in on of my other posts that they both call clocks or watches "tick tocks"
Madison has a "pink tick tock" and austin has a "spiderman tick tock"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Playhouse Disney

I ordered the kids tickets for thier birthday to Playhouse Disney Live! It comes to town December 14th. It is Mickey and friends, Pooh and friends, Handy Manny, and Little Einstiens. I think they will be so excited. it is the same place we saw Elmo. This time we chose no to go on the floor so that they could see better we are a step up from the floor on the side.

All about the kids

Here are some things these kids are doing that I want to document since this is their journal. I know they are smart but they amaze me everyday!

Austin: Where to begin…
He loves incredibles, Buzz and woody, cars, Monsters, wiggles, trains, Mickey Mouse, and his FAVE is Shrek. He loves Firetrucks, motercycles. He is all excited about seeing shrek the third this weekend. You ask him what movie are we going to see and he will say “shrek the third”. He can talk so clear almost every letter he can say. He sings rock a bye baby, twinkle little star, Jesus loves me, ABC’s. He will repeat you if you ask a question, or anything, we started calling him our “parrot” he will say “I am a Carrot”. He is trying to hold up 2 fingers and say Peace or his age 2. If you ask him his name he says “Austin Matthew *Fling* (Fleming)”.
He is very well mannered…. If you burp he says excuse you mommy before you can barely get it out, if you pass gas he says daddy toot excuse you daddy, or if you sneeze he says Bless you Mommy. If you say it to him he will say thanks mommy. He says at times yes mam or yes sir. They say please and thank you all the time.
He does a dance from the wiggles called the “wobbly dance”. He loves saying and singing “Fruit salad, Yummy yummy”. He calls all the shopping carts at the stores we go to "buggies"
He know most of his colors, but blue is his fave, he calls orange “orange orange”.
Some of his faveorite sayings:
“My toot”, “ I am tooting machine” , "I hear a ____ (plane, train, bike), "I play soccer mommy" “I love….(whatever it is at the moment like magnets), “I go upastairs”(all one word), “bulldozers cleanup the dirt and put in the dump truck” , “chocolate ( he says is dragging out and rolling his tongue in this weird way), He calls all the things you dip food into as “catch” all because of the word ketchup the first thing they ever got to dip into, “ Mommy I go get..______”, “I watch shrek”, “sissy go first” (he says that when you ask him who is first in getting dressed or diaper change. You ask how old are you he says “I’m two”, “lights camera action wiggles”. “I cut grass daddy”, when he gets hurt or something is broken or so, he says “it’s all better”.
He calls toy story “woody Buzz”, calls veggie tales “bob and Larry”.
He loves to run in place it is so cute.
He sings this song from wiggles “Rollin down sanshills (sand Hills)” he also sings “spaggatti spaggatti, mash banana, hot tato (potato)”.

We have to safety pin his crib tent because he can open it. He loves to take his shirt off at night or nap time.

When he goes (poop) we call it stinky, so now he will say “I toot, I stinky” he calls it sometimes “shooo chocolate stinky”

You ask him what he wants to eat and most of the time you get “Burger fries”

He eats almost everything, but he does not like ice cream. We can get him to eat an ice pop but not bite it only sucks on it. He loves sausage (kabasa polish), eggs, corn, bread, soup, bock bock (chicken), mash potatoes, cereal (loves cereal all kinds), grits, fries, burger, rice, broccoli, apples, grapes, yogurt, pudding, cheese, crackers, pizza, peanut butter/jelly, pop tarts, waffles, fruit bar, pop corn, chips, salad, carrots, noodles, green beans * but they think they are noodles*

He loves to throw things away and help you in anyway. Like unloading the dish washer, putting up groceries, give baby pacy and so on. But not picking up their toys!

Austin saw my hair barret the other morning and said “what is that mommy?” I said a hair bow He said “I need a hair bow mommy” I said no girls wear hair bows. So Madison says “mommy I want hair bow” Austin says “sissy girls wear hair bows no boy”
Too cute

She loves Princesses, incredibles, Buzz and woody, cars, Monsters, wiggles, trains, Mickey Mouse, and her FAVE is Shrek. She is all excited about seeing shrek the third this weekend. You ask her what movie are we going to see and she will say “shrek the third”. She can talk so clear almost every letter she can say. She sings rock a bye baby, twinkle little star, Jesus loves me, ABC’s. Her fave is to sing ABC’s and twinkle twinkle. She will repeat you if you ask a question, or anything. She is trying to hold up 2 fingers and say Peace or her age 2. If you ask her her name he says “Madison lena-gail feming* (Fleming)”.
She is very well mannered…. If you burp she says excuse you mommy before you can barely get it out, if you pass gas she says daddy toot excuse you daddy, or if you sneeze she says Bless you Mommy. If you say it to her she will say thanks mommy. She says at times yes mam or yes sir. They say please and thank you all the time.
She loves to dance and she does a dance from the wiggles called the “wobbly dance”. And a dance called “Happy Feet dance” from the movie. She loves saying and singing “Fruit salad, Yummy yummy”.
She knows most of her colors, but PINK is her absolute fave, she wants to wear pink everyday and everything she wants has to be pink.
Some of her faveorite sayings:
“I love…. (Whatever it is at the moment like magnets. She calls all the things you dip food into as “catch” all because of the word ketchup the first thing they ever got to dip into, “I watch shrek”, You ask how old are you she says “I’m two”, “lights camera action wiggles”. When she gets hurt or something is broken or so, he says “it’s all better”.
She calls toy story “buzz woody”, calls veggie tales “bob and Larry”.
She sings this song from wiggles “Rollin down sanshills (sand Hills)” she also sings “spaggatti spaggatti, mash banana, hot tato(potato)”.

We have to tape her diapers close so she will not take it off. She loves to take her shirt off at night or nap time. She loves to throw things away and help you in anyway. Like unloading the dish washer, putting up groceries, give baby pacy and so on.

When she goes (poop) we call it stinky, so now she will say “I toot, stinky” she calls it sometimes “shooo chocolate stinky”

You ask her what she wants to eat and most of the time you get “Burger fries”

She eats almost everything,. she loves sausage (kabasa polish), eggs, corn, bread, soup, bock bock (chicken), mash potatoes, cereal (loves cereal all kinds), grits, fries, burger, broccoli, apples, grapes, yogurt, pudding, LOVES cheese, crackers, pizza, peanut butter/jelly, pop tarts, waffles, fruit bar, pop corn, chips, salad, carrots only raw, noodles, Cottage cheese.

She woke up the other morning telling me she wanted to wear a belt and her pink shoes

a day from Hell

May 16th OH no what a day, the kids decided for some reason to sleep until NOON. I had to go wake them up! Crazy. I know they went to bed at 10:30 and are trying to catch up on sleep but wow! Since I woke them up they were HELLIONS all day. Today was a bad day all the way around, not listening, testing limits, you name it.
We bought this nail stuff to keep Madison from biting her nails and such. I put on the second coat today. The first coat she never tried to bite her nails. Well today …oh no… she bite them and did not complain but made a face. At dinner time she was eating had used her fingers for some reason and she also accidentally ate the skin off her baked Potato. Well she gagged and spit it out. Ok I told her to drink to get the taste out. She did not and next thing you know she gags and throws up…YUCK! All in her plate. So now we have to give her a new plate of food. They continued to act up all the way to bed time! I was exhausted. I do not think Adam thought it was that bad when I called him telling him how they have been until tonight when he saw it first hand. Austin would not listen to us and he climbed in the dining room chair and fell out and hit his head.


May 15th kids slept in late again today. Kristie came over and they played with magnets. Austin loved it! Madison did too. Alexis did good again today no bottle no gas. I made 2 banana nut breads today. When Adam got home I went to the store for some groceries.

Mothers day weekend

May 12th I go to Shelby’s first Holy Communion and then to Lori’s for lunch after. I came home to help Adam with his lunch. I rest a little but the baby is not happy she is gassy and colicky. I take her for a ride and go to eat for Mothers day by myself since Adam is not up to it. I just needed to get away even though I still had the baby with me. I was hoping she would sleep some in the car since she has not had much of a nap today. NOPE! I go riding waiting on Matt and Kaitlyn as they are going to go eat with me so I am not alone, we go t Japanese place called Sushin. I bring Adam back shrimp meal as that is what he wanted. Kids still feverish, no other symptoms except not eating well at all.

May 13th mothers day:
I get up eat feed Alexis get Adam fed. I then head out to Fayetteville to get the kids. I get there and they are napping. I get them up and they are excited to see me, but since I woke them up Madison did not like that as she hates to be woken up. She lays on Nana as Austin is on me. We chit chat, Amy was over there too. I fed Ali and she screams with her colicky stuff. I get her calm. Not the best mothers day at all. I get no card, no Happy mother’s day expect from the kids when nana called me this morning to let them tell me. I then pack all their stuff up and head to daddy’s for grandmamma was having birthday dinner for April and May birthdays and mothers day. Most everyone was leaving as I was getting there but we still had fun. Austin sat on my dads lap for the first time since he as a baby and he talked to him too! Exciting! We had good food and kids played some as they had no fever! I get home and cook dinner. Nana and pawpaw come over to bring the stroller. I end up feeding Ali food by a syringe because she is so gassy and constipated she will not eat just scream and not latch at all. So no bottle helped with the gas plus we gave her Gripe Water. She is much better and that night she finally goes to the bathroom.
May 14th I take the kids to the dr at 2:45. Austin has double ear infection His first ever ear infection. Madison has a virus, oh and Austin has one too as we have a viral rash on both kids. Oh and I took them all by myself! We leave the dr with a prescription for Austin. I also as her for a second opinion on Madison’s feet, legs. Sam her old PT agreed he gave me names to ask for. Dr Donnelly agreed and we are going to go. I just feel she is regressing and I am not convinced that the diagnosis of Flexible Flat feet is the right diagnosis. I have flat feet, my dad does, Austin does and we do not have the problems she does, we need more PT again plus a true diagnosis. I know she is very flexible in her ankles and hips but that should be getting stronger not weaker. I took them to babies r us after for some stuff I needed. I BF Ali and then we left and went to CiCI’s for Dinner. They napped in the car on the way home and we got home and played.
I got them electric toothbrushes princess for Madison and Thomas the train for Austin. Of course Austin did not like it when it made noise, he is scared. Madison was ok with it after bit. Alexis did good today no bottles no gas!

Daddys Bob Barker Treatment

May 11th we get up and head down to the centennial hospital for his procedure. Alexis did good but wanted to eat more while he was back there. It took about 30 min at the most. We left and went to eat as we were starving. We ate at the barbq place at Centennial Park that was my fave place, it changed a bit not as good. We eat there, as I was leaving I accidentally backed into the car behind me in the parking lot. Adam in pain now as the local is wearing off and he just wants to get home and get his meds. I exchange info with the guy that was still eating. We leave go to Kroger get meds and go home for him lay down and rest and ice. Matt comes over with jess so she can see the baby. I was going to get my hair cut but it came a down pour. So we eat left overs and the hamburger helper I cooked last night but we could not eat because we had to get to meemaws. We watch TV and go to bed early. Now today Madison has a fever. So both with fevers.

A stay at Great Grandmas with grandma too

May 10th first we stop at captain ds before we take the kids to meemaws for the weekend because Adam is getting a Vasectomy on Friday. Nana went to help too. We get there at 11 and Austin has a fever…GRR

This weekend they stayed sick but still played. Austin said he was a "tooting Machine". Madison gave nana her first real FIT!
They ate ice pops and called them "pop cycles"

Sunday at meemaws

May 6th we go get Adams hair cut, Austin and Madison’s. Austin screamed his head off, I had to hold him. Madison sat on her own and was so quite. We go to meemaws to visit her. Kids got to see the new baby pigs.

Mowing, sick,and shopping

5/3 I mow the yard while Adam watched the kids in the yard. We order pizza for diner. Madison was ok with lawn mower going but Austin no way, he got over it. I got my feet green and I went to wash my feet with hose and Madison was very curious as to what I was doing. Now she says mommy mow yard and water on the feet.
Friday May 4th Austin gets fever and we go to the dr. He has a virus. Let it run its course. Another mystery fever. Mom came and watched the other 2 kids. Next day fever goes away. 2 days later Madison gets it. And goes away. We go to BB Kings for diner we had an ok time, lousy service but good food, Adam had won a gift card there.

May 5th I go to Goodwill shopping, also target and to Lowe’s. Adam got new tires and an alignment.

Deal or No Deal

Sat 4/28 we go to McDonalds to eat breakfast first. We go to opry mills mall for Deal or no deal auditions but the lines were crazy long people had been in line since 5 am and at 2 p just now getting to the front of the line. We eat at Dave and busters for lunch after shopping. Nana and pawpaw come by because they were going to pick up Adams bike he won from the radio at sun and ski sports but they did not get a certain form from the radio station yet. We leave and head home but stop at Ryan’s to eat diner first. I had a cleaning lady come deep clean the house while we were gone.

Chuck E Cheese and more

Friday 4/27: I take the kids Nana and pawpaw come along we go to Barfeild Park but it got too windy. We leave and go to Chuck E Cheese; Mrs. Kristie meets us there for a session with her girls. Austin loved putting his coins in the machines, the rode the rides, and Madison was the first to go in the tunnels by herself. We eat pizza and have fun. I then needed to stop by the Murfreesboro hospital for a Lactation weight check with Alexis. Now she gained another 3 oz. I rented a hospital grade pump to boost more milk. I also go get some fenugreek to help as well. We clean that night to get ready for the cleaning lady; we went to Wal-Mart to shop all together for supplies and stuff.

Come home!!! Nursing issue

Tuesday the 24th I call Adam to come home I was having a day from HELL. Baby was not eaten well and I could not get her to take a Bottle from me or nurse. So we go see lactation I think that in her 2 mo dr apt she got shots and did not want to eat well all day then after that day she went thru a growth spurt and wanted to eat eat eat. So Alexis likes to nurse when you are engorged, full and it flows fast. Since she sleeps all night and I did not get up to pump my body lost some of my over flow of milk which use to be her nursing problem too much milk too fast, and now she wants that back! GERRRR oh well I am determined to get her to 12 mo of nursing. She gained about 4 oz from her 2 mo check up.

April 21 -22 weekend

4/21 Adam and I take the kids to the Zoo after we go to the Baptist hospitals baby fair. The kids loved the zoo and the play ground. My dad got them an annual pass for Xmas. They really liked the carousal. We ate at the same diner mom and us ate at yesterday. They spent the night with Nana. Adam and I and Alexis stayed home and got some cleaning done and picked up the kids.

Sunday 22nd I went to a new mother’s tea for POTATO and took Alexis with me. It was fun as well.

2 mo check up and my dr

4/20: It is Alexis’s 2 mo apt with shots. My mom came along with us. Madison and Austin came in at the exam part after they had enough in the lobby; Mrs. Beth gave them an ice pop. Madison was not happy when Alexis got her shots; she cried too and said “nana, its bad, nana it’s bad” Alexis weighs 9 lbs 8oz. We left and went to a small country diner, kids ate ok. I also went to the dr to check on a tear I had I thought I was going to have to have a colonoscopy but thank God not right now.


4/14 we got to Kroger for the Freezer day thingy it was suppose to be an outside event but it was rainy, so inside they got popcorn, apples, balloons, and cookies.
April 18th I had an officers meeting at Santa Fe I took Alexis with me again. She did alright this time not as good as last time.

Check up and Bouncy place

Wed April 9th I went for my 6 week check up. All is good I have lost about 39 lbs so far! Yeah hopefully after I am done BF and I go on a diet after I can get to where I want to be with WW like I was doing before I got preggo with the twins.
4/13: I take the kids to a Jumpy place in Hendersonville with some Moms from POTATO, I had to take the kid I watch since he was here on a Friday, not normally here on Friday, so My mom came along with us. We had fun, Madison loved the big slide, and Nana went down with her. Austin was too interested in the crazy coupe cars and balls. They played in the jumpy things some too. They did the obstacle course too with me. Caelan played some too but he was like Austin. We had about 8 sets of twins there to play. We went to Chick fila after to eat. I get to go scrapbooking with Lori and Celia at Sassy scrapper. I had fun. First time leaving Alexis home with Adam. I got a few pages done.

Easter Sunday

4/8 Easter Sunday. We get to go to our church’s big Easter event at the Murphy center at MTSU. Lonestar was performing and the kids had a big program too. About 15,000 people in attendance. It was a good show we were upfront too floor level. Sermon was great too, Alexis slept. We leave and head to Meemaws for a good meal and Easter egg hunt. Maddy again was all into it and Austin got some; carter was having a ball too. We gave the kids their Easter baskets, no spill Bubbles, color wonder, chocolate, coloring books, peeps. Nana got them more color wonder and a table chair set * at her house*. Meemaw got them chocolate, T ta got them a stuffed bunny, and ash got the REAL baby Ducks which will stay at Nanas. Kids play out side only for a little bit since it was so cold. We leave and go to my dads for a little bit he and grandmamma has not seen the baby yet.

Prayers Answered

4/5 my meemaw also found out today that she may not have stage 4 cancer. Her new dr looked at her old scans and her new one and said he did not see a spot on her lung, nor in her pelvic cavity, also he said that the 2 spots on her liver look like cysts not cancer. He said it could be from her 2 liver biopsies. So good news she sees him in 6 weeks.

Leave for GA

4/5 We leave for Easter for Ga we leave at about 7 we go eat at don Pablo’s so that we do not have to eat “burger Fries” we had such horrible experience that Adam complained! WOW I know Adam to complain, I was not even going to complain. But I guess you can imagine how bad it was for Adam to complain. We get on the road about 9:30PM! So we get to Ga about 3 in the morning. Kids did not sleep much on the way because they were watching “Happy Feet” and when we got there they were wired! We get in bed after I fed the baby at about 6 am. Kids get up at like 11a. 4/6 Aunt Pam came to see the newest addition. Kids were having a good time playing. I had to go to Target later on. I got their Easter gifts. The night Cindy, Lola, Joe, papa, jack, drew, penny, josh, jack all came over to eat and visit. We all ate and chatted and had a good time.
4/7: we are having Easter at Lola’s since we were leaving to go home today in the evening. All because my cousin Amy and mom planned an Easter Dinner and hunt at Meemaws because we never know if this would be her last Easter or not. Grandma got them Easter baskets to open that morning. We get to Lolas at 2 we have a good meal and then they hide the Eggs, a separate area for the small kids and another for the bigger kids. Madison got a bucket full and Austin well again he was more interested in other things but he got a good amount. Maddy got almost all 48 eggs, some had candy and others had Money. Madison also wanted to jump in the Lake, we tried to explain you can not do that, we had to hold her back. It was not a warm weekend; Easter was cold in GA and TN. We had to get out our white sweaters to go with our cute outfits. We get inside and play with our eggs and then we get all ready to leave after I feed the baby. We stop in Atlanta at chickfila to eat diner and we had to stop at the bookstore to change diapers and clothes for Madison and feed the baby as well *in the car*. We get home at about 3 am.

Pre Easter search

4/1 we go searching for matching Easter dresses for Madison and Alexis and then find a cord. One for Austin. We search and search! No luck
4/3 we go eat at this diner in Franklin and boy was it horrible. We finally find one!
4/4 Adam gets his polo from sams and I get my shirt from Target. And gets the kids new DVD players since the last one we had went bad and we had to return it.

POMC egg hunt and Date

3/31: we go to POMC’s Easter egg hunt, they hunted. Well Madison did more hunting than Austin he was too busy with the push lawn mower, they played hard! We enjoyed it. Kids stayed the night with Nana and pawpaw. Adam, Alexis and I went to eat dinner and then we went to the movies we saw “I think I love my wife”

Playdate, First time out with all 3 alone

3/30 I take all kids by myself to Barfeild crescent Park with moms from the Murfreesboro Twins club (POMC). It was a gated area that they could not escape! Yeah! Kids had so much fun we eat lunch at chickfila alone too!!

POTATO Egg hunt

3/24 we go to the POTATO Easter egg hunt. Kids have fun we get there late so we do not get to hide or hunt eggs. Kids liked the sidewalk chalk and the ducks in the water. We went home to take a nap. WE finally got Austin to sit with the Bunny. Of course not Madison.

baby pics

3/13 Mom and I took Alexis to get her pics made at Sears. She was awake the whole time and did good. Madison and austin did not want a picture taken with the baby at all. OH well maybe next time.. We then went to Applebee’s to eat.

Tonight I had an Officers Meeting at Santa fe, Alexis went and slept the whole time!

YMCA and our weekend

3/10 we go to the YMCA baby fair and get car seat checked and we pass with flying colors the cop said Adam had them in there real secure they were impressed. We went to
We went to the Mall and Costco that day as well. We went to Baby USA, Once upon a child. Searching for Alexis’s crib bedding.

Here are some pics of the kids with Alexis.

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