Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Halloween Hoedown

We went to a Halloween Hoedown at our church at the end of October. Kids had fun. Adam and I helped set up the saturday prior. They had about 17,000 people there, it is a free event open to the public there was all kinds of stuff there, every bouncy jumpy thing you can think of was there. They had a concert stage, cotton candy, popcorn, moonwalks, petting zoo, pony rides, musical play, cake walk, rides, and much more. We found out there that austin does not like cotton candy what so ever! Here are soem pics! They liked the pony ride, the play, the bubbles. They both did not care much for face painting. Enjoy pics!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I know..I Know bad blogger....

I am going to be posting various posts on the important things that have been going on.
Sorry, my internet has been crazy lately and slow. I have a tech coming again tomorrow am.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sunday Baby Dedication 10/21

We went to church this morning as normal. Oh I forgot to mention Friday night after Austins hair cut when we got home he was playing down stairs and he would not let go of his cup, and when he was falling he hit his head on the floor. BIG BIG goose egg on his forehead! great!

After church we watched out BUCS win with a game winning 62 yard field goal! second longest in NFL history! WOW a good GAME!

We had to get ready after Nap and go to the church for Baby Dedication night at 6 we had to be there early like 5:15!

Mom , Jared, and Ash came to watch. The kids ran around until it was time to start. We had a family pic made by the church. Hope it turns out good!

During the service until it was time to go up there, the kids ate a bag of Cheerios, fruit chews. When we got to go up there and the pastor finishes anointing them he says "amen", so Austin thought it was his turn to say it like we do at home. So he says "AMEN".
We go back to wait while the other babies get anointed. They ate pez candy, a fruit bar. they had a good lunch.....but 5 hours later it is dinner time so they were hungry.

I got some good pics.

Finally it feels good to scrapbook!

Friday night I cropped with the ladies from my church they get together every other Friday night!
Saturday was the first time since April that I have scrapped! I had signed up for a fall album class a while back. It was at Scrap It with 7 teachers doing 3 pages each. It was so fun and great to be back!I have not seen some of my friends from there in forever! Loved it! it was from 10 to 4. Adam was with the kids. I got home and we went to O'Charleys for dinner. Then we had to go to walmart for some last minute shoes for tomorrows Baby dedication. Austins were too small and Madison's were too big! GRRR. I was sad though Austin is officially not in the infant sizes...he is a size 7! Madison is still a size 5. He got some big boy shoes like daddy, he calls them "daddy shoes"!

austin gets a hair cut Friday 20th.

My little baby boy now looks like a little Man! How sad!
I will show you before and after on how before he looked like he had a mullet or long girl hair.
We took him to Snipits because it was a kid only salon. they were so good! He did GREAT! he only made noise or acted upset when she sprayed his hair with the water and when the scissors touched his neck. he had a sucker and was watching some cartoon. Madison got a sucker too and stood and watched. I bet she was thinking "great I am next". They gave both of them a prize. We got his hair in a little baggie. I took lots of pics. I forgot to turn the flash on the before pic but oh well it still looks ok.

Its a......

Friday I went to the Dr at 3p for an ultrasound only! Adam meet us up at the Dr's.
We wait 45 min when i finally ask why? well that got us right in. So we start and she is looking at all the organs, measuring, checking hearbeat numbers, you name it.
We finally get to see what the sex is, we were hoping for a boy. But really would not care because we already have one of each. So since it was taking a while and we did not see any boy parts to begin with i just knew then it was a GIRL! and yes she shows us between the legs! its a GIRL! So cont on and make sure all is good. after that she wants to check the cervix and check on the stitch. Well that looks great still long cervix! So good news! We got a video and pics.. We also got a 3d pic and video. I wish i had a video of the twins!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madison Therapy Session Last week

We have been watching her feet when she walks for about 6 months now. Her right foot does it more but the left does some. What it does it, they turn inward and her ankles rotate inward. So when she goes real fast she will sometimes fall or look off balance. So the therapist recommends we see a ped Ortho. I called one and they have two requirements one she has to be 2 for this problem to be seen, and second a her ped has to make the appt. So I called the ped back to tell them to make the appt for her. But i guess it is a good thing that the ortho is out 3 plus months on getting in, so that way she will be 2 by then. her appt is Feb 5! It is at Vanderbilt. The therapist says probely one of two things might happen, one they will want to watch her for another 6 months or second we put some kind of orthodics in her shoes. Who knows. I just want this corrected now before she makes this habit hard to break!
Yeah more dr bills!! I wish we could see him in Dec because our decuctable is paid for this year!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Now This week (yeah up to date)

We went to church on Sunday, good service! BUCS finally WON!

We went Sunday night to church for the Baby Dedication class to get ready for this coming Sundays Dedication. I know we have had a christening already but I feel that with our new church family that we like here in Murfreesboro, just like we did in Macon. We did not find a church family we liked in FL.

My cousin Dwaine is staying with us until today.
We got some cold weather so we could finally cook some Chili!!! So yummy!

I still have not felt the baby move yet but the Dr said I should by week 24. Oh I forgot I only gained one pound in three weeks. He was not too happy but I did walk like a thousand miles in NY.
So that means I have 20 weeks to gain 14 lbs! I only gained 5lbs with the twins but I was sick, this time I can eat! I do not know!

My cousins baby Carter came last night to see Dwaine and the twins. He played so good he was in Heaven with all the toys! I can not believe how big he is. He is 11 months and weighs 29lbs. He is a chuck of lead. Even though he is a lb more than Austin he feels so much heavier his mid section and legs are huge! But he will be a tall kid he is way above avg in height. He has the cutest red curly hair! pudgy cute cheeks! I wish I would have got my camera out.

Mrs Kristie came today we made fall Wreaths out of fake leaves and a paper plate. We also colored a farm and cut out and glued it to paper. They had fun! Madison at times did not want to let go of the animals and glue them down.

Sam comes today for Madison, she may have to see a Ped Ortho for her right foot. He is not sure if it is her Hip, weakness, or her foot that is causing her to turn her right foot inward when she walks. I hope it is nothing but I would rather know than let it go on. Sometimes you think it is getting better and then lately it seems worse.

My grandmother

I went to see my Grandmother Saturday after Walden Farms (after she had, had surgery a week prior). She was doing well. She did not like it that she could not get down and play with the babies. She sat in her chair and played though watching them be so busy playing. She gave them a plastic pumpkin with candy in it. They loved it!

We got her dinner and mad side dishes for it. We had BBQ, Chicken, Green beans, Black eye peas, Rolls, macaroni and cheese.

They kids took up with Poppy more this time and not so shyed away like they were scared. They would holler POPPY! They saw the horses and played and played!

we left about 8:30p so Meemaw could get some rest! We enjoyed our visit. It was hard for me to see her so still and not being herself by running around instead of being so seditary.(sp?)

"Punkins" and more Pumpkins! (week 8 to 16)

I told you all how Austin is obsessed with Pumpkins. Well I told him we were going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. I went to kroger to get groceries and I bought these two itty bitty pumpkins. They were so Happy!

The week went well we had Ava and Cailean Back.
Friday I had no kids because I had a Dr apt. I thought since it was 19 weeks that I was one week away from my ultrasound that he would go ahead and do it. But I was wrong he wants to wait one more week so that he can see the heart better developed in one week, so we do not have to repeat the US.
So Friday the 20th I see the US tech only for the sex and of course to see the organs and how they are coming along.Then I go back in another week to see him.

Saturday we go to the pumpkin patch at Walden Farms with the Nashville Twins Club (POTATO). The kids had so much fun seeing the pumpkins! We also saw the animals and played in corn and wheat (just like playing in rice) with cups. We took a hayride (kinda boring) kids liked it some. Austin would rather play with the pumpkins all day. Here are some pics I got that day.

It was so hard to get them still this year for pictures.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back home and new things

We got back home from NY and family came over and cooked us dinner.
Some new things they can do now.
Austin loves to say Touchdown when he see football on TV or anywhere. He raises his arms too! He also says Down, Set, Hut. He and Madison can do push ups in their own way, it is too cute!
they say Boogity boogy boogity! Austin says ciao, Grattzi from being at the pizzeria with Andrews grandmother and family who are Italian.
If you has them what does Mommy say they say : I wuv yoou!
If you ask what pawpaw says they say : Madison (in a high pitch sweet way)

They are in lOVE with Pumpkins (punkins). They got to paint one the other day when Kristie cam over. I told Austin in the morning that Mrs kristie is coming over and bringing pumpkins to color. About 6 when it was almost time for her I said Mrs kristie is almost here and Austin said :"Punkins color whoooo", I was amazed he remembered!

We have been dealing with some bad behavior issues nothing major, totally age appropriate. They are spitting the milk down their shirts, spittin on things and saying "Mess", Austin is biting when he is very mad, Madison is some too not bad. They are pushing buttons when you tell them no then 5 min later they do it again. Austin has a habit of throwing things when MAD. He has responded some to time out. They are getting better though. He gets frustrated too easy and impatient.

Madison calls football "feetball" no matter how many times you repeat it correctly, it is so cute because that is what I called it as a kid to my Poppy while watching it with him.

They are very observant. When in the car they see a sign or object far or near they will say apples, or "bock bock"(chicken) or whatever it is they see.

When they are hungry they will say bock bock, cheeseburger, fries, noodles,toast, pizza(pieza),peas, hotdog. Austin will say hmmummm and make a click sound to like he is thinking in between each food.

They call the Statue of Liberty "Big Lady" when they see the pics.

They call Cherrios "Churchios", they love the pink Yogurt ones and sometimes that is all they want. They say "pink ens".

We have gotten away from having to add choc to the milk now. YEAH.

Again more updates..sickness

September 7th we went to the Dr because the one of the kids I watch had a ear infection. Madison started with a runny nose no fever it lasted 10 days so we went in. Austin had just started with a runny nose. She wanted us to wait his out 10 days. Madison turned out to have a left ear infection. We got meds for 10 days. The other child got meds too.
10 days went by and she still had a yucky nose. So did the other kid. But now Austin has a Fever (102) so I took him in too. Turns out He has Strep throat, and she has a Right ear infection now! So I ask for shots so it will go faster. So he was contagious for 24 hours. I keep Madison away from his face as much as possible and not to swap cups and stuff. Austin would not sleep well so she slept with us.
So we keep the other kids away for 48 hours and that turns out that after that now Madison has a 103 temp. So we take her in and Austin comes too to get looked at again. He is good, but now Madison has strep and no ear infection. We get her the same shot and she has 24 hours for no contact. Luckily Austin still has the antibiotic in his system so we cant pass it back to him. So Monday the 25th everyone gets to come back to play no germies! I disinfected every and I mean every single toy with clorox anywhere spray. We had only one week to get all ready for the trip.

the next weekend we went to the outlets in Lebanon on saturday and to the mall. We got the kids some shirts, tights and Austin a hat. I got some Preggo pants.
Sunday we went to church, took the kids to my moms for the day while Adam and I cleaned the whole house, we watched a good football game that we lost in the end. We only got the bottom floor totally done along with some laundry, toilets cleaned,and the playroom cleaned.

More updates

this is a picture of her and my cousins Baby.
Monday Oct 2nd my grandmother had to have surgery on her Colon, and galbaldder. She had a colonoscopy and saw a tumor on her colon so they want to remove it so she can "function" normally. She went in to the surgery and they removed part of her colon, all her galbaldder, and some lymph nodes. She has stage 4 colon cancer. It has spread (slightly) to her liver two spots were found. She is recovering from the surgery she was in the hospital for one week. She starts Chemo in two to three weeks from her surgery. She seems very upbeat and ready to FIGHT! She is in otherwise good health condition. We are lucky it is not liver cancer! Colon cancer I heard is very curable. I hope so! I can not see my life right now without her she is my second mother! My kids love her so much she has right now 3 great grand children with one more coming, 6 grandkids, and 4 kids. Her husband is beside himself. Please pray for them as they go through the chemo and pray that God will heal her from this cancer. WE need her. My brother is real upset (he is 15) he has just thought his grandmother would be here for many many years. She lost her middle daughter 2 years ago. I know God has his plans for her I just pray that in those plans are to cure her and keep her with us for many more years.

I know..I am still a bad Blogger....

I am going to try to update all tonight and get it over with. I have lots to talk about and lots of pics.

I will have to tell you all in the order my brain can remember no necessarily chronologically.

We went to NYC Sept 29 to October 8th. We stayed with our friends who live there whom we met when we lived in FL. We actually only stayed at their house the first weekend and the night before we left. The rest we stayed in a Hotel near there house in NJ, small town. It was very nice and cute!

My friend was just recovering from galbladder surgery and her husband was starting a new job Monday.
We flew in Friday night. The flight was ok Austin was a little restless at times, Madison was great! We had to catch a bus from JFK to Newark and a cab from Newark to her house. Wow that was the bad part with all our luggage, two large suitcases, stroller, two car seats, two pack and plays, video camera bag, two diaper bags, camera bag, and two other carryons. All this by ourselves . The one bus we had to get off at Grand Central Station and transfer buses a block away. IMPOSSIBLE, some guy kindly carried our pack and plays. We got in off the plane at 8 got to her house at 1 am. Horrible time getting the kids to sleep!

First day we went to walmart, to the pizzeria (his parents own) and to the mall with our friends. FOOD WAS AWESOME!!

So we did the city alone. First day, Sunday was horrible as far as getting around. We used her car to get to Staten Island to get on that railway. We then got off at the ferry. Took that to the city then on the Subways. We did not know at first which stops to get off on that had elevators or some sort of way to get a stroller up stairs without having to get both kids out of the stroller, fold the Stroller up and get all of that up flights of stairs. First day we saw FAO Schwartz kids played on the BIG piano.
We Finally after block after block found a place to eat with kids that had high chairs that was not a five star rest. We still had to climb stairs to get to the eating area. We ate at TGI Fridays. We then walked around, saw Trump tower no pic :( , saw part of central park, other places. Nothing really exciting. We got back and checked in to the hotel. Ate dinner at a small diner.
Monday we stayed in the hotel we ate lunch in the town there and came back to nap and then went in the city at 4p then we went to Times Square so we could see it at night. We ate dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp CO. We saw many places there at Times Square.

I received some bad news on Monday I will talk on that later.

Tuesday We went to Wall street, Ground Zero, NY stock Exchange, and Statue of Liberty.

Ground Zero was very sad, we saw them rebuilding. NY stock exchange was busy they had barriers around you were not allowed really close. We only saw the outside of the Statue due to they had already had too many visitors that day inside. It was fun.

Wednesday we stayed in town and at the hotel. We Ate in the town at a Mexican rest called Tingas we went to Kay B and got the kids a toy (small). We ate again at the pizzeria that night.

Thursday We went to central City park, Penn station and a little around town. We got a late start that day. We Rode the carousel in the park, saw Strawberry fields, we went to the Zoo.then we went to the kids Zoo as we went in Austin falls asleep could not get him up. So madison has fun in there feeding animals, running around, looking at other animals. She loved it. Austin wakes up as we leave. the other zoo they saw Pinguins, monkeys, sea lions, bears, snakes, ducks, fish, and other creatures. They enjoyed that.

We went to dinner at a Japanese rest in NJ.

Friday we stayed in town again. We ate lunch at another pizza place because we were in search for a sub place. Hard to find the traditional NY sub shops. We met up with Sara and Andrew for dinner at the pizzeria again (can you tell we liked the Food) We went to Barnes and noble after to get Star Bucks and hang out.

Saturday we spent our last day seeing the places we missed. We checked out of the hotel they were booked for sat night. We went to see the Big Macy's, Toys R us, Empire state building, Rockefeller Center, NBC, ABC, CBS, Radio City Music Hall, little more at times square, and grand central station. We ate lunch at Wendy's, We had an experience there! This was the coldest day since we arrived. Madison decided to Blow Out her Pants all down her legs and in her tights. No changing table, no high chairs there either, stairs to get to the dining area. I had to change her in the stroller, NIGHTMARE!. The guy working there who was mentally challenged was so RUDE. He kept mumbling under his breath comments, making faces. This is not my choice to change in the rest, but I had no choice the City is not kid friendly. Austin did too but not bad. We had to leave madisons pants and shoes off. We headed to the nearest store to get pants THE GAP....We were lucky to find some on sale and socks.
We go in the Largest Toys R US 3 stories plus. HUGE Ferris type wheel in the center. Madison fell asleep on our way in. So Austin gets to ride and play until she wakes up. We get in line and we were suppose to have to wait 20 min but they had an opening for 2 on the pony cart. So we take it, me and Austin ride the MY little Pony cart, it lasted about 20 min, great ride he loved it. We walked around and played saw the BIG dinosaur in there, cars and more. They had fun Madison finally woke up about 10 min after we got off. We ate at applebees for dinner in NJ.

Sunday we had to leave for the airport at 11. We got a cab directly to the Airport. We got there and ate lunch then we got on the plane.
Austin so was horrible that he ran the person out of our aisle (only two seats on each side of the aisle) and Adams aisle too. Oh well they are not even 2, people can get over it. We got the aisles to ourselves! After that it was still bad but better.

ON our journey we learned that NYC is not a place the welcomes kids! Lots of elevators were broke. No high chairs at most places, stairs to get up there to eat, no changing tables.
We learned that Austin is very impatient. They both were a little bit of hard to handle at times. They made a habit of kicking their shoes off, Madison lost hers 3 times, we had to go back for it. She lost the first on during rush hour in Penn station, the other near the Staten Island railway
platform, the other central city park. Austin would take his off too.
People are rude there too, like not holding doors, no help on locations of places, you name it.

We had a good time but next time either no kids, or when they all are walking without strollers.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Not sure where to begin....

I can not even recall what happened the last week in august. Obviously nothing important. That brings me to Labor day weekend.

Friday, nothing really....

Saturday we have a playdate at the Smyrna water splash park, of course it is the first cool day we had! Kids still played. We had a little collision with Austin and one of Kristie's Twin girls. He fell on the concrete on his head and got small minor bump. We left after about 30 min.

We headed to Fayetteville to see my dad and his family.
Pat (dads wife) got the twins a twin jogging stroller! We stayed and played with the cousins.

My kids of course wanted to go outside and look at the cows. That was the only way Austin went to my dad was because he said " wanna go outside". He took Austin to see the cows and get the stroller. Madison, Adam and I followed about 30 min later. We stayed outside playing looking at cows and Austin sitting in dad's Mustang pretending to drive! He was in Heaven.
We went home a little while later.

Sunday Mom had her Labor day barbecue. They cooked barbecue, and hamburgers. Meemaw Poppy, Lenis, carter, Coti, Teresa, Caroline, Ash, Lisa, her kids, Aunt quanita, Denise, Jessica (matt GF), Matts friend Austin, Lisa's two friends, and jared' parents. Everyone brought a side or dessert. I made chocolate bars, ash made potato salad and broccoli cheese casserole. Boy there was a lot of food it was good!

Monday we went to the mall and Sams! Exciting huh!

Some reason my other pics are not showing up. I will post those later

Where do I begin??

After Austin's Surgery (Saturday) the next day was good they played. Adam and I went to the sale to pick up all the leftover stuff. Adams parents watched the kids while we went. We ate lunch. Got home and played more, took naps...
We all went to Toot's that night because Laura had been really wanting these Fried Pickles since last time they came. It was fun! I do not like Fried Pickles. YUCK....

Sunday we went to church. Came home ate lunch. got Krystals. We hung around the house and played with the kids. We cooked Dinner at home. Adams parents leaving in the morning.

Monday Morning they get all ready to leave. Madison would not let go of Grandma's (wanda-adams mom) Neck she laid on her shoulder for a long time. Finally she looked up and was able to let go so they could leave. They were going to stop at Ruby Falls and look out Mountain.

more to come new post easier to read that way.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Big Day! August 25th!

Today is the day!
Austin woke up in a good mood. Despite being woke up. We got there at 8:00 at Vanderbilt childrens hospital. They had a great play area for the kids to wait in and play before being taken back. Meemaw came with us. Adams parents did not want to get up that early to leave for the hospital. we left at 6:45.

We got called back after about an hour. Austin was weighed. It was 28 lbs. He then went to pre op to get changed into a hospital pj set. He got to ride in crazy coupe cars and played and played. He then got some tylenol and Versed to calm him for when they come and take him to the OR. He looked drunk. He still cried some when they took him but once he did not see us he stopped. We went to the waiting room they took him at 10:00 and said it would take a total of an hour. We went to the food court and I got subway I was starved and it was either that or taco bell at 10 am!

We went and got a Magazine and then went back to the waiting area. They called us with in 15 min. We went to another room to wait to hear from the Dr. He did not come they just called us with in another 15 min to the recovery area.

He was in the arms of a nurse. I saw him and got him. He was not happy at all he did not know where he was and upset. He kept throwing his arms, kicking, and arching his head and back.
they gave him more versed and then a little more. He still would not calm down. He wanted the IV out but he had to drink some first. His first sip he moaned MMMM YUM.... Poor baby!

After they got the orders to take the IV out he was much happier with it out! We got him dressed and talked to the Dr.

Dr said all went great. He will be bruised, red and swollen for about a month. He sees him back in a month. We are to take the bandage off on Sunday.
Oh and I have the full understanding of what hypospadius (sp) surgery is basically his urethra is pointed the wrong way so they fixed it. He said it all even the minor circumcision fix will look perfect when all is healed.

He got home and he slept all the way home and got home and we ate some soup, grapes and bananas. He can not have any grease or cheesy for 24 hours. He still walked a little drunk.

I had to finish organizing the clothes to take to the sale today at 4. We were tagging up until 2:30am or so.
I left at 3 got ash and went to the sale to set up and shop, and help work my part.

About Madison,
She has asked for "Bubby" All day. Pretending to call him on the phone and all! Poor thing wants her brother. Austin is asking too for his "sissy".
He took a nap and after he woke up daddy was going to go get Madison from name's.

They all went to Ryan's so austin could have some Veggies and non greasy food. They said he PIGGED out, he kept eating and eating. Madison ate good too.

I got home at 9. I got 4 presents for xmas for them at the sale, I got Madison a Disney Talking princess Kitchen for $20! Got some car ramp thing for austin. and 2 other gifts.
I also got all the winter clothes minus shoes. No halloween costume either.
I got the new baby a new pack and play for 15 and a high chair for 25. I also got the kids some wooden puzzles and books for now.

What a day!

August 24th

Meemaw stayed to help me I have Caelan today too. Ash also helping. I was in and out of my Bed. Trying to rest. Adams parents, sister and grandpa came in today at 5:30. It was also Lauras bday too.

We ALL went to my moms for dinner. Madison is staying the night since Austin will have surgery the next day. This was the first time they have ever slept in different places before. Austin tossed and moaned a little. Madison was so exhausted she went right to sleep.

My surgery Update

I went on August 23rd to have a circles (sp?) . I was suppose to be at the hospital at 8 and have surgery at 10:30. My grandmother came in to be there and help with the kids. We got there and I am in my room getting Iv's and more blood drawn. The Anatheiasologist comes in and says you can not have General because you are allergic to so much and your pregnant. So I will have to have an Epidural. However he ARGUED with me from 9:00 to 1:45 that He would bet money that I was not nor anyone in my family allergic to Morphine and codeine! I am allergic to more than those two ( all narcotics) but almost everyone in my family (moms side) is allergic to Morphine and codeine! He wanted to have records from all my previous surgeries. But I could not think of any of the Dr's previous besides my last one C-section. So he got my Cesection report, and it proved to him that I did not have any narcotics and so he gave me a Marcaine/lidocaine epidural. My mom had to come get my grandmother and kids since it was taking forever and adam could not do a half day at work. SO FINALLY at 2:15 I had the procedure done. All went well, my DR and the anastheiaolgist asst sat and talked to me the whole time. He is such a nice and through dr.
All was complete in 25 minutes. I was in recovery COMPLAINING ( and before that too) I was Hungry I had not had anything to eat or drink since midnight. It is now almost 3p! So normally they do not give food in recovery but they brought me a tray with chicken strips, grilled cheese, salad, cake, and fries! I was starved!

I left at about 4p. Went home and saw my kiddos! They wanted me to pick them up so bad. I could not lift anything for a week. After that nothing heavier than them. My grandmother stayed the night.

We all went to moms for Meatloaf and potatos.

We looked at Matts pics and as he just got back from Japan 3 days ago.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A night without kids!

My mom offered to take the kids overnight so we can go out to dinner and a movie for Adams bday.
We dropped them off at 5:30. We went to Franklin/brentwood to find a place to eat we both wanted Japanese. So we saw this place in front of the movie theatre I can not think of the name right now but it was GOOD! We sat at the hibatchi grill. Good food and lots of it. Our movie started at 9:30. We stopped by the borders to look while we waited for our movie.
We say Talladega Nights with Ricky Bobby. It was funny!

We went home and I got out my stuff to start tagging. We went to bed late.

Daddy's Birthday!

August 17th Adams Birthday!

I had an officers meeting dinner. He had the kids. we are celebrating Friday.
He is 32 now!

Madison will say : "Happy, Daddy, Day" Just not all together.

He had a good day at work he had cake!

Dentist Appt

August 16th we went to the Dentist for our 6 mo check up. We get in the room and the dental Hygentist does Austin first. He screams and madison stands back and watches. I thought she would cry too. He did not fight too much. He must have chipped off a layer of one of his front two teeth. No big deal they say since that will be one of the first two he will lose. Other than that he is doing good, he may have a crowding issue when adult teeth come in. Right now he is cutting two of his Incisor teeth. He is done. Now Madison's turn.
She gets up there and no big deal lays there, opens when they say open, still and not a peep! I was in shock and amazed! Austin kept saying "Sissy" over and over. When she was done she still just laid there until I got her up. Now the Dr comes in. Both sort of cried austin more than madison. Her teeth are fine. She will have some extra room for her adult teeth.

We got a prize and rode the horse a couple more times and played some. Then we left and got lunch and went and ate at Costco with Nana. Then home and NAP!

I had no kids today so we were able to make this appt for today.

Where has time gone

I am going to be doing several posts tonight to catch up so stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

what have we been up to...

Since the last update not much has changed, I have two kids I watch pretty much full time. So that keeps me very busy and tired at the end of the day. Of course this pregnancy makes me more tired than usual.

I went to the podiatrist about my foot. I have 3 cysts two of them are the same kind I had on my ankle in 1989 and had surgery on. luckily this time I will hopefully only have to have them make a cut, stick in a probe and freeze them. Last resort is surgery. I prefer neither!

Austin's surgery is still set for the 25th.

I went to the OB for my 4 week check up last Friday. all is good I have only gained 2 lbs. ( feels like more). With the twins I only gained 5 total lbs. He did an ultrasound to double check the cervix and make sure one baby. Well, we only have one in there! it was kinda weird seeing one child in there. Heart rate was good. Cervix was good. Now my cerclauge is set for Wednesday the 23rd. I will be under general anesthesia(sp?) and be down for 2 days. My grandmother is coming to help, my cousin, and her GF is coming to help.

In the mix of all this I have a consignment sale to do the 25th and 26th.

Adam helped my mom move into her house (they bought a house now) last weekend.

my brother left for Japan on the 6th. he returns the 20th.

I have only got sick twice! Once was gross food, the other was bad timing on meds and food together.

I can not eat things too sweet. Very odd for me. not even Sweet tea that is a huge thing for me! I love sweet tea.

Other than that nothing new. boring .

I am Back

Yes I know I was going to come back the next day and talk about what we have been saying and accomplishing. But I have been so exhausted I can not even think straight. So here I go with that then I will update tonight about what all has been going on in our world lately.

Austin: Is starting to talk a lot more some new words are : Thank (for thank you), Apples, Hot dog (for the Mickey Mouse Club house song), Please (all the time if he wants something and he signs it at the same time), Madison, Mouse, Noddy (TV show), Boots, Car, Truck, Plane, sissy, Hot (for everything he thinks is Hot), Dora (dor), sings "Hey Jude", night night, Hiney, he is really into saying BYE, book, Nana, medicine, Cracker, Bops(for the doodlebops), Stairs, Paci, Nellie( sounds like Nel-eee), and Ashee. Those are the ones my mind can think of right now.

Madison: Of course she is still talking more and more! and she will repeat any word you ask her too, sometimes you can not understand it but you know she is saying it. She is pretty good and saying most of them right. her's are : Welcome, Bops, Boots, Dora, Apples, Potty, Diapee, good girl, bubby, Austin, Madison, Ava, Plane, swing, slide, ashee, sissy, noddy, hot dog, thank you, toes, hiney( for her But and she points to it), dance, she tries to sing twinkle twinkle, love, Nellie, work, book, please, bottle, Monkey, medicine, elmo, tigger, roo, big bird, shirt, and carter (sounds like Carker).

Now the things we are doing new:

Austin: He will pretend to sing anything a lot of the time he sings with his eyes closed and moves his head back and forth. He dances to the hot dog song a lot. He loves his Match Box cars I got him he lines them up in the window seal, on his ramp red light thing, he play with them all the time. He can do the sound of a cow, chicken, horse, pig, dog, cat, monkey, sheep, duck, Bear, tiger, and Mickey mouse ( however that is Hot dog song). He likes to pretend he is reading the books. He jabbers some non sense that only I guess Madison knows what he means because she responds or goes to him. He can walk down the stairs one handed and and use his other hand on the rail or wall or not. He likes to draw on the magna doodle, or with a crayon or sidewalk chalk. He loves making the sound of a car, truck. He also now will do the train sound CHoo Choo and use his arm like he is pulling the whistle. He can recognize a few letters like T, D, B, A, C, Z. He loves the letter T. He gives hugs (love) and now will kiss with a pucker not open.
Oh and he loves to eat Tomatoes! He calls grapes Balls. He loves to Climb! He knows all his body parts including the leg, arm, hiney, knee, Shoulders, tongue, and more. He still snaps his fingers. If he see someone getting a dirty diaper changed or he has one he says Shoooo and makes a face and shakes his head. he signs help,

Madison: She is a hoot! she is her Daddy made over. Adam has her doing George Bush, which is she shrugs and bounces her shoulders up and squints her eyes. She sings Korn with the rough voice like adam and says "are you READY" (sounds like a monster in a way). When she says cookies monster she says it like he does in a rough monster voice. She sings "Hey jude" too. She loves to read books! She knows all her body parts like austin. she winks, she tries to snap too. She tries to jump. She loves to Climb. She also knows the alphabet letters like austin too. she does the car sound like Austin. They both can start the ABC song with A, B.
Can start counting 1, 2. She loves to eat cucumbers and lettuce. She signs smart, and help. She says all the animal sounds and in addition she does tigger by saying whooowhoo (like tigger does) and she shakes her shoulders at at same time.

I think that is all , they do new things every day! Sorry no pictures.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wow has it been that long

Since I have Blogged!

This pregnancy I am very TIRED more than the last one. Good thing is I am not sick like I was with the twins THANK GOD!

I am 9 weeks now!

Here is what has been going on since last posted.

the weekend of the 23rd Saturday I scrapped with some Multiple moms from POTATO. Then we left for a surprise birthday party for my step dad in AL. I stayed the night with my Grandmother in TN so we could spend Sunday all day with her. Adam went too.

We left for FL to the National Organization of twins Club convention in Orlando, FL. We left on Tuesday the 25th. We drove all night in shifts. All was good except that the two passenger side air vents went out not even half way! SUCKED! Luckily I was drivin at the time. Kids slept 90 percent of the time and when awake watched the DVD players we borrowed for the trip. LIFE SAVER!

We got to the hotel at 8 am wed. We checked in. Ate breakfast, then we headed to Magic Kingdom!
We had fun. Madison was ok with Donald Duck but very scared of Mickey and Minnie together! Austin of course loved it!.
We rode Teacups, Mickey's Philharmagic show, Country Bears show, Buzz light year ride, Carousel, played in poohs play house area, some other things.

On the mickey's show you have to wear 3D glasses and Madison was scared because at the beginning it is a loud music banging and such. She finally calmed down but would not keep the glasses on. Austin kept them on and loved the stuff coming at him trying to grab it...When the carpet ride that looks like you are falling and on a rollar coaster, you can see him look down and lean like he was falling. He loved it!

Madison really enjoyed getting soaked in poohs treehouse area, where the water comes out of the ground like a sprinkler. She would lean her face down at it and wait for the water to hit her in the face, She absolutely Loved IT! Austin got wet but only a little he was interested in other things.

We left and we back to see the people who bought our old house, we have stayed in contact since we moved, Loved seeing how they decorated the house. Such sweet people!
We found that a neighbor of ours there that was trying to have a baby, just had TWINS boy and a girl days before! How exciting!

My convention started on thursday AM. Adam stayed in the hotel room all day with them Thursday.

Friday Was my birthday. I was done at about 7 at the convention, so we went to eat at our fave place called Crazy Buffet in altamonte springs, it is not a typical buffet, it is 20 a person, it is all you can eat sushi, sashimi, Chinese, crab legs, king crab, all you can eat hibachi bar, wok bar, tempura and more! We then went to the hotel to stop by the under the sea party for the convention. The kids loved dancing. Even no kids allowed they saw them dancing in the hall and told us to bring them in. What a hit they were. Austin was watchin my two friends do the hand jive in the middle of the dance floor so he started to copy them! How I wish I had my Camera with me! It was so FUNNY! We left and went to bed!
Oh and Adam got to take the kids to the Tampabay Bucs training camp in Disney's world wide sports complex. This is a tradition for us and we miss it now that we have moved. He was in HEAVEN even though it was HOT!. He got some great pics!

Saturday I was there until 11 but had to report back at 2 so we went swimming at the hotel with the kids. I went back for my National Worker appointment. ( I was nominated and appointed to be a National worker for the national Newsletter). I was done at 4 so we met some friends and their 2 and half year old for dinner at Logans.
I had to be back for the Final Banquet at 6. It was closing ceremonies.

Sunday we got up and left. Drove to mid GA to meet Adams family and our friends for Lunch.
We then cont on home, we got home at about 10 I think?

Tuesday I had a new child start. He is 14 mo old. Next Monday I have the other child start 11 mo old girl. My kids did great!

I went to my POTATO monthly meeting on Tuesday and we played BUNKO, first time for me. I won the most bunkos and got movie tickets and movie snacks. YEAH

I will post another post on our new accomplishments and stuff tomorrow I am exhausted. This is getting long! Here are some pics!

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