Thursday, October 19, 2006

My grandmother

I went to see my Grandmother Saturday after Walden Farms (after she had, had surgery a week prior). She was doing well. She did not like it that she could not get down and play with the babies. She sat in her chair and played though watching them be so busy playing. She gave them a plastic pumpkin with candy in it. They loved it!

We got her dinner and mad side dishes for it. We had BBQ, Chicken, Green beans, Black eye peas, Rolls, macaroni and cheese.

They kids took up with Poppy more this time and not so shyed away like they were scared. They would holler POPPY! They saw the horses and played and played!

we left about 8:30p so Meemaw could get some rest! We enjoyed our visit. It was hard for me to see her so still and not being herself by running around instead of being so seditary.(sp?)

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