Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wow has it really been that long....updates

Well I knew I had been busy but I did not realize it has been 1/2 a month since i last blogged.

Well lets see what we have been up to since then:

* Alexis gets sick again, we thought she had ate something and had an allergic reaction but come to find out on MLK day adam took her to the Dr and she had an infection that causes vomiting and double ear infections along with a mild rash. She has really had this since DEC 3rd, the antibiotics we were on before never cleared it so we got a stronger one this time! thank God!

* Adam, Austin and I got food posioning from one of our fave mexican places by adams work. Adam got it the worst, missed a day of work.

* I have been to the gym 4 days a week!! Lovin it!

* We have made some changes here the kids have moved to Big beds! well we took one side off the crib for now, until we get twin beds. we have done good as far as stayin in the bed but not good being quite. We had to move them back into the same room becuase we needed the dresser in a seperate room so it had to go to Alexis's room. Naps are the hardest.

* austin is doing great day time with the potty, we just need to get the nap and night down.

*We also took the twins out of the high chairs and into booster seats at the table. they love it!

* i have applied at the Olive Garden that is to be opening in the boro Feb 25th.

* My mom took the twins one at a time to Meemaws with her to stay a few days. They did great away from each other and with Nana. Of course to spend time with Meemaw.

* My mom had to have another heart stint. She had pain and was sent to the ER and then transported to St thomas from Fayetteville because Mboro was full. she had a 99% blockage one of her artery.

* My meemaw is doing much better gained 11 lbs, had another scan and it showed the cancer in her adomonen was not growing may have even shrunk, her liver had some more spots nothing large. they said that the cancer was not as agressive as they had thought. so we are praying for her to be able to take the chemo again.

* My Cousin Amy is PREGNANT!! She is Due sept 7th i think. I am so excited!!!

* I am about 20 pages from finishing my book!

I think that is all if I think of more I will update again.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

new opportunity for me

I am not going to be hounding for sales since i really just joined this for my own good. ( no big quotas to meet). but if you would like a catalog or want to order online let me know!

I am now an Independent Usborne Consultant. Go here to sign up monthly to win $50 in free books and browse the catalog:

book reading

I am reading a book for a book club in my moms group it is very interesting! It is called In the Wild., I hope this link shows up.

I am already on page 80. adam is also now reading a book while i am at night too! I have another book i want to read after this that would be for fun!

More update on resolutions

I am actually adding to my resolutions.
I have had this I don't know what you call it but I have decided to go more "Green". Also we are also not really dieting but we are going to in baby steps do a lifestyle change (how we did before kids) in our eating habits. I am not really going to go total change over until i am done breastfeeding. Also we are going to change our budget to include a gym membership and commit to 3 to 4 times a week(hey free childcare included YEAH). Also try to go more organic, less additives, more fresh veggies/fruits and more healthy wise.

So far I have:
1. bought reusable Kroger bags plus i get 4 cents per bag each time i use them! Plus I hate those plastic bags, i save them to recycle at the store instead of throwing them away.

2. I signed up with for safer products, less packaging, better for you. If you want more info please ask me!

3. We are no longer going to buying any water bottles.

4. we have already changed most of the light bulbs to CFC's.

I think that is all so far. We have more things planned.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have a few things

1. Loose weight after I am done breastfeeding (if that happens this year)
2. be a better mother!
3. cont to stay debt free (except house and car)
4. stay healthy
5. Be a better Godly woman. and teach my kids more about the Lord.
6. Be a better wife
7. be more organized and clean more often (when kids allow LOL)

Happy New years

We had a few friends over for new years eve. It was very low key. we ordered wings. we watched the ball and other things on TV. I actually drank for the first time in forever! I need to Download pics on my camera.

Christmas 2007

Christmas Eve morning we had breakfast at meemaws, Adam had to work until 12. We had fun at meemaws! I am just so thankful she is here with us. We had a good breakfast and fun! After meemaws we went to Jared's mom and dads so they could give the kids their gifts. After we went home I had to pick up one more gift before going to church to serve in the nursery and then attend a service. we leave church at about 9 pm. we go home eat dinner get the kids in bed before Santa comes.

Adam and I cont to wrap the gifts and get in bed.

I get up Christmas morning before the kids and go get video tape for the camera before they wake up. Nana and Pawpaw come over for Christmas to watch the kids open gifts.

they come down and are very excited that Santa came! we opened gifts from Santa, Nana/pawpaw and from Mommy and daddy.

We played for a bit then we head to Fayetteville to Grandmammas for Xmas dinner. The kids played and had so much fun.
Madison started dropping her pants in front of all the kids in the living room thinking it was funny! that girl!

here are some things we got this year
Madison: American girl Bitty baby crib, twin time dollhouse, rooms for the house, Dora knows your name phone, princess clothes, pjs, sleeping beauty shoes, sleeping beauty doll, ornament, baby dolls, bedding for crib, aqua doodle mat, purse, jewelry, coloring easel set, broom,Jessie doll, dress up clothes, jasmine dolls, cash register, candy,money,flashlight, and more.
Birthday: Kitchen, dolls, books, dress up clothes, mermaid mini doll, clothes, princess laptop,piano, sleeping beauty doll and carriage,webkin dog, coloring stuff, paint stuff, and money
Austin: trains, Diego knows your name phone, football, broom, shoes, clothes, aqua doodle mat, cars, coloring easel set, dress up train conductor, candy, money, buzz doll, woody, magna doodle,spider man laptop, ornament and more.
Birthday:Thomas Laptop, train set, train table, books, cars, Money, paint stuff, coloring stuff, webkin dog,piano and more

Alexis: clothes, shoes, vtech phone, FP phone, roll ball, tmx Elmo, mirror toy, car seat toy, doll, books, piano thing, keys, rattles, Eeyore, Elmo glowworm thing,ornament, curious George doll, and more

more sickness!

OK I am so over being sick in the household!

Jan 2nd I went to the Dr for a bad cough and ear ache. Come to find out I had bronchitis and I bust a blood vessel in my ear from coughing hard. So i got an antibiotic shot, antibiotic pills, cough meds and ear drops!

Madison, Austin started coughing and clear runny nose. no fever until later. but it was 99 fever.

Then Adam and Alexis started coughing. Then Alexis started with a 99 temp.

So today (9th) I took Austin to the dr because he keep complaining of his ear hurting even when i check the temp in that ear. he has never done that before.

So while there i had them listen to Alexis and look at her ears.
So Austin has 2 ear infections one was red and the other she said was "snotty". so antibiotic for that.

Then she looked at Maddy's ears and it was all good.

Alexis has one ear infection and her chest sounded yucky so cont breathing treatments and she gave her antibiotic and a cough steroid meds.

Georgia Christmas

We went to Ga Friday 21st. We were suppose to leave early but Nissan took longer on getting my Van fixed. We hung out at the mall while they fixed it.

We got there late that night.

Saturday Aunt Pam came over to see them. Later that afternoon Adam, Alexis and I went to finish Christmas shopping. The twins stayed with grandma, grandpa and Laura. Grandma and grandpa gave the twins their bday presents. they got these cool Neo pups with clothes.

We had Christmas that evening. But before we ate we sang happy bday to the twins and blew out the candles on the cake.

Alexis started to warm up on Saturday with others holding her.

Aunt Cindy picked up a Baby crib for "Santa" from American girl. She bought Madison the crib bedding for that for Xmas.

Adam and I got an all in one Kodak wireless printer! YEAH and it prints great pics!

We had so much stuff that Adams dad had to get a roof carrier so we could take things home.

misc stuff around here

Dec 15th we went to Whitney's birthday party at Grandmammas. We had to go without Adam because he had to work. We had fun!

My meemaw is getting stronger and hopefully will be strong enough to take Chemo to get rid of the cancer! I hope so and pray she does!

Adam and I volunteered to wrap presents at the mall for the church.

I made the design team at the scrapbook store here called Paper Candy.

I have had more problems with my Van. I had the tie rod replaced for 200 dollars. My cruise control got stuck while driving and could not get it to brake without putting it in neutral. I also had the fuel tank act up again.

I have hired a lawyer in suing Nissan on my Van being a Lemon. I do not pay them until i get paid. i found out that my Van is the 2nd most lemon vehicle for 05's on the road!

3rd Birthday Party

The twins had their third birthday at Steve's Fantastic Fun Zone December 16th.

We had fun! it started at 12p they played for 1hr and 15 min and then 45 min in the party room.

Madison had her princess Cake and Austin had his Thomas train cake. We had Pizza ordered.

My moms family was there, and my dads side of family was there.

here are some pics.

i am back

Wow has a lot happened since I last blogged.

I will do some individual posts on the big things. Here are some small things.

Austin is finally starting Potty training! We started this Jan 1st. I told him he was too big for diapers. He actually did not give me any trouble with it, which showed more even more that he was ready but being stubborn before. He is actually doing pretty good. Not as easy as Madison but better than i expected.
He has a problem (which i heard is a boy thing) with not wanting to sit and pee it all out, he tinkles a little and then up and then back a lil later for more. He also has a hard time pulling up his pants, good with getting them down. He has a hard time with pants with buttons.

We are having football withdraw this week, as it is getting closer to end of all football games.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

stay tuned

I am sick right now so no posts about xmas and more until later in the week when i feel better!

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