Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Publix this week


Betty Crocker Muffin Mix B1G1 bought only 1 @ 1.35 -1.00 coupon= .35

I can't Believe its not Butter B1G1 for $2.39 - 1.00 coupon = 1.39 makes $ .69 ea

Ronzoni Ziti B1G1 bought only 1 @ .70 - .75 coupon that means I made .05 cents!

Breakstone Sour cream .99 - .60 coupon = .39

Del Monte Can Veggies B1G1 .65ea(8)= 5.20 - $1.00/8 = 4.20 makes it .52 ea

Keebler Deluxe fudge Grahams B1G1 bought only 1 @1.75 -1.00 coupon =.75

Duncan hines Brownie Mix B1G1 for $ 2.59 -.55 coupon = 2.04 makes that 1.02ea

Bob Evans Stuffing 2/$5 got one @ 2.50- .70 coupon = 1.80

Chinet Napkins 2/$3 got 1 @1.50 - 1.00 coupon = .50

Lysol antibacterial Spray 2/$2.69 got 1 @1.34 - 1.00 coupon = .34

GM Choc Cheerios B1G1 2.00 ea -2.00 coupon = 1.00ea

Kellogg's Breakfast Nutrigrain Bars B1G1 for $2.39 - 1.00 coupon = 1.39 makes .69 ea

Stacy's Pita chips 2/$5 got 1 @ 2.50
Hummus 2/$5 got 1@ 2.50

Mt Olive pickles B1G1 for 2.79 - 1.00 coupon= 1.79 makes it .89 ea

Salad mix B1G1 got 1 @2.00

McCormick's steakhouse Grinder 2/$3 got 1 @1.50- 1.00 coupon .50

Quaker Grits instant box B1G1 got 1 @ 1.40

I paid $ 24.04 would have paid 69.75 that's 65%!!

Kroger Saving this week 3/29- 3/3


Post Cereal wyb 4 @ 2.50 each you get $4.00 off
total:10.00 for 4 boxes
Minus 3.00 in coupons
Makes that 10.00 -4.00 - 3.00 =3.00 Which is 1.33 a box

Pilsbury grands biscuits were .98 each but wyb 4 you got $2.00 off your next order so..
4 @.98 each minus 1.20 in coupons = 2.72 then when you take the 2.00 off next order that makes .72 for 4 cans. So that is .18 ea!

Carefree pads $2.49 each
I had a B1G1 coupon plus another 2.00 off coupon
(3) 2.49 each = 7.47
= 2.98 makes that .99 ea

Idaho Potato pouches 10/$10
I bought (3) 3.00
- .75/3 coupon
= 2.25 makes that .75 ea

Kraft Mayo 2.49 - 1.00 coupon = 1.49

(3) bags hersey easter candy 2/$6.00
-2.00 coupon
= 7.00 Makes that 2.33 ea

Lays Potato Chips 1.98 - 1.00 coupon = .98

B1G1 bag of russet Potatos = 2.63 makes that 1.31 ea

My total 23.05 If you take off the 2.00 future coupon it would have been 21.05! my orginal total would have been 55.94 That's 61%

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coupon Madness!

TARGET 3/23/10
Emerald Nuts 2.00
Maruchan Yaki Soba Noodles (2).50 ea
Band aids .82
My Little Ponies (2) 2.00 ea
Pictreka Card Game FREE
Battleship game 1.00
Ore Ida Fries/tots/Hashbrowns (3) 1.33 ea
Sobe Water (10) .20 ea
two rubermaid totes( not on sale I needed them) 10.00
Total: 24.82

I got a $5.00 gift card for the next time

So I paid 30.11 with tax and all

Original Cost was 80.00

I got two rain checks for 2 products
Monopoly will be 2 or 3 w/coupon
Connect 4 Will be 3 w/coupon


Schick Quattro Disposable Razors 3pk or Xtreme3 4pk .99
Planters Trail Mix 6 oz (2) 1.00 ea
Dividers .99
Gummy Worms 1.29
Zipper pouch 1.99
binder folder pouch .99
I had a $5.00 check I got in the mail from walgreens
So out of my Pocket I paid 4.00

Original cost was 20.00

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am determined....

I am going to get back into this blogging thing! I need to continue to write down the memories for my kids and the things they say...because they say some silly things sometimes!

I know it has been since august last year! WOW a lot has went on since then...

i will try to remember it all.

My baby brother went off to college to Tennessee Tech University to study Mechanical engineering. I am so proud of him! he is so smart, such a great person! I miss him but I am excited for what he is going to do with his life. I know he will do great things. He recently went through a break up with Alicia his ex now girlfriend. he caught her lying and cheating. I am so glad she is gone out of his life she treated him so wrong and us too. She was dragging him down. I am glad he is the Matt we all loved now.

In October my husband lost his job, that has been one of the hardest things I have been through so far as a family.. it is March and we are still unemployed but we have a good lead we should hear about this week or so. Prayers please! I have learned some amazing lessons in this time. God is always in charge of my life and knows what we need and will provide those needs to us! without him we would not have made it this far! I have some amazing Godly friends and an amazing Church family!

Halloween we were Madison: Mulan, Austin: Buzz light year, Ali: Alice in Wonderland.

I thought Christmas was going to be hard but with the prayers and God's love we made it. Our friends and church pulled through beyond measure for us ! i was so amazed at the kindness and love from others. I can not wait to bless others in the way that those around us blessed us!!

We have had some great amounts of snow this year and Ice, lots of snow days for school. The most amounts of icy roads we have ever seen.

Kids are having fun in MDO this year too. they have learned so much!

I have started going to a Small group that is AMAZING i am so glad to have these ladies in my life such a blessing. Its the Mostly Mommies group at WOC!

We had a great 5th birthday party for the twins in Jan since Dec was crazy. we had it at Elite gymnastics. we had all our friends and family come out it was great! I just can not believe they are 5! where has the time went from the those long NICU days till now! I can not believe they will start Kindergarten next year! Amazing! Austin wanted a Lego Star wars cake and Maison wanted a Hannah Montana Cake.

Ali turned 3! I can not believe my baby turned 3 either. She has come so far! she is an amazing little girl with such a great personality. She started her new school at Bellwood on her 3rd bday. it was sad to leave project help. she loved that place. but she was excited to reunite with her little buddy Zayne! they are in the same class at school. She had a great party at McDonald's and it was an Olivia Party!

Austin: he is such a little ham! he loves to draw still and is so very good at it. he loves school, he has a great (talkative) personality, never meets a stranger, mm don't know where he gets that from.. :) He is good at gymnastics and is getting so strong with it, he has so much fun! He has a great imagination as well, he likes to build tents, forts. he loves all his animals in his bed at night and has to set them up every night and make sure they are tucked in and all! I love it! He is also impatient like his mom though LOL. he is amazing with little kids including his little sister ali, at times he does not like when she takes his stuff, but over all he is good. Him and Madison fight some but they get along way more than they fight esp when they wake up they love to play things like dr, Vet, Store, Restaurant, house, and school together. He wants to be a football player, Fireman, police man and an office worker (like daddy) too! His fave things to eat now are quesadillas(everyday if you let him), PB& J, spaghetti, pancakes, pickles,shrimp. he is not a picky eater!

Madison she is so ALL girl, princess, nails, make up (she wants to put her play makeup on all the time, please help me! LOL), dress up, heels, hair, match where pretty dresses and all. She just recently lost 2 teeth and was so excited! She is a great reader and speller! She loves to do it and is so good at it. she is so loving and caring (little mommy we call her), she likes to baby ali a lot. she want to have 67 kids (LOL). she loves to get messy too and play like boys do! but yet loves her princess side too. Madison wants to be a Baby doctor. She does have her diva, sassy attitude at times. She said to Austin today "really Austin seriously" Oh no! She is a great eater! Loves broccoli, spaghetti o's, noodles, sandwiches, steak, shrimp, cereal, eggs and grits. she also loves chocolate a lot!

Ali she has grown so much. She is so smart, she may not say everything but she knows a lot! she has advanced so much! We are still in PT, OT and speech. She loves her therapist, we are sad to have to leave our wonderful speech therapist Mrs Christy, but we will be getting a new one soon. She moved from proj help to Bellwood and that was a sad transition for us. The school system is very different from early intervention. My goal is to have her out of all therapies by school age, I am confident she will, I am praying for her.She is amazing. She still loves her baby dolls. She loves Olivia, Yo gabba gabba, Pablo from backyardagains, and wubzy. She loves to laugh! Such an amazing personality, she lets you know very quickly that she does not like something, she is in her horrible 3;s right now in full force. This to shall pass! She does not like animals, things in costume, or furry things. she still has some stranger issues. She loves her siblings ( most of the time LOL). she is now into Jumping! PT loves that! she is into taking off her clothes, shoes and socks so much now! LOL. She keeps her glasses on well and i am so proud of her. She had her ears pierced for her 3rd bday. she was a trooper. She is very independent, she has to have her snacks (naks) in a bowl! We are stil having to use cloth diapers for her allergy to chlorine and latex. She is terrified of the potty for some reason, she will still sometimes, but mostly screams the other times. she will tell you when she has or is Stinky. She is not a picky eater, she loves fruit loops, broccoli, PB &J, chicken nuggets, fries, ketchup (lots), raisins, bananas, fruit, noodles, soup, rice, carrots, waffles(with whip cream), eggs, grits, and yogurt.

September 9th I lost another person, Adam's grandfather passed away that day. (my aunt Cindy passed away 9-9-04). It was a sad time, but he is now with granny wez in heaven and in the arms of Jesus free from all his pain. He was such an amazing man! I am so glad i got to know him!

September 21st (I think that's right) Adam's sister had her baby, we are now aunt and uncle! Her name is Hailee Jade Fleming. She looks just like Laura!

I also got a new Van (well new to me) that same day. I got an 05 Honda Odyssey touring model blue. I love it! could never be happier!

March 4th i got a horrible call My mom called that her house was on fire. I am still so sick to think about it. she called saying her garage is on fire, she could not get Jared on the phone, she said that she could not get to the animals nor get Matt's car out. the garage all around was on fire not the car. she was able to run around and turn the gas off. at around 1p Austin (Matt's friend) left for work the garage was closed he heard what he thought was my mom in the garage messing around. it was not her she was in the back bedroom, she heard a loud explosion at about 1:10 thought Austin had fell down the stairs or something, she ran out of her room smelt smoke looked in the kitchen could see smoke but could see no fire, she opened the garage which was off the kitchen and saw that the whole garage from one side to the other was on fire and the garage door was open. she shut the door, called for the animals no one came she then threw her purse out the back door and ran out, she ran to the garage tried to get Matt's car out and she shut the gas off at the water heater. no one knows what all happened because the arson investigator and ins investigators could not find a cause because the heat was so high.. i think that is NUTS! she scared me that day i thought she was going to have a heart attack. She end up losing the cat and everyone else made it out. I am so sad for my brother he lost his most prized possession car( he worked a lot of hours on that thing), and he lost his 11 year old cat abby.

The next day Friday as we were going to the House to get pictures and in valuables, We got a horrible call that my cousin Ashlei was found dead at my aunts house. she was fine that morning when my aunt went to work and then when she got home she was not alive. She had been sick a month prior with her diabetes and other stuff. she was also still taking the death of her mom and meemaw very hard that she turned to Meth and drugs. We think she died from the drugs. She was only 26. that was so hard to see someone so young like that. I will miss her. I know she is with her mom and meemaw. She was about to try to turn her life around and move to AZ but kept stalling because of the drugs. It was so sad to have to live a life like that. I know she knows God and I know she wanted to change her life. She could have been so much more, but God has a plan for all of us.

I think that is all that has gone on...I will have a separate post about a little girl who was 2 and went to heaven on March 9th. I will also talk about the awareness of her horrible cancer she had.

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