Thursday, December 20, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

We had breakfast with santa Dec 8. here are our pics! madison and Austin sat on his lap this year without crying. Of course Alexis cried!

Playhouse Disney Live!

We had fun last Friday for Playhouse Disney Live!
The kids enjoyed it a lot! after the show we went home to a surprise from Nana for their Birthday.
Nana brought over Austins train table (already set up) and Madison's Kitchen (set up) she wrapped wrapping paper around it. They were so excited!!

here are pics!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We had our pictures made Saturday before last, dec 1st. Even with Austin under the weather we still got some really good shots, she took over 250 pics. Adam and I agreed that we thought this was our (Adam and I) best pics in a long time, but the kids have done better before (besides Alexis). It was hard to get all 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time. here are some shots to look at, you will see more later too

ahh sickness

These past two weeks have been CRAZY! all three kids were sick.
lets recap shall we

last Friday Austin started with the sniffles and a low grade fever, Madison and Alexis also started with the congestion.

Saturday Austin was looking pitiful when he did not have medication in his system. he was sneezing, coughing, running nose all the time.
Sunday they all three had it. only Austin had a fever higher than 99.

Then Monday! I needed to take them for flu shots Alexis needed her second round so i was going to get the other two's done that day. So i called and got three appointments at 1:45, 2:00 and 2:45p because Alexis woke up with a 102 fever.

We get there and they check out Austin first, he had one ear infection and that's all. Madison NOTHING only a head cold. Now to Alexis, poor baby had two BAD ear infections and upper respiratory infection. So we got a prescription for an antibiotic, and breathing treatment meds. Austin got an antibiotic.
Oh and Alexis weighs 15 lbs 8 oz, Madison 30lbs, Austin 33lbs.

so we go home

Thursday comes Alexis's fever still has not gone away. the other two are doing better. so I call the dr we get an apt to come in.
Alexis has one ear infection gone and one that is still BAD and she is sounds really bad, so they decide that she needs a stronger antibiotic via a shot and now have diagnosed her with pneumonia. We also have to come back tomorrow for another shot of the antibiotic shot and let them listen to her.

Friday back to dr for shot of antibiotic and a steroid shot.
Come back Saturday to listen to her.

We go back sat but waited a little bit but it was a long wait and we left because she was sounding better.

Only issue is that she was throwing up her solid foods when she would cough hard to get the phlem up. so Friday night she threw up at night, Saturday threw up at night, Sunday at night, and Monday night.

finally Tuesday she started getting better, only has a small cough.
PLus on top of this she just cut three teeth at one time!! Poor child!
I hope this is the last cold we have for the winter!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Xmas tree and the Grinch!

We went to see the Grinch Ice at the Gaylord. It was fun but not worth the price.

Also we put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend.

Enjoy the pics!


I forgot to post about our Thanksgiving. We stayed here (even though we wanted to go to GA too) but with money shortages and gas prices it was too hard plus we wanted to spend it with Meemaw too.

We had my mom, Jared, his parents and Matt over. Mom cooked turkey,Gravy, dressing, cake, cole slaw, and green beans. I made a ham, mash potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, pie,deviled eggs, and squash casserole (first time ever and it was great!). It was a good day.

after our meal we went to visit Meemaw. After meemaw I stopped by to see daddy and pat. It was fun! the kids are finally not shy with him and I love that! Alexis will sit with him too.

I went Xmas shopping the day after on Black Friday at 3AM! I went Kohl's, Target, Belks, the mall, Gymboree, Carters, the children's place, toys r us.
I only got 2 or 3 things. I got a great deal on our xmas outfits. all three kids for 60 dollars! i was shocked! i got some shopping for my mom she did not go so i picked up stuff for her.

Christmas Pictures

We had our xmas pics done at the Gaylord on Saturday. We got 250 plus pics taken. I know there are going to be some real cute pics there. Even though Austin was in the beginning of being sick, between him yawning, sneezing, coughing and not looking i know we were bound to get a couple good ones. Alexis did great!

after we went to cracker barrel for lunch/dinner.

Pics to come!

Yeah for Santa! and MORE

Friday I had a big day planned.

We started with our 6 mo check up at the dentist. It went well, even Austin did good for him!

We then head to the Jump Zone for a play date with a moms group we are in. WE had a BLAST! the slides were so fast!!

Afterwards we head to the Mall to get my car aligned. So while waiting we ate lunch, looked around, shopped and SAW Santa!

Oh Santa baby!
The twins sat on his lap with no issues and told him what they wanted and all! I was testing them for Saturday because we have breakfast with Santa for POTATO.

We leave head to Snip its for our hair cuts! Even Austin did ok for him!
Madison got the best CUT ever! She looks so much older and her hair looks like it is 10 times thicker than before. Reason is her hair was so dead on top you could see through it (now we have had reg cuts but not by the right person) so she cut some length off so we could get it to grow thick and long and healthy. SO she got a cute little bob and even bows stay in !!!! I will post a pic soon!

then we stopped at Nana's to show off and I met daddy there.
I then we to shop for an outfit for pics and Adams work xmas party.

More Car Woes!

Yes again my VAN! now after having new tires, a 100 point serious inspection from Nissan a month ago or less...this happens

I went Friday to get an alignment (free) at sears and they say there is no point in doing it because i have a right front outer tire rod that is BAD! on top of that the only place you can get the part is from Nissan. You can not buy it only mechanics places can buy them. SO it will cost over 200 for Nissan to do it! This is a safety thing! What if i never would have went to get this alignment how would i have known, Nissan said my van was good!

Plus my power driver window is bad AGAIN! even worse! 90 plus tax to RESET the motor, not replace! GRRR I have only done this 2 times before!

So we are exploring options of getting the Honda Odyssey now vs later.

Our thing is if we fix this what is next??

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well I know it has been a little while since I have updated. I will post several post as they deserve a separate post.

Madison is doing great 99 percent of the time in going potty.
Austin still has no care to when you ask him to go he will say "i went potty last night" or "I have elmo diappy on"

Alexis is tolerating her belly a little better. I believe she is gaining weight a lot now. We will see when we go back for our second Flu shot.

We will close on our home (refinance) dec 5th or 7th. AMEN!

Madison said to Austin yesterday as she laid on the couch with her pillow, "Austin, Do me a favor"
Austin: "what sissy"
Madison: "Can you please get my doll of the counter in the kitchen?"
Austin: "Sure sissy"
it was so funny!

In the car the other day We started singing the muffin man and all of a sudden Austin started quoting shrek "Do you know the Muffin Man?, the Muffin man, yes the Muffin man"

We put up our Christmas tree. The kids still are so excited about it!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall pics are here!

I took our family (well i was behind the camera mostly) at Cannonsburgh park in Murfreesboro. We love the scenery there! The most amazing part Austin cooperated!!

blogger gave up on me so I will post more pics later


We are still doing so well with potty training. She is going everything in the potty 98 percent of the time.

Austin can draw a spider, all on his own I do not know how he knew how to because it is not one of the things he asks us to draw all the time. but i need to take pics of it because it is so CUTE!

Nana got them both guitars could not find a "boy" piano at this time.

We went to the Discovery center last saturday and saw the new area they built onto the exsisting building we had so much fun there. Austin loved the extra extra LARGE train table. Madison loved the grocery store!

We are refinancing our home so some light in the money area coming THANK you LORD!

We are now doing thier bday party at Steve's Fantastic Fun Zone in M'boro. Because Dec 15th is booked at the discovery center. It costs a tad more but way less than others.

Alexis is loving all her new foods she is getting! She still does not like her tummy time.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Misc that has been going on

Today we went to costco, and wild oats for some veggies.

Madison is doing so well with no accidents! Although we have to take our potty with us everywhere we go...LOL

Madison is telling Nana she wants a Guitar today and Austin he was a Pino(piano).

Austin is into his Taggy Blanket that meemaw made for him when he was a baby. I gave it back to him when i noticed he was playing with the tag on his shrek blanket he slept with and was asking for it.

We are in a financial (well some what Crisis) I have no kids right now! The little boy i have watched for almost 2 years his dad quit his job and is staying home at the moment. the 2 girls we were watching the moms job asked her to go PT from 5-9pm temporally so no need for childcare. I was going to wait tables only a couple night a week through the holidays for extra money for xmas but now if i get hired i will be working more than 2 nights until i get more kids or Adam gets a better job. I got a job offer for a full time job during the day but even having my friend giving me a great child care discount i would just about only make what i was keeping 2 kids a month. so it is not worth it plus Alexis screams with others!! My mom would but she has to stay and take care of meemaw right now.

Come Jan. the twins may be in school (free) if we get in. It will be Monday-Friday from 8:45 to 12:45p I will have to go pick them up and drop them off.

This is not good considering the twins bday is coming and Christmas.

Adams interviewing for jobs is still going.. he has been told he is over qualified several times, over confidant, or they are not paying enough. he is waiting to hear from several. So pray for that!

Austin can draw a smiley face!!

Last Sat we did grocery shopping and Sams shopping (we have not been in FOREVER ...NO MONEY)

Alexis is almost sitting up on her own, but we have some more to work on to get there.

Its getting Cold now!!

We plan on going to GA the weekend after Thanksgiving (if we have Money)

I think that is all.

9 month Check up

We went Tuesday to Alexis's 9 month check up (a little early). She only weighed 14lbs and 11 oz and 26 in. She is small like Madison but she has the chunky rolls. The dr could not believe she was that small after looking at her Rolls!! She is eating good. But since she is breastfed exclusively she said that breast milk's fat content drops between 6 mo and 9 mo so she needs whole milk in her diet like yogurt (which I give her) but she wants it once a day. Also give her milk in her oatmeal and give her Mac n cheese, butter and such. She checked her iron level and it was great. so no need for vitamins. She also said to cont giving her the iron oatmeal twice a day even if it is mixed in the fruits. She also said that the fruits and veggies she as eating does not have a lot a fat that is why she needs the stuff with milk in it. of course cont breastfeeding because it is still the best for her and her primary food source. She was not too concerned with the weight yet. she is short like her mom and well family! Thanks Mom and Dad!! As far as developmental milestones, she said she seems to be a very content baby to just lay, or sit. She is she has no care to roll around to get other places. She likes playing with her toys and watching the others. Also she said the third child tends to get shuffled around either off the floor out of the line of fire of others (the twins!) and sitting in bouncys, exersaucers, bumbos, swings, or on someones lap. And this so true! Plus she HATES her belly. We give her tummy time but she Hates it after like 10 min or less. So I will most likely get her evaluated by TEIS to give her extra boosts, plus cont her tummy time. The dr said i can call TEIS if i want but she thinks in the next few weeks I will see a change.
She got her first part of the FLU shot and the 3rd polio shot. I asked about themosol in the shots and she said that they pay more for the separated thermosol free ones so that no parent will turn down a flu shot or any shot. I was happy to hear that. We go back in one month for second part and to get the Twins flu shot.

I will add her 9 mo pic here soon!

Carters Party and Visit to Meemaw

We went to Carter's Birthday party sat 27th. We had fun! Aunt Lenis (Carters Nana) rented a bouncy thing. Weather was great! The kids had fun jumping. Madison stayed in her panties and Dry all the way there in the car! and on the way home!

She pottyed there and was AWESOME!

We went to see Meemaw after. The kids were so happy to see her and Alexis sat with meemaw a while. In the pics it looks like Meemaw is asleep but I had to use the flash and she blinked every time!
I took my mini books i made about her for her to answer some questions. I had fun with that!

After meemaws we picked up my dad and went to eat Mexican for dinner. the kids did great with him. Which I know made him smile and happy. because they usually are shy and do not talk or go up to him

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