Monday, July 17, 2006

Shock setting in

I guess the shock is setting in now. As I am starting to think of things that will change and things I will need to make decisions on.
For instance....

1. Stroller situation...I think I will skip the triplet stroller and cont with my double and get a baby sling body carrier thing for when I am alone.. Get the single travel system stroller for when my hubby is with me.

2. Oh lord pick a name!

3. Nursery decor...

4. The biggest issue....Where to place the kids in the Van.. I do not want to separate the twins from each other in the middle row captain seats, but do you put a baby in the back... Now when I am with my hubby I can sit back there with the baby....
Or if I put the twins in the back they will need me to hand them something and I can not reach them alone..
GRRR this is hard.....

5. How do you do two rooms with monitors..No I am not giving up the twins monitor...Yes they will be 2 plus...But I can not hear them from my room...

6. How will they deal with the change...Austin is a mamma's boy!

7. I need to catch up and get the twins first year done ASAP!

8. Man all this change that will happen!

As for the pregnancy so far... I am not getting real sick just a little nauseas after eating kinda bloated feeling but not wanting to throw up feeling....

Bad acne going on...

getting bigger already...My doc said it is because my uterus was already been a twin size big that it will automatically go back to that size...So therefore you will look and feel big sooner, not that the baby is big just the room he is in...So basically the baby will have lots of room to roam thanks to Madison and Austin...

Urinating all the time..Did not really have that early with the twins..More later when I was the size of a house.


Other than that we are just trying to think of a name...

Oh yeah in Church on Sunday our pastor was out and we had the associate in. Part of his sermon was " no one is a mistake we all are a part of God's Plan" he kept on about that and that God knows what he is going to do with us and what we are going to do when he creates us! Wow...Was that perfect timing for that speech! God must know that I love kids and have tried so hard before the twins to get pregnant and I lost a set of twins to heaven 4 years ago. He knows I can handle many kids...He knows we are great parents! WOW! I guess that is what put me over my shock and me being scared.

Here is a pick since I have 2 posts with no picture.. I know you come to look at pictures not my narrating...

Friday, July 14, 2006


Well where do I begin?
I keep feeling a little sick, tired and moody. I know my cycle was not normal anyway but since the kids I was beginning to be normal, So when I missed one I thought I am back to how I have been my whole life. Did not think anything about it.
I decided to take a test last night, and sure enough it was positive. I then thought probably a false positive due to hormones. So I thought to make an appointment for today to confirm for the weekend.

I went to the Dr at 11. Adam met me there.
Since I did not know when my last cycle was I had to have an ultrasound and because I am high risk due to my incompetent cervix.
He did the urine test, POSITIVE> did the blood test, and will know that next week what the numbers are.
Ultrasound showed a 6 week baby with a great heartbeat. Only ONE this time.

Since I am high risk, I will have a Cerclage done at 12 weeks. That is stiching the cervix. That is why I had preterm labor last pregnancy. Also I had a miscarriage before the twins.

My thoughts:
3 kids in diapers
twin 2 year olds and a newborn
how will the kids take it
I do not want to take any attention from them they are my world right now!
If this is what God has in the plans then we will all deal with it as we should.
did I mention SCARED
will my kids potty train ok with a new baby here
I just sold all my baby stuff at the last consignment sale
will I get as sick as last time
where in the van will everyone sit, do you separate the twins or put the baby in the 3rd row
C section or VBAC (the Dr said it is possible I can have one) MMM

Well Adam seems excited but is worried about not giving Madison and Austin all his attention that they are use to.
His exact words "I love those two so very much that I can not imagine not giving them all my attention"
I understand.

We were going to wait one more year but God knew other wise that I can handle this.
I know I can physically handle it, emotionally. I always worry Financially! Thank God we have room in our new home!

{please just pray for all of us!}


Thursday, July 13, 2006

The newest things!

* My 19 month old Daughter learned how to climb out of her crib Sunday AM! She did not fall either she hung on to the rails and wiggled down!
We Only had one more notch to lower her crib to. I do not get the crib tents until the end of the month! Hopefully she will stay in until then. Austin has short legs no hope for him right now on climbing out.

* Austin and Madison learned a new sign this week "Please"!

* Madison says the sounds to cow, dog, cat, chicken, duck, monkey, lamb, horse. and for pig she tries to "Snort" it is so CUTE.

* Austin does all the sounds but he says "go go go" for dog...LOL. He does not do the monkey yet.

* Austin now says Please Maddy says "peas" for please...

* we Played in the sprinkler thing we bought. Kids love the water

*it was his teeth, no more fever as of Saturday.

* I found some of my old friends on my MYSPACE, some located me. That is neat to see what they are doing.

* The kids have learned to do ring around the roses and love it, just laugh. Austin says "ring, ring, ring" as he does it.

* Madison loves to sing "twinkle little star" she just loves to sing she tries so hard to say all the words in this little sweet low high pitch voice. Too darn cute!

* Austin was really grumpy yesterday and today...Do not know what that is all about.

* my mom finally won a bid on a house!

* I took my Van in today after many complaints to the Manager and the New Service Manager. I have a rental CAR...FORD (piece of CRAP) Taurus. It was heck getting those two LARGE car seats in. I have to watch getting the kids in because you can hit the heads on the top. They can touch the roof when they streech their arms! Yes it SUCKS. Hopefully they fix my VAN fast! I see why I have a VAN now! I was going complain like I did last time they had my Van and get another VAN from the lot and not the rental place since I have large carseats and a double stroller and lots of stuff for 2 kids. But since they should only have it for 2 days I thought I will deal.

*That is all I am trying to update more that just once a week,. Because it is hard to remember all the stuff!

Lets see what pic I can put here! A cute kissing pic!


The Hill Family Reunion!

We had my Mothers side of the family reunion "The Hills".

Wow I have not seen some of these people since I was Little!

It was fun, we had a band. It was suppose to be my Cousins band " ZZ TOP" Yes Dusty Hill is my 3rd cousin! He was not able to come his sister and others were there. Flown in from TX.

My kids loved running around and dancing to the music!
My little cousins daughter just loves the twins. She even has her own "Maddy and Austin" Twin dolls! That is her trying to dance with Austin.

The family photo is just my grandmothers kids and grandkid's Family.

here are some pics

Random things from the 4th to the 8th

It was a boring week but here are some random things that have been going on.

* Went to a POTAO meeting on Thursday...Fun stuff! We did live and learn basically round table small groups just asking questions and sharing things. Really good FUN!

* Wednesday Adams Family went home.

* Austin came down with a fever on Thursday afternoon. I believe it is teeth! No other symptoms. Madison had a clear runny nose and sneezing like her daddy was doing, Allergies!

* Friday Night we hung around the house.

* Saturday my mom came over to watch them while Adam and I mowed the yard. We went to walmart.

* Tuesday I went all over MURFREESBORO searching for the sandals like Austin has for Madison in size 5 Pink. No one had them! I finally got some pink Timberlands sandals instead. I also got 2 4th of July shirts from Khols for them to wear.

* Madison is walking much better still turning her foot in and stumbling due to her hips. In a few months you will never know a diff according to the PT.

* We are going to be taking swim lessons at the beginning of August.

* I am still working on the office/SB room!! GRR almost there!

* I took my van in for more work, they half way fixed it! I am so frustrated.! I love my van but hate all the stupid little things that go wrong,. I have even contacted Nissan and they sent me to the BBB autoline to file a Complaint even maybe a Lemon law complaint!

* Madison is still talking up a storm!

Here is an old pic to look at! Wow I can not believe they were that little!

Fourth of JULY Downtown WOW

We went downtown Nashville to the Music City Spectacular. We left at 3 got there at 4. There was no spots on the lawn so we were above that on the concrete. The website stated no backpacks, no coolers, not high chairs. Well everyone one had all the above, we left the cooler and the chairs, brought a backpack because it is the diaper bag. I wish I would have just brought the chairs! It was so HOT!! They had a concert, kids zone for older ones with the big bounce houses and stuff. My kids did not want to stay in the stroller at our spot nor on the blanketed area. So we had to walk them around in the wagon or the stroller to keep them busy until 9 when the fireworks started. We end up going to the spaghetti warehouse to eat to keep them occupied for a few hours. It was good!

I looked up online how to photograph with my dig SLR the fireworks. I brought my tripod. I set my settings in Bulb mode on manual mode and focus. I set the shutter speed on a longer one. It was trial and error since I could not see the fireworks beginning to go off. For the first time I think it did great despite the light pole, line and tree in the way. I just keep varying the shutter speed from long to short. I got some great shots. I will post a few here. I took over 350 pics!

The kids absolutely loved the fireworks! People there were so RUDE trying to walk over our blankets. The walk way was in front of us and behind but they wanted to walk on us! Some where not even watching that we had kids there and almost hit them a few times. Others spilt our tea all over the wagon sitting area and us! GRRR

There were over 100,000 people there! We got home after 11p. The kids were so exhausted!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Second fourth of July

On July 3rd, My dad and his wife came over to see the house and we grilled out for the 4th with them.
We played outside on the sand and water table and swings. They brought us some plants to hang and a Magnolia tree.
We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. We talked and then went out side to see our neighbors shooting fireworks and then Laura and Adam's mom wanted to shoot a few of theirs off. Kids liked it on one the neighbors shot it was like a machine gun going off and they did not care for that too much.

here are some pics from that day.

Monday, July 03, 2006

First of 3 Fourth of July Celebrations!

Today we went to Church. Adams Grandad came with us. I hope he enjoyed it like we did, he is "old School" and likes the "traditional" services instead of the contemporary ones we go to. Kids had fun. I love the little things they make and that are in the diaper bag in the end! LOVE IT!

We went to walmart to get lunch. Then went home to eat and kids and I Napped.

We got up and went to my Grandmothers house for a 4th of July party BBQ. Wow the food was great! My Cousins BF cooked on the big BBQ pit(took 12 hours to cook) we had GREEAT AWESOME BBQ, he did awesome. Adams mom made deviled eggs and peach cobbler to take and boy was it GOOD! We had all kinds of other good food.

Kids ran and played and played. Austin found two cars to play with and my aunt bought them 2 balls to play with. They went and looked at the Cows. I have some pics I am putting here from it. I love Madisons Shorts she has on too cute!

We left got home and got ready for bed.

What a fun Day!


Saturday outing

We went to the opry Mills Mall Saturday with Adams Mom, Grandpa, and Sister. I got Austin some sandals I have been looking for. They did not have Madisons anywhere. I will check in M'boro this week.

We then went to eat downtown. We finally parked and we tried to eat at the Wildhorse Saloon but it was a 2 hour wait! No way!

So we headed back to our area and we decided to stop at Famous Daves in Smyrna the new one that opened. It was SOO GOOD!
Kids ate good! Austin loves Cole Slaw! The kids ate a cheeseburger and fries. Adam and I shared a meal for 2.

We went home and all got ready for bed!

Fun day!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Happy Friday!

Today was good day. Jayden got here at 11:40. Kids got up at 9:15. I was up cause I though Jay was going to be here at 8. Oh well!

My mom came over for lunch to see the kids.

Adam got here at 5:30. I had to leave to go to Super Suppers in Franklin. To make meals! LOVE this PLACE! Adam likes it and the kids eat it too.

Adams mom, grandpa, and sister came today. I was not here when they arrived.
Adam showed them the house and they fed and played with the kids.

They are here until wed. We are going to go to I think downtown riverfront for the 4th. That will be fun!

Happy Friday!
It is late time for bed!
I will post some pics in the next post before bed!

18 Month Check up!

Well on Wed 28 we had our 18 mo check up at the peds office.
We got there at 10. Saw the doc and left at 12.

She is so AWESOME!

Madison weighs 23 lbs and 5 oz and is 31 1/2 in. All is good, her soft spot is almost complete but the dr said she will probably always have an indention there and we know her thyroid is good so no medical reason why there is a little indention. Just the way her head will be, once all the hair is there you will never know, not that you can see it now just feel it. Other than that she is growing great barely a percentile below in weight and above in height.

Austin weighs 25 lbs and 13 oz and 32 in. All is good for him. I asked about his flat feet as the PT wanted me to. She said that he could see a foot Dr but that he would most likely just get shoe orthodics and that I would be changing them all the time with new ones as his feet grow. And that maybe we should wait. I agree. It is hereditary as I have VERY flat feet, my dad does too. I may see a foot doc one day.
I told her that I have Austins Surgery set for Sept 1st the Friday before labor day.
I will be praying about this until it is done with! I hope I do not back out of getting it done.

NO Shots today, we do not go back until 2!

the kids screamed while being checked out! I guess being restrained and being handed to another person other than MOM!

We left went got wendys and went home. I then went to bank and then to get the changing table to take to the TRIPLET mom who just had her babies. Then we came home and ate dinner and met daddy.

FUN day!


First week!

Well Monday started my first week of Babysitting "baby Jayden". The 7 month old little boy. All was great kids did better as the week went on. First day they got upset if he cried or fussed, wanted his bottle, little rough with him (nothing bad). Jayden was a little clingy on Tuesday and was hard to get down for a nap he wanted to be held while he slept. That is a NO no for me even my own kids.

Tuesday I met with the other prospect Mom and dad and their daughter. She is 9 mo old and will possibly start Aug when school is back in.
she was cute and will play well with my two since she is a little older (11 mo in aug).

No work on Wed Jayden is not here on wed. I will do a diff post on my Wed.

Thursday is the long day he is here from 11:30 to 8:45p. He started fully crawlin on all fours today. That was hard to tell his mom that and she missed that. She almost cried. I know that is hard to hear. He is a strong kid. He pulls to standing. He has a hard time going to sleep on his own at nap wants to be held while he sleeps.

Friday went well. I will make another post on this too.

Has it really be over a week since last Blog....

Wow where do I begin. I may break this up into several post for different items so you may see several posts on the same day....

Lets see Friday June 23rd was our 5 year anniversary. I made reservations for Maggianos Italian in Nashville and we went and saw the movie Click it was so FUNNY. My mom had the kids for the night.

Adam got off at 1:30 on Friday. WE got the kids ready and packed. I took the car by Nissan only for them to tell me to bring it back on wed night. We met with the mom of the 7 month old for her son to start on Monday. It went very well. We left for our Date. Maggianos was GREEAT lots and lots of food and leftovers. The movie was great. We got home and I vacuumed the stairs since no kids at night. We did some other house work too like vacuum the play room under every toy! And we cleaned it up.

Saturday we got up and got the kids from my moms. Played with them. I went with my friend Angela to the Lebanon outlet mall. I found lots of deals! I will definitely being going back, the Gap was the best deal!
I came home and we all went to Sams as we were out of a lot of stuff. Came home ate, took baths and kids went to bed. We cleaned more on the house. (still trying to get all moved in and organized)

Sunday, got up and went to church. We had a good time the kids cried for the first time when we dropped them off, but as soon as we were out of sight and they saw toys all was good. We picked them up and they were crawling in the tunnel mats as we got there and maddy was pushing Austin through. He was laughing. SO cute.

We hung around the house. Did the yard while they slept and cleaned out the other kid bedroom and did some in the office scrapbook room. Last two rooms to be done! Yeah!

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