Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We had Snow

about 3 weekends ago we had an actual big snow fall here.

pics from older posts

I finally downloaded pics.

Easter Sunday at Meemaws/Meemaws 70th.

We had Meemaws 70th Bday party Sunday. Plus easter egg hunt. She had all her brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandkids, great grandkids, and kids there.
It was fun. the guys were putting up the fence in the front and clearing the acre where the cemetary is going to be. Here are some pics from that day.

We tried to get everyones pic with her.

easter service

We went to church services on Easter Sunday at our church but it was held at MTSU Murphy Center. We had Diamond Rio perform, and Miss Patty Cake for the 3-6 yr olds.

We had fun, it was a good service.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh, the 3's!

We have had some hard times here with these three year olds!

We moved them to toddler beds about a month ago. We do good to stay in them most days. But its getting them to be quite to go to sleep. We have tried everything!

Also during the day the screaming, fighting, not listening is driving us crazy. I broke down on Thursday last week. I felt so out of control.

after talking to my mom and Adam. We are changing things here!!!!

I am going to make better efforts to not give in to his screaming, put him in his room until he stop screaming not just the 3 minutes. I am not going to intervene in on the fights between him and Madison unless it gets violent. I am going to be more consistent on if i tell either one no for doing something wrong, i am only going to do that 3 times and on the 3rd its time out in the room!

Madison is giving attitude a lot! she was good during the 2's and Austin was bad at 2's and somewhat bad at 3's. Madison's problem is screaming at me, getting things off the counters, and getting into things she is not suppose to. She is also very independent. Austin is head strong, impatient, hard time sharing, saying words i font like him to say, won't listen, and acting very wild at times.

wow was it warm!

We had a warm weekend here. So with Adam's parents here We let the kids play outside with the cars, bikes, and more. While adam and I cleaned out the Garage, plus hang the hooks for bikes, and ladder. It now looks like a garage should!

Now I need to get the Clothes ready for the consignment sale ready!

The kids had a blast I will post some pics of the warm fin weekend.

First birthday!

We had Alexis's first birthday at our house Saturday! I will post pics soon. We had fun, Adams parents were here for it too since they were in town. my friend Brooke did an awesome job on the cake. I will post the pics. Alexis had a ball with her smash cake!

We got her, her big girl car seat, the Fisher price laugh and learn kitchen thing, and the laugh and learn talking purse. plus some clothes.

New things goin on

I am having a blast working at the Olive Garden. I had a week of training before it opened and my mom watched the kids. GREAT money!

Adam's Parents and Papa came in for a few days.

I took the kids to the Discovery Center this Monday, we had fun until Austin threw his fit and we had to leave. Madison got her hand stuck in the elevator. She already had a boo boo on her finger.

When Austin had his fit at the Discovery center, on the way home Austin was still crying and madisoon looked at him and said "Bubby I know your tired baby" I about died laughing!

Alexis said her first word Friday night she was either copying madison saying kitty cat or me saying your stinky. Cause she said "kee kee" it was sooooo cute! She growls all the time copyin after Austin! its so funny!She is also playing patty cake!

We had one year pics at sears for the cheap one year package, because we had our real one year pics done with Jennifer Dunnaway today (wed). We had cake pics with her it was soooo fun!

I will post pics when i get them!

Monday, March 03, 2008


Alexis's UTI did not grow over the 2 days, so they wanted us to come in on our 1 yr check up and do blood work and more urine work up.

we went Feb 21st and gave blood, but they could not get urine from her. we also had our 1 year shots. Of course she was not very happy at all.

I talked to the dr abour several things, one her urine issue, which we will more than likely see the urologist.

She said not to worry about her small size. She did gain 6 oz in a week, nad she is up 1 in since her 9 month check up.

she said to keep nursing her and give whole milk when i am not around or anytime i like. Or suplement whole milk with breastmilk if i want. So I am sort of weaning her. I am very sad about that! I love the bonding we have and she gets so excited to nurse! plus that means my baby is growin up!

she noticed something about her when i mentioned that she has a hand perference, and I even told the PT lady about it. She said it looks like she has a palsy from birth like a trama, different from Cerebral palsy. She said to keep an eye on it during therapy if it does not get better or no change we will then see a nurologist.

I got a call about the results from the ultrasound and the renal test. the renal test was fine but the ultrasound showed an old UTI. so We have an apt with the Urologist april 14th. YES april 14th! I am on the list in case a cancelation comes up.

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