Thursday, March 06, 2008

New things goin on

I am having a blast working at the Olive Garden. I had a week of training before it opened and my mom watched the kids. GREAT money!

Adam's Parents and Papa came in for a few days.

I took the kids to the Discovery Center this Monday, we had fun until Austin threw his fit and we had to leave. Madison got her hand stuck in the elevator. She already had a boo boo on her finger.

When Austin had his fit at the Discovery center, on the way home Austin was still crying and madisoon looked at him and said "Bubby I know your tired baby" I about died laughing!

Alexis said her first word Friday night she was either copying madison saying kitty cat or me saying your stinky. Cause she said "kee kee" it was sooooo cute! She growls all the time copyin after Austin! its so funny!She is also playing patty cake!

We had one year pics at sears for the cheap one year package, because we had our real one year pics done with Jennifer Dunnaway today (wed). We had cake pics with her it was soooo fun!

I will post pics when i get them!

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