Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh no what a day

We have had a bad day! They both have been pistols today! I am feeling like a horrible mom today! I felt like all I did was scream at them, put them in timeout, scream, did not let them have their way... GRRR!!

Madison is in a phase that when she does not get her way, or you do not give in to her she will scream AT YOU LOUDLY! I do the 123 timeout, i ignore, i scream, I laugh at her, I don't give in, I give in. I just do not know what to do. Austin if he does not get his way or you do not do something fast enough for him he will scream, cry, throw things, and bang things.

I feel like I sometimes give in so i do not have to hear them scream at me..I know horrible. I also do not want to scream at them all the time or get upset with them. I have bad guilt afterwards.

Today it was so bad that Madison called out for daddy, and Nana when she was in trouble. I said fine lets call them and you can scream at them and see what they tell you. We called and of course she stops screaming but she did the poor me pity whine cry. After she calmed down, what broke my heart and has had me upset all day is she would do a pucker slow cry and just sit on me and hug me. I get her calm, I tell them both if they go to sleep and do not talk when they wake up we can get a special snack. Well we were good, and when we woke up we had to rush to leave to go meet up with daddy. She was fine until we had the same meltdown with the sippy cup, she wanted the no leak valve out, i did not give in because when I did she go choked up because it was too fast and leaked on her. so during her melt down I called Nana for her to actually hear this crazy screaming at me (without Madison knowing i was calling). My mom was like she never does this why all of a sudden now, I said no she does this very frequently just not this long and bad. Nana gets her calmed down. I get her her juice. Now do i give in and give her the special snack because she did do as i asked about going to sleep. but i felt like i was rewarding her screaming fit that just happened. I also did not want to hear her screaming again when I give Austin his or do not give in to either. So what do I do I give them the special snack and we head out the door.

I go meet up with daddy he takes them home. I head to drop off my Jeep stroller I sold, pick up the exersaucer for Alexis and then I head to PF Chang's for POTATO's Moms night out. there was 8 of us and we had lots of Fun chatting without the kids!

I hope for a better day tomorrow. I think I am going to take Austin for a hair cut before he gets called a girl! I may take them to the mall's play area as well. I was going to go to the Discovery center since its going to rain so no park. But he needs a hair cut and who knows when i will get to go again.

Adam and I had a talk tonight as i discussed and cried. about discipline and screaming. i do not want to do that, I do not want to feel like i am loosing it. So we are going to try 200 percent to not do that and try our best to do this another way. I feel like i have already scared them from me screaming at them when they are wrong or in trouble. I just want good kids and i do not want them to be scared of us..if you know what i mean by that. hard to explain.

Visit to Meemaws

We went to Meemaws Wednesday. My mom was there since she is staying during the week with her to help Poppy so he can work. My aunt Lenis came and brought Chad's kids Carter and the new baby Savannah. She was born July 16th weighing 7lbs 7oz. She lost weight because her mother (Chad's GF) was a little clueless on breastfeeding. Don't get me started on her....
anyway she is now just back to birth weight after they put her on formula. She is itty bitty! here are some pics

They say she has colic a lot. and cries all the time.

I also got to see Nellie! She was FAT! oh my ! For those who do not know my aunt is taking care of my dog. We just could not give her the attention she needed. My aunt has not kids just dogs. I did not want to give my dog away for good. I can see her anytime and get her back if I wanted to. She is well taken care of and she saw me and went crazy! I miss her too!

Family in town

Here are some pics from When Adam's Parents and granddad were in town. We swam outside, played outside, inside. They left on Monday at noon. We enjoyed having them here and so did the kids. However Alexis cried at Adam's mom for some reason every time pretty much. I felt bad for her and for Alexis (because she cant say why) we assume its her separation anxiety or stranger awareness since she has done it with others. She occasionally did it with his dad or granddad too.

Sale is OVER!

The sale is over! I made 30 dollars more than i spent! But i got all their winter clothes for the most part. I still need tennis shoes for both. I got 2 trike bike things, another Cozy coupe car for them, a jumperoo for Alexis, another High chair for Alexis, 2 small toys, another bumbo seat for Alexis,a crib mattress for her as well, car mirror for Alexis and a floor mirror for her.

I had fun but it was lots of work! We sold a total of 22,000 dollars of stuff in less that 24 hours!!

here are a couple of cute pics from GA to share

We have POOP!

YEAH Madison came to me (still constipated) telling me she needed to go stinky. So we went to the Potty. (Thursday the 23rd) She sat for about 10 min and then I then I heard It! granted it was a very small poop but she was constipated and she came to me to go and DID IT! We threw a PARTY! Adams family came in town that day. I just got back from the store getting more Princess bandaids so that was her prize! She was Happy! We took pictures and everything!

I got her soy milk and the next day she was all better in the BM department!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Alexis 6 month Check up

She is in the 10th percentile weighing in at 13 lbs 9.5 oz. I can not remember the height right now..

She is doing good. We discussed her eating schedule. She still nurses about 7 times a day or more. Sleeps all night still. I have been giving her 2 solids a day now. She suggested i revolve her around nursing and 2 cereal meals a day. Add in any fruit or veggie for lunch if i choose. I can also mix in a fruit or veggie in the cereal as well.

We also discussed getting her use to her crib and out of our bed in the co sleeper. I do this because when she does which is rare wake up in the middle of the night she does not cry until she is way past hungry, she will wiggle and grunt lightly. So if she is in her crib it is likely I would not hear her until she is crying mad. that is why she is still there. so we talked about and I am going to transition her to her crib.

We also talked about Madison's recent constipation. It all started when she started drinking more V8 because of her veggie strike. She also started wanting more milk. plus she loves meat. She gets milk of magnisnia (sp?) but we stopped giving it every other day after they both were going pretty good on their own. We then started it back everyday until we got a good BM. Well Madison still has not had one. The Doctor suggested giving her sweet acidolphous (sp?) milk or soy silk milk. I bought soy milk.

Now after we get home from the dr Austin started running a fever! GRRR we just left the dr. Either he got it from Adam or from caelan. So here we go rotating Motrin/Tylenol. we will see how it goes. He also has not ate much all day and is rather calm today.

Alexis had 4 shots and had to drink the rotovirus drops. SO she was not in a good mood today.


Wednesday I just finished getting all my tagging done for the sale. Nothing major

Adam's Parents came in town Today (thurs)

I am done with tagging!!

Adam is better now finally!

My mom brought Madison over Beauty and the beast movie. Both the kids liked it! of course Madison was in Heaven!

I need to charge my Batteries in my camera to upload them here.

The kids had a good day of playing with each other on wed. They were so cute to listen to.. Austin said "Madison come here come here sissy...come here big girl"
Too cute! They giggled at each other and chased each other, then they started doing this thing from Diego know the Bo Bo monkey's say Opps sorry when they get caught. Well the kids kept falling down laughing and saying "opps sorry" and laughing more.

I made more baby food.

Alexis loves to copy you when you do the "rasberry sound" she will copy you back.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a full weekend

Our weekend was full full!
Friday was not so good at the dentist. we drove all the way there and come to find they can not see us because we have to wait until October until we APPEAR on their roster! WHAT that is Crazy, just so we appear on some piece of paper, they know we have the ins and we are covered, and they are our primary doc! oh no she also failed to call me to tell me that she canceled my appt Thursday afternoon after i got off the phone discussing what we planned on doing at the appt! Oh boy was i MAD! I drug 3 kids away from their playing time at the bouncy place 45 min away to be turned away! and it was Adams day off!

So Friday we go out to a Mexican rest that Adam had won a GC to called Rosarios. it was ok but i would not drive out of my way to eat there. not a lot of choices nor traditional Mexican. we then went out to a club with some friends. it was kinda lame there that night. we then stopped at waffle house before going home.

Sat am I took the kids to the murfreesboro's twins club summer event at the Smyrna splash pad. We had fun. Adam stayed home with Alexis. we came home at lunch. Adam started feeling bad, headache, throat hurts, body aches, fever 101.7, chills you name it. this came one all of a sudden. We hung out the rest of the night, grilled out. Mom came and brought Adam some meds.

Sunday I took all 3 kids to church by myself. it was a good service. Austin threw a fit to leave. came home took a nap (or not talked most of it), then got up got our swim suits on went to Lori's to Paul and Issac's Bday party (pool party) we had fun swimming even though Austin was a grump from lack of sleep. we had to leave early cause I had to go to church to work. I had to stop at home to change, get gas and then get to church on time. I had fun, I only took the twins and left ali with daddy.
The kids learned something. I am in the 3 yr room and we were learning about Peace and getting along with others being nice. I guess the 2 yr olds learned a similar lesson too cause i saw on their craft paper about getting along. I asked Austin what he learned at church, he did not respond i said did you learn about getting along with others? and he said "make peace" SO AWESOME!
then he said "God our father" it took me a minute to understand what he was talking about. then I started saying "God our father, God our father,...and Madison says "once again, once again" i finished with "we bow our heads and thank you" and they both say "amen amen" i was so excited!!!
we get home and daddy is still feeling bad.

Monday Adam stays home because he still has a fever, i get up and call to get a dr apt. He goes at 10:30. HE has STREP! Yeah yuck! he gets an antibiotic and that's it. I also had to send caelan home with a fever as well. Lets pray the kids do not get anything. Madison was not acting like her self today, she is constipated, we have given her her meds for the past 3 nights, and her BMs are still hard and small, she is not eating like Madison since she is constipated. She was clingy and whiny tonight, I hope she is not sick....!

Oh this morning i go in the room and Madison tells me she has a "Mole like mommy and Nana" I said where and she pointed to a scratch boo boo on her ankle. Austin chimes in to say "I lost my Mole mommy" Oh so funny!

So that is the update

Thursday, August 16, 2007

This week!

Since we were out of town Monday we had to come home to get things in order cause we thought Adams parents were coming in town Wed am. We called them and come to find out they have to post pone until next Thurs the 23rd because Adam's dad got a heat rash and had to go tot he Dr. so at least that gives me time to get my consignment stuff ready and out of the spare room and the rest of the house together.
Wed night we went to the grocery store and eat at blue coast burrito.
i am getting my stuff ready for the sale.
Adam had a job interview today with a company he really wants to work for. So please pray he gets it.
He is off tomorrow Since it is his BDAY! 33! we are going to take the kids to a play date tomorrow to Steve's fantastic fun zone, then Adam and I have dental appts in Madison, Tn at 1p.
I am taking Adam out for his bday, my brother will watch the kids as they sleep.

The kids:

Madison is so having fun wanting her hair in princess tails. She told Austin today "whatever bubby". Oh no!!!

Austin: he is making more noises and faces lately!

Alexis: she starts baby food that I made tonight. She ate bananas and oatmeal mix. Of course she loves it. She has found her feet. We bought her at a sale a baby Einstein gym to lay under and play and she is VERY VERY scared of it, even scared of the toy attachments away from the gym. she SCREAMS!!!

I know there is more they are doing but this is all i can think of at the moment.

What a shock...

Friday night the 10th we are going to eat Chinese and as we walk in I get a phone call from Adams mom. She asked me where we were and where was Adam Wayne. I tell her and she says I have some bad news, I knew it was not papa, Dave or Laura because she was too calm for that. She then tells me that Uncle Ted killed himself today. We were in shock, that is when she started crying. She said he tried to slit his wrist then he shot himself. the first thing i thought of was his wife Patsy, then the grandkids that loved him so much, then i thought of Papa and Lola. we hang up and call her back after dinner. We decide during Dinner to go to GA tomorrow.

We get ready and end of leaving at 12 after breakfast, i had to run 2 errands, Adam had to mow the back yard. We had a long road trip since we had to stop to eat lunch, feed Ali twice or so, and of course Gas. So we get there at 8:30 their time 7:30 ours.

Sunday we get to Lola's before the Viewing and Adams mom kept it a secret from Lola that we were coming. She was at the door when we got there because someone had just left her house. she saw me get out and started Crying and crying, she was so happy to see us! She was shocked and very happy.
at the viewing it was PACKED. I carried Ali in the Bjorn so i could help Adam with the twins. there was 3 sets of twins there ours, anther B/G set that was 11 mo, and an older B/B set (papa's cousins) (one was there that we saw). Adams aunt that has a B/G set her twins were not there they are in there 20's, I think.

Monday was the actual funeral at 11a so we had to be there around 10:30a. The kids did ok considering they had not had breakfast yet just a snack. I took crayons, gameboy and a couple toys. Ali was hungry for her Oatmeal so she got the most fussy I got her oatmeal and fed her in my arms. at the burial I stayed in the car with all the kids since Ali was asleep and it was HOT outside. they moved most of it inside the church. it did not last real long. After we went to Lola's to eat. after we left for home. We left at about 4 i think. we stopped in Atlanta at Fudruckers to eat. We got home at 10p.

I have some pics soon to share of our trip, not many though.

Fundom Kids

Friday the 10th I took the kids to Fundom Kids in Joelton. It was so much fun. It is an old skating center converted into a big indoor playplace, they had a castle, dress up clothes, swings, train tables, water table, race track with big wheels to race, all the ride on toys you can imagine, a baby area, kitchen area, play houses, and anything else you can think of. the kids loved it. Adam met us there as he got off early that day.
The DJ did some trivia for the kids (with the parents helping) he played theme music to movies. Austin answered the first one it was batman. he got his dollar off prize, now Madison wanted to, So the next one the DJ said that for a week no one has been able to get it so they played and Adam said only thing i can think of is Zorro. So I take Madison up there and she gets to the Mic and says nothing, i say tell him Zorro.
Madison gets it right and she gets the prize runs back to daddy to say "Daddy, its Zorro, but I'm Shy" She said that all on her own! SO CUTE!
Austin wanted to go again so we did and it was Jurassic Park. he said it as plain as day.

I forgot my Camera that day.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aww toothache what a PAIN!

I have this major problem with one of my teeth. I have in the past had 3 dentist try to fix it and each and every time they charge me lots and mess it up more! I was told by the most recent one that the previous dentist did not do a crown as i was told and as i paid for. So long story short i have a hole in my tooth and parts keep breaking off. it is the last tooth on the bottom (not wisdom) right.. I just want it GONE now no more fixing it! Ok so you say you have insurance go fix it...

Problem is our ins is a plan that is great as far as what we have to pay 100 percent preventive and 80/20 major. But every dentist I have been to and my husband has been to want to charge us for things under the preventive area and charge us the 80 percent on the major VS the 20 we are suppose to pay.

So today i spent a good bit calling every dentist with in a 50 mile radius around me seeing if 1) they took our plan still, 2) they would charge the right amount, 3) they were accepting New patients.

Because last night I may have gotten 20 minutes of solid sleep. I am in MAJOR PAIN!

So finally after calling Many dentists I got Adam and I one for August 17th in MADISON, TN ! yes like over an hour away. but they are the only one that fit all 3 requirments. We will see if they charge right when we get there!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

more Random stuff

*I had a POTATO meeting tonight it was a Spa Night with a great choc. fountain! YUM. I had a great time talking to people and seeing new and old friends we had a large turn out.

*Adam has a great interview with a LARGE company in two weeks. Aug 16 day before his Bday! I am excited! I so hope he gets this one. He has wanted a job with them since we found out they moved here. a great growth opportunity and closer to home.

* Austin asked Maddy for something today and she said "Bubby I am busy" he asked again and she said "no I am busy right now" Too funny!!

* we ate dinner at moms last night so we could visit with my grandmother.

* she is doing better today since she got some fluids she was dehydrated. She was only drinkin a little water. the Dr told her some water is ok but she needs to drink Gatorade or something with sodium and vitamins so it will stay in her longer where as water goes right through you.

* i started tagging my items for the consignment sale! I have a ton of stuff to get ready.

* Adam's mom, dad, and grandad come intown aug 14 or 15th. for I think 5 days.
* Madison has to have her hair in her "princess tails" everyday now...
* I painted her nails and toes in glitter pink.

I think that is it i am tired!

No monsters!

Austin started this thing the other day when he got from nap. I walked in the room and he said "Mommy, I'm scared, I cryin"
I said "why is that Austin"
He says "There's Monsters over there in my room"
I said "Austin we do not have monsters in our house"

OH no not starting on scared of monsters in our room already!

So i thought it was just a one time thing since that was 3 days ago, well tonight i was reading my email and I hear on the Monitor about 1am Austin is crying saying "Monsters mommy"
I go in there and he gets up and says "i scared there are monsters"

I explain to him like before Austin we do not have monsters in our house, monsters are only pretend, we only have you, Madison, ali, daddy and mommy in our house. he said "ok, and said no monsters in our house."

Oh i hope this goes away soon.

Weekend fun!

Friday we really did not do much. We later went out that night very late after kids in bed (a sitter to watch them while they slept) with some friends.

Saturday I had an ALL DAY CROP!! yeah my old store Scrap it held an all day event at a church in Hermitage. there were 64 people there! I stayed late to help them clean up. I got about 6 pages or so done. I had the baby with me from 12:30 until Adam came and got her at 3. I then went to walmart to develop some of my Ellington Ag center pics. Walmart messed up a few go figure they always do that is why i stopped using them YEARS ago. oh well i will give them to non scrapbooking family members. I have found a new online printing co i am going to use. They do awesome work and you can get lots of different sizes, its called you can see what the pic will look like before its printed.

Sunday I slept in after feeding the baby. she for some reason woke up at 5am! then she did not go back to sleep for a Nap until 4PM! GRRR who knows why, Adam took her after i fed her in the AM and played with her and the kids so i could nap! what an awesome Daddy!

I had to go to church that evening for a class for working in the nursery. I start working i believe in early sept. it will be fun i am working Sunday evenings in the 3 year old room.

No pics today sorry!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Here are some pics of madisons Pony tails. some of austin and Alexis too.

Madison is into saying "sorry I not mean too" when she does something wrong or if she bumps into you or vise versa. She is so Cute!

Austin has turned into a wild man! God, I hope this is a phase!

Alexis is just laughing and being a good baby. Though we have learned that she is attached to a certain Paci the one from the hospital. she lost hers for a day and boy we payed for it she would not sleep! i bought 6 other kinds, so far we know she does not like 2 of them. Thankfully we found her other one.

Oh and we love our leap frog game now! we love the dora game!

We are also singing "party like a rock star" they are too cute too! Need to get video.

It's (was) my birthday! 7-28

I can not believe this year is going so fast. I am now the big 29! I will hold on to this age for at least 5 more years!
I had a good day we took the kids that morning to the Zoo for Ice Day. we only stayed about 2 hours due to the Heat. we rode the carousel and looked at a few animals, ate the free Ice cream and left. We ate lunch at the family restaurant across the street. We got home took a nap before our big night out.
We took all the kids to my moms about 7:30p we went back home to get ready for our night out. We went to Music City grill with a couple that we are friends with. We then went to a Club to hear music, dance and have fun! after we went to Waffle house at 3 am! (yes i am too old for this). We then came all back to my house since they live an hour away from us, they stayed here we stayed up chatting until 5 something. I went to sleep at 6 mom called at 7 i got the kids at 8. We left for fayetteville at 12. We went to grandmammas for the July bdays. We had Mexican! YUM
Here are some Zoo pics and Grandmamas pics. I did not take any of my Bday out with adam since I did not want to lug my camera

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