Thursday, July 26, 2007

Conversations oh the Conversations

These Two year olds Crack me up everyday!

Yesterday Madison was pointing to my Bra saying Mommy's Bra. I said Yes Mommy's bra, she said its White. I said your right. She said "Mommy I want a Pink Bra" then she went to Austin and said "Austin You want a Red Bra?" Austin says "No I want a Blue Bra sissy" TOO Funny! We actually were looking at the Walmart flyer that night and she saw a Pink Bra! Of course she said "I want that one mommy"

We have really been into our Leapfrog Little Leaps Video game. You play it with these DVD games on the TV and it is a Big Wireless toddler game controller. They love learning with it. Counting, ABC's, right, left, Spanish counting, animals and more.

We went to Nana's today for lunch waiting for Meemaw to finish Radiation. She starts that today for 5 weeks five times a week. I hope this helps cure her! God PLEASE!

Some of our new things are that we will climb in our high chairs and put the trays on. Thank god we can not take them off nor climb out.
We are jumping off the bottom step of the stairs.

Oh Madison helped me fold wash clothes the other day and she did it PERFECTLY! She loves to help me in any way. My little helper. Austin likes to on his own terms when he wants to.

Here are some pics to leave you with

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I know I have not been up to date lately. Busy busy!

Last week my Cousins GF had her second child a little girl named Savannah Leighann.

Thursday we ate at Famous Daves with some friends and their kids.

We hung around the house until Friday! We went to Steve's Fantastic Fun Zone in murfreesboro. Then we went to eat lunch with Nana at BarBcutie. We had a good day. We got home,daddy got home, I left went to an interview (for a work at home job with one day in the office for a few hours). I went to the store then home.
Got home cooked dinner then got all kids in bed, Adam I got ready to go out. My brother came over to watch the kids while they slept. We went to eat and have some "alone" time out to talk. We got home late but it was a great time!

Saturday we were lazy, did nothing except go to walmart get a Toddler bed for a friend who is giving me her Crib. Came home napped. I went to Kroger and Aldi for fruits and veggies to make Alexis's Baby food.

Sunday I made Baby food for Alexis ALL DAY! And i am still not finished. I made Eggplant, Apples, Peaches, Acorn Squash, broccoli, pears, and Carrots.

Today was a boring ole same ole day.

We got our pics back from the photographer! She was AWESOME.
here are a few of my faves she took 177 pics!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moms Surprise party

Oh I forgot to Blog on my Moms Surprise party. Sunday after i mowed the yard we went to AL to my Aunts house for a surprise bday party for my mom. She had no clue. My meemaw did not feel like coming so i stopped by there after there. we had fun, ate good food. my cousin chads GF was going into the hospital to be induced that night at 10p.

here is my conversation with my grandmother:

Me: Meemaw in your Will you know what i want you to add.

meemaw: yes i know you want the pictures

me: yes that too but that is not what i wanted you to add , i am glad you remembered that i want that. but i want you to put in there that you want everyone (your kids and grand kids) to all still get along and stay close. I hope that they would still but you never know, since we had had issues in the past with people not getting along so good.

meemaw: Yes i will, but have you ever thought that I may out live them..

Me: yes that is true only God knows our plan but in case we all need a will.

I have a book i am bringing to her that is about her i want her to answer some questions. i also want to go through the pics and get the details on and i have a questionnaire for her too..

To potty or not to potty!

Grr we tried to start introducing the potty and no diapers on Monday. Well it went ok, we got princess panties and Diego and cars. Well Austin did ok, Madison did great until dinner when she was in the high chair and i could not get her out fast enough when she told me she had to pee she told me seconds before she had to go. I asked the Dr that day when i took her in for her fever. she only had a viral throat infection no ears or strep. the dr said just take it slow until they get more into telling me they have to go and the closer they get to 3 bladder control will get better. So we did it again on Tuesday, Madison started holding it in even though i was putting them on the potty every 10 to 15 min. Austin would say he had to go and then get near the potty and say no pee yet. when he did sit it would be like 2 min and he would scream for for his pants back on. When he was right about to pee he would say i pee i sit him there and nothing, he gets up and then 2 min later pees a lil in his pants..GRRR. he is not motivated about candy, or "throwing" the diego undies away because they were wet. Madison is easy to manipulate but she would hold it on day 2. So we went back to diapers and we will keep trying and going before getting in our PJs at night and before bath. I am in no hurry, i just want them to get use to the idea.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My grandmother's Update

Well last week she went to the Dr and he told us that the mass on her ovary was growing and surgery is not an option. Chemo is out because she is too weak. She has lost 30 lbs in 1 month and she is already tiny. She also had low red blood cells there so she had a transfusion done. Also the cancer is in her pelvis bone. They are going to look into Radiation. the only way they can do it is if they can beam the radiation away from her one and only Kidney. because the radiation will kill it. So we are just hoping and praying for a miracle! She fought off her colon cancer! so maybe God willing he will cure her! So we are looking into hospice for pain management since she will be in pain her bones. he is trying to get her to eat and drink more! that is the big challenge at the moment. I Can not talk long on this subject at the moment. But i wanted to update on here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pics and the Zoo

Saturday I get up really early because Alexis was hungry, could not go back to sleep so i decide to take mom her gift to her work. Then head to my crop. I took Alexis so that Adam could play with the Twins for the day alone. Also so i could feed Alexis myself. I have to leave it Early so we could get ready for our Pictures to be taken at Ellington Ag Center.
We get all our stuff ready get out there and get our pics taken, we took about 200 pics and I saw several good shots. I hope we get a great deal of good ones out of that. After our hour of pics we head to the Zoo for the Members night from 6 to 8. We saw about 8 sets of twins several we knew. We rode the carousal which is free during this time (not any other day) of course long lines because of that, but they loved it. we play on the play ground. I carried Alexis in the Bjorn while she slept and i also fed her. I sat and talked to another Twin mom for a while she had 3 mo old twin boys and a 2 1/2 year old little boy. So she was the opposite of us. We also met another twin mom of two sets of twins under 3! WOW!
It was a nice night weather wise. I took the camera but took no pics.. yeah i know crazy for me huh!
We left and we went to eat at the Olive Garden. It was good and the kids ate good and behaved good!
here are some pics to look at though since it is boring without pics huh!

Friday oh what a day!

I was a brave women Friday. I ended up having the little boy I watch. I decided since this is "OUR" day out to have fun that I was not going to let him being here stop us. So we went on our Playdate to the Smyrna Splash Pad! We had fun, much better than last time we went. We met some other moms there. They all went in the water. Madison told me she was Hungry so after we left there. We went to Chickfila our fave place. We did good except Austin was hungry and when he is he is cranky! so people are staring as i bring in 3 2 year olds and an infant, Austin has his little mini meltdown. I get him calm, get the food and it was all good from there!
we left went home to nap! I went scrapbooking that night with my aunt Lori at the Scrapbook store Paper candy in M'boro. We had fun! we even got guilt food, McDonald's and baskin robins! i got my moms bday gift done there.
The kids were all good for daddy!

Mama Dada

Austin started on Thursday calling me Mama and calling daddy dada. I have no idea why we changed from Mommy daddy to mama dada. It is odd but at the same time SO cute to hear! It reminds me from when they were babies... AHhh

he will say whats that mama...too cute!
Madison will say no its Mommy daddy!

too funny!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Week so far

Well Monday was rather boring..I did not have the kid i watch he was sick. Austin had his eval for sensory issues, I do not think he will qualify, he is too strong in so many areas. Oh well, I might seek OT on my own for him since he does have some sensory issues. nothing major. Mom came over to see the kids and brought them gifts. Madison a princess outfit, tiara, shoes and purse. Austin a talking Buzz car.

Tuesday We had Calean and we just did our normal thing. I had a meeting that night with POTATO. We played BUNCO so much fun!

today we hung out at the house again too. I went this evening to see my grandmother who went to the dr in Nashville, and stay the night with my mom last night and tonight. I will update you all on her in another post.

I had a migraine today, I called to get a Dr apt, since i do not have a Primary Dr i just went down the ins list of about 7 in murfreesboro (since i need to go in ASAP). None of them could see me until AUGUST. Now I am sick with what i think is a sinus infection! why would i wait till aug! I finally found one that could see me NEXT Wed! I will probably be better then, this has been going on a week already! If i am i am canceling.

I told the kids this morning that mommy's head hurt. Madison says "I hurt too" I said what hurts she paused and paused and said "my um tummy hurts" then Austin Chimed in and said "My head hurts too I fall down and hit my head see look" So funny!

As we were headed to Nanas Madison says "we go to nanas and nana got us presents, Bubby you want Deigo shoes or spiderman shoes"
She thinks that since bubby wanted shoes cause she got princess ones that he needs diego or spiderman shoes. She told Nana to get bubby diego ones.

Madison can not stand it if she gets something she thinks and wanted austin to have something too. One time i gave her a piece of Candy in secret and she ran to Austin and said Austin you want candy, so she came back to me asking me to give him some too. She wants to share (most of the time) now Austin he is not all about that...LOL

here are some pics from the 4th.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Our boring weekend

Thursday we went to Daddy's work for a visit and then Lunch!

Friday I took the kids to see the movie Surf's Up with my friend Kristie and her 3 kids. We went at 12:30p it was a cute movie. We only had one melt down. Alexis slept most of the time. After the movie we went to Chikfila. After we went home to nap! I went scrapbooking that night. I had to rush home because Adam called to say that Austin threw up in bed and Alexis is crying. Austin threw up because he , Madison and Daddy were rough housing, jumping, and being tossed around after dinner before bed. MMM full belly, jumping around that will cause you to throw up!!!DUH!
I get home and Alexis is calm and asleep. It is now late so the kids will be sleeping in...

Saturday we get up Late eat our breakfast. We head out to Costco for Wipes and stuff. We go to the Mall after to look and play. kids played in the play area, i fed ali. We then head to Old Navy and then to Golden Corral for Dinner. Go home and get to bed so we can get up for church tomorrow.

Sunday we get up for church. I begged Madison to wear her Pretty Blue dress with smoked Cherries on it. it even had a cute hat. She finally agreed but not without a fight. oh she wanted her PINK princess dress. It was not clean! Plus i wanted to see her in this dress. We had a good day at church.
Come home eat, nap and Adam and I cleaned! We got floors all clean ,sheets changed, Washed clothes, I started on Alexis Room getting it all clear of other junk, and Madison's old clothes sorted for her to wear. Also cleaned the kitchen! Wow we still have lots to do! Never ending!

Friday, July 06, 2007

LOTS of Prayers PLEASE

We got some rather not so good news today. My meemaw went to the Dr (OB oncologist) today for a follow up from her reg Oncologist about the mass on her Ovary. She has lost 30 lbs in 3 months, and if you have seen her you know she does not have 30 lbs to give! The mass has grown, it is inoperable (1 because of her state, and two because of the kind it is). So on July 11 she will see her reg oncologist and the OB and discuss the options. She has lost weight because she does not want to eat so they are giving her meds to eat and they are going to work on the nutritional part of this as well. Right now she is too weak for Chemo so he is looking at other options.
I know this is in Gods hands! I just pray that she can fight this like she did the other. I have said along that however I do not by any means want to loose her she is like another mother to me. I love her dearly. I have know her almost 30 years and have had great memories with her, she has seen me graduate HS, Get married, and have kids! But the hardest part for me to grasp is having to explain to my two 2 1/2 year olds that Meemaw is not with us but with our Lord! And that they can not know more about her and she can not see them grow up. Also my brother he is 16 he wants her there when he graduates, gets married even have kids! She is also the glue that holds everyone together!

But however I never want to see her suffer in pain either.

Please please pray for her and the family! I need her, we all need her! She is a fighter though! She is a strong woman! I admire her strength!

Happy Fourth! and Weddings

We had plans to see the fireworks at MTSU Wed. But my Mother called me to tell me that My grandmother was going to Renew her Vows with my grandfather Wed at Aunt Juanita's wedding. I had not planned on going to the wedding until this! So we changed plans. The wedding was at my great aunt Juanita's house outside. It was her second time marrying this man they divorced AGES ago. She remarried another man he remarried another woman. Both of their spouses just past away and now they are back together, they had kids together and no other kids with the other people they married. You still following me...LOL

Before the wedding we stopped at Daddy's and Grandmommas for lunch and a visit. The kids played and ATE. WOW! They also talked to grandmamma and daddy (grandpa) which was a new thing! I think they are coming out of the shell on this! I am excited about that! I think it helped that there was not a million and one people there as there usually is. We have lots of kids on this side.. so it is always busy there.

Anyway it was a nice wedding, the weather was not too hot it started at 6p.

after her wedding my grandmother(meemaw) and grandfather(poppy) renewed their vows. i was crying and could hardly see out my camera lenses. It was hard because all the stuff my grandmother is going through. He is so her Rock and she is his everything. they have been married for 30 years. They dated once and then she got real sick and ended up in the hospital very very sick, she had half her stomach removed. Anyway he came to the hospital and sat by her bedside everyday after he got off work for HOURS. He was there when she was almost dying and here he is now. Going through some of the same things. Oh and Austin fell twice once on the way across the street coming from Meemaws to the wedding. He has a BIG abrasion and little knot on the head

After the wedding we wanted the kids to see fireworks since we have been seeing and hearing them in the area around the house for weeks. So we went to Huntsville Joe Davis Stadium to see the fireworks. we met up with Ash and Christina (Teresa, chad, dwaine, Cody, Carter, Breana And Caroline were in a different location watching) in the parking lot behind the stadium (Ashley Furniture) we sat in the bed of Christina's truck on blankets watching them . We had fun and all the kids had fun and enjoyed them!
We headed home and got home at 12:30A! The kids were so tired! I will add pics tomorrow when i Download them!

The Crud! Can i call in sick?

We all have been under the weather here since Monday. I have felt like CRAP. I called Adam on Monday because on top of feeling crappy the kids were crabby, runny noses, whiny and the baby was teething I asked him if I could call in sick! LOL yeah not going to happen in this job! I have lots of benefits but sick days and vacation days are not a part of it. But the other benefits out weigh that of no sick days!

I still feel like crap and I can not take meds like the other family members due to Breastfeeding! YEAH!

Tuesday was not that much better, Usually when i feel bad the kids act better than ever. Well that was not the case Monday and Tuesday!

Tuesday I left and went to Walmart to get out of the house and get some stuff.

Monday, July 02, 2007

opps no church

We overslept today since we got in late, well not really over sleep, we just let the kids sleep instead of getting them up. We cleaned all day!
Adam and I brought the recliner up stairs to the play room so we can start playing there again. I could not sit on the floor preggo the last 2 mos and now with breastfeeding the baby i need a chair. SO now we can! YEAH!
We also folded and did all the laundry, cleaned up all the toys and organized them, moved the playroom around. I need to take pics of it since it will be messed up with in 2 minutes of them being awake tomorrow!
I had to go to church this afternoon for new volunteer children's ministry meeting. I then went to the grocery store since all kids were asleep. Came home cooked and gave all a bath, cleaned some more, then off to bed for the kids! Whew what a day!

Here are some pics from the Kats game last week!

Fun in the SUN!

Saturday we decided to take the kids to Nashville Shores. My mom got us this booklet of passes, some free and some 2 for 1. the kids are free! It was fun, we stopped and got inter tube rings for them. We got our cooler, wagon, bouncy seat, towels, change of clothes, diaper bags, inter tubes and passes! I did not take the camera because i did not know if we would leave our stuff "unsupervised" at anytime so i did not want my expensive camera alone. after the day was over i realized we could brought it since there was always someone with our stuff, and if not they have lockers(still not secure enough for my camera to me). The kids had a BLAST! Madison was so comfy floating around the kiddy wading pool (1 ft) and even when we went to the larger 3 to 4 ft pool. Austin was as well jumping into the water from the side. Madison is not jumping in as you know from swim lessons. She'd rather float around. Neither of them liked the water splashing sprayers at all. They like to watch the people come down the slides on the tubes, and Austin wanted to go but i had to explain he was too short to go. he was ok with it. Alexis did GREAT! She nursed well there, slept, played, she too was in her Bikini (Madison's from when she was a baby) too cute. Brings back fun memories! We left when it closed went by Nana's to visit then to steak and shake for dinner then home and in bed at 11p!

friday FUN!

We were suppose to go to the Bouncy place on Friday, but kids over slept! Alexis woke up very very early to eat for some reason...LOL, so i went back to sleep and slept until the kids woke up since i was tired I did not get them up to go! So we ended up doing nothing exciting at all! Ash came to bring by my recliner that she had (we let her borrow it)so we then went to eat lunch. They kept wanting to go to the bouncy place... I told them it was closed (it was) and they were MAD! So we have to go this coming week. I went to crop that night. I got stuff done since there was only 2 other people there! not much chit chatting going on!
Here are some pics from last weeks fire station trip!

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