Friday, April 03, 2009

First Soccer Game

We had our first soccer game Saturday and it was so cute to watch. I think they thought it was just going to be like practice except in uniform! LOL After getting used to it they started picking up on it. we won 8-0! Only because we have an older kid (almost 6 he missed cut off for 6yr old team by a month) and his mom is a pro soccer/college player. he scored 7 out 8 goals and only played half the game.

Austin gets frustrated that he cant get the ball to kick it in the net. The other kid is always with the ball. But you cant take his glory from him either.

Austin is a left footed kicker and the coach wants us to keep encouraging that and says he has a Strong kick with that left foot.
We have thought for a while now he was left handed, but he will still flip flop when writing.
madison is her crazy leg self kicking, soccer will not be her strong point...LOL but she gives it her 110%!~

Alexis's progress

We have a successful surgery for her Tubes Wednesday. She did great only thing she did was get sick after waking up and drinking to get ready to go home. it was a very fast procedure. It took longer for pre op on Monday and registration on wed that the procedure and recovery.

We have already started seeing progress. you can tell she is hearing things differently from the way she reacts to things.

She will mock you now. she said diaper today, momma is clearer, she says bubba.
She is walking BETTER! Balance is BETTER!

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