Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Again more updates..sickness

September 7th we went to the Dr because the one of the kids I watch had a ear infection. Madison started with a runny nose no fever it lasted 10 days so we went in. Austin had just started with a runny nose. She wanted us to wait his out 10 days. Madison turned out to have a left ear infection. We got meds for 10 days. The other child got meds too.
10 days went by and she still had a yucky nose. So did the other kid. But now Austin has a Fever (102) so I took him in too. Turns out He has Strep throat, and she has a Right ear infection now! So I ask for shots so it will go faster. So he was contagious for 24 hours. I keep Madison away from his face as much as possible and not to swap cups and stuff. Austin would not sleep well so she slept with us.
So we keep the other kids away for 48 hours and that turns out that after that now Madison has a 103 temp. So we take her in and Austin comes too to get looked at again. He is good, but now Madison has strep and no ear infection. We get her the same shot and she has 24 hours for no contact. Luckily Austin still has the antibiotic in his system so we cant pass it back to him. So Monday the 25th everyone gets to come back to play no germies! I disinfected every and I mean every single toy with clorox anywhere spray. We had only one week to get all ready for the trip.

the next weekend we went to the outlets in Lebanon on saturday and to the mall. We got the kids some shirts, tights and Austin a hat. I got some Preggo pants.
Sunday we went to church, took the kids to my moms for the day while Adam and I cleaned the whole house, we watched a good football game that we lost in the end. We only got the bottom floor totally done along with some laundry, toilets cleaned,and the playroom cleaned.

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