Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back home and new things

We got back home from NY and family came over and cooked us dinner.
Some new things they can do now.
Austin loves to say Touchdown when he see football on TV or anywhere. He raises his arms too! He also says Down, Set, Hut. He and Madison can do push ups in their own way, it is too cute!
they say Boogity boogy boogity! Austin says ciao, Grattzi from being at the pizzeria with Andrews grandmother and family who are Italian.
If you has them what does Mommy say they say : I wuv yoou!
If you ask what pawpaw says they say : Madison (in a high pitch sweet way)

They are in lOVE with Pumpkins (punkins). They got to paint one the other day when Kristie cam over. I told Austin in the morning that Mrs kristie is coming over and bringing pumpkins to color. About 6 when it was almost time for her I said Mrs kristie is almost here and Austin said :"Punkins color whoooo", I was amazed he remembered!

We have been dealing with some bad behavior issues nothing major, totally age appropriate. They are spitting the milk down their shirts, spittin on things and saying "Mess", Austin is biting when he is very mad, Madison is some too not bad. They are pushing buttons when you tell them no then 5 min later they do it again. Austin has a habit of throwing things when MAD. He has responded some to time out. They are getting better though. He gets frustrated too easy and impatient.

Madison calls football "feetball" no matter how many times you repeat it correctly, it is so cute because that is what I called it as a kid to my Poppy while watching it with him.

They are very observant. When in the car they see a sign or object far or near they will say apples, or "bock bock"(chicken) or whatever it is they see.

When they are hungry they will say bock bock, cheeseburger, fries, noodles,toast, pizza(pieza),peas, hotdog. Austin will say hmmummm and make a click sound to like he is thinking in between each food.

They call the Statue of Liberty "Big Lady" when they see the pics.

They call Cherrios "Churchios", they love the pink Yogurt ones and sometimes that is all they want. They say "pink ens".

We have gotten away from having to add choc to the milk now. YEAH.

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