Monday, November 10, 2008

I have never laughed so much so hard...

At church today we had a guest speaker there. I have never laughed so hard, even crying laughing so hard and so much in my entire life. I have seen many comedians who have never made me laugh like that before.
This man, Joe McGee taught a parenting seminar on Friday and Sat that I could not attend so when i heard he was speaking at service I was so excited! He spoke a little from what he says in a parenting seminar and a lot about marriage.
He quoted so many verses that relate that i never even thought about. Me and Adam were nudging each other all morning because he spoke about so much that was true!
Every church should have him come talk every one should do a parenting seminar or marriage one.

I bought his CD set (that he taught at the seminar) on "8 things that no kid should leave home without"I bought the book "God knows how to raise your kids even when you don't"

I have heard his finance books are great! He is from TN he has 6 kids. He now lives in OK.

here is a marriage clip from him:
Many have been deceived by a common myth about marriage thinking, “if I marry the right person, I’ll live happily ever after,” only to wake up to a different reality.

Some couples spend their lives building each other up, but unfortunately, some spend their lives tearing each other down.

But God wants you to have the kind of marriage that makes other people jealous. You don’t just happen to find a great marriage. You build one. It’s a life-long process.

Marriage is the most intimate relationship possible—two people choosing to be together for the rest of their lives. But in order to build a strong, lasting and fulfilling relationship, you need the right tools—skills most of us got married without. But as the old saying goes, “It’s never too late to learn.”

Marriage Building 101 is for any age couple who has tied the knot or who is tied up in knots.

You can download a couple of audio files of him on his website.

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