Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is my first non Coupon post in a while...LOL

I am having a very Blah kinda day. You would think I would be better after hearing that adam got some contract work after not having a job for 6 mo. But I know its a paycheck, i know we need it, its just in my heart I am not having a good feeling about this. I am Praying that this is a feeling from the Holy Spirit that there is something else coming our way that we have been praying for.

I am stressed to the Max, depressed to the Max, No energy, very hormonal, no motivation, you name it! I just have not had a good day...or good 6 months to be honest. But today just was the icing on the cake.

I feel like a bad wife, mother, friend, daughter , sister, you name it! I feel it!

I know that God will lead us to the right path, I know this is just a detour in our journey. but I am ready to be out of the desert!

I am very thankful for my family, my husband, my kids, my Church, and my friends who have been there for us during this time. I am very thankful for those who have done things for us annyomously! What a Blessing!

I am praying things get better, but until then I am going to be here for my family, do my VERY best to be a better wife and mother!

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Anonymous said...

I know that the last few months have been really hard for you. But hang in there because it will get better for you and Adam and the family. Still praying. You are a terrific mom, wife, friend, Christian...the whole thing. Even though you are going through so much don't let satan plant doubts about yourself in your mine!
Big hugs and lots of love!

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