Thursday, April 08, 2010

Walgreens 4/7/10

I did not have a good experience at Walgreen's today. Two different issues came up one was when I was checking out she scanned all the stuff and then my coupons and then the RR coupons, it rejected one of my $4.00 RR because I had more coupons than items! well no joke it was because you can use 2 coupons on one item if you have a Manufacturer coupon and a store coupon. I asked her to take off the $1.00 RR one and use the $4.00 one instead but the asst manager refused, i gave up i will use it again SOON!
Second issue came when I got to my car I was looking at my RR that printed out from my purchase today and noticed that i was short a $3.00 one from the Crest offer. I went back in and they could not explain it this time the manager, so I returned the products and got my 3 coupons back I used for that purchase. I was not happy!

So here is what I did

Dawn Dish Detergent 1.99
-1.00 Walgreen's paper coupon
-.50 PG coupon makes it .49
Cascade dish det. 3.99
-.50 PG coupon makes it 3.49
Tide Stain release 3.99
-1.00 RP coupon makes it 2.99
Downy Dryer sheets 3.99
-1.00 PG Coupon makes it 2.99
But WYB $10 of PG products I got $2.00 RR
So out of pocket I paid 9.47 minus 2.00RR so that is 2.49 each

Lindsay Olives 2/4.00
- 2.02 store coupon
-1/2 Printable coupon makes it .98 or .49each

Pilot 2pk erasable pens 1.19
-1.00 in store coupon makes it .19 total

Starbucks Frappuccino drink 2.19
- .94 store coupon
-1.00 Printable coupon makes it .25

Kotex Maxi tampons
-1.00 printable coupon makes it 2.49
Plus i got a $2.50 RR wyb one product makes it FREE!

I spent 9.05 (because of their mistake on the Crest he messed up the Math should have been 13.68

I should have paid 39.47 so that is 77%

I got 5.50 coupons to use next time plus the 4.00 on they did not take!

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