Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adams Parents In town

Monday Adams Mom and dad leave to come stay for a week with us. They get here at like 8p. I had my first day alone with all of them. It was not that bad. Hardest part is while nursing they go crazy and wild. Calen is not here this week either.
While his parents were here I was able to get Alexis on a some what routine. They watched the twins most all of the day. I was so grateful for that I needed to get her feeding like a champ and such. I took her to the weight on wed. She was 7 lbs 4oz so dr hunter (not our dr) wants us to come back again in a week. Friday Adam and I and the baby go to eat while Adams mom and dad watch the twins. Madison started a fever on Thursday night. She complained of her tongue hurting I thought she bit it but she apparently had a sore throat. She conts it thru the weekend. Sat Adams parents leave before I wake up so I did not get to say goodbye, I thought Adam would wake me up but he did not want to bother me after being up every 2 with the baby.

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