Thursday, May 17, 2007

Daddys Bob Barker Treatment

May 11th we get up and head down to the centennial hospital for his procedure. Alexis did good but wanted to eat more while he was back there. It took about 30 min at the most. We left and went to eat as we were starving. We ate at the barbq place at Centennial Park that was my fave place, it changed a bit not as good. We eat there, as I was leaving I accidentally backed into the car behind me in the parking lot. Adam in pain now as the local is wearing off and he just wants to get home and get his meds. I exchange info with the guy that was still eating. We leave go to Kroger get meds and go home for him lay down and rest and ice. Matt comes over with jess so she can see the baby. I was going to get my hair cut but it came a down pour. So we eat left overs and the hamburger helper I cooked last night but we could not eat because we had to get to meemaws. We watch TV and go to bed early. Now today Madison has a fever. So both with fevers.

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