Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Costco trip

Sunday we overslept for getting up and going to church. So Adam gets up and goes to walmart for some weed eater string our yard needs it! We eat breakfast and then head to Costco for wipes and more. I wanted to get some pics developed at wolfe but could not locate my CDS of pics only the back up DVDs. here is a cute story...

Remember when we went to opry mills mall for the deal or no deal...the kids wanted to ride the carousel, so i had to get cash out of the ATM to ride. So today at Costco Madison saw the ATM and asked Adam "daddy what is that?" he says "ATM Machine", Austin pipes up and says "mommy get money to ride the horses"
Wow how in the world does he remember all that by seeing an ATM machine, crazy smart!
We eat lunch there and then go home to Nap, Daddy mows the yard while they Nap, I scrapbook while Alexis some what Naps in the bouncy seat.

I cook a new recipe from Paula Dean Meatloaf. it was good! kids ate it too. I also did homemade mash potatoes. YUM!

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