Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shrek day!

We had a fun filled saturday! I got up fed the baby and went back to sleep till 10:40 yeah! I then ate breakfast and off to get my hair cut! i went to the beauty school in town and got 12in cut off. I could not believe I had that much to cut. It has been over a year since last cut! I will show a pic later.
After that i had to go get the family so we could leave to go to caelans birthday party at 2p. It was fun, Austin was a bit of a pain (grump, whiney you name it) lack of sleep. We stay until 4:30 then head home for a nap before the movie. I take the baby to moms at 6 come back get the kids and adam for the movie. We get there get our snacks wait in the lobby for the theatre to be ready. we get to go in kids are excited. we were only suppose to occupy 2 seats since the kids were free, but we take 4 and luckily no one needed them. kids sit and do not even flinch when it gets dark and starts up. Austin did good the first hour of it, then he wanted to stand, kick seats in front of us, and move around. But then an exciting part came and he did better and sat down. Madison did great the whole time! We left and went to eat at chickfila before getting the baby. We get her and go home! Kids loved the movie and talked about! so cute!

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