Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leave for GA

4/5 We leave for Easter for Ga we leave at about 7 we go eat at don Pablo’s so that we do not have to eat “burger Fries” we had such horrible experience that Adam complained! WOW I know Adam to complain, I was not even going to complain. But I guess you can imagine how bad it was for Adam to complain. We get on the road about 9:30PM! So we get to Ga about 3 in the morning. Kids did not sleep much on the way because they were watching “Happy Feet” and when we got there they were wired! We get in bed after I fed the baby at about 6 am. Kids get up at like 11a. 4/6 Aunt Pam came to see the newest addition. Kids were having a good time playing. I had to go to Target later on. I got their Easter gifts. The night Cindy, Lola, Joe, papa, jack, drew, penny, josh, jack all came over to eat and visit. We all ate and chatted and had a good time.
4/7: we are having Easter at Lola’s since we were leaving to go home today in the evening. All because my cousin Amy and mom planned an Easter Dinner and hunt at Meemaws because we never know if this would be her last Easter or not. Grandma got them Easter baskets to open that morning. We get to Lolas at 2 we have a good meal and then they hide the Eggs, a separate area for the small kids and another for the bigger kids. Madison got a bucket full and Austin well again he was more interested in other things but he got a good amount. Maddy got almost all 48 eggs, some had candy and others had Money. Madison also wanted to jump in the Lake, we tried to explain you can not do that, we had to hold her back. It was not a warm weekend; Easter was cold in GA and TN. We had to get out our white sweaters to go with our cute outfits. We get inside and play with our eggs and then we get all ready to leave after I feed the baby. We stop in Atlanta at chickfila to eat diner and we had to stop at the bookstore to change diapers and clothes for Madison and feed the baby as well *in the car*. We get home at about 3 am.

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