Friday, May 25, 2007


Frequent Doctor visit Miles can I collect these for some sort of prize? I feel like we have been to the doctor a lot this year especially in the last few months.. All for a stinking VIRUS, no medication nothing to cure it! totally Sucks! I think we are passing this back and forth. Tuesday night Madison gets a fever, I take her in today because I was beginning to think it was like a Bladder, UTI or Kidney Infection. We tried to get her to potty since the last time at the Dr to get a sample. No such luck which is odd because she always asks when we take a bath to potty and she usually goes. Well so today we tired at the dr office no luck, so now I have a baggie thingy to attach to her to collect Urine in her diaper.. Oh such fun, but i have to do this within 2 to 3 hours of taking it to the dr...even better...
her throat was very very slightly pink, so test for strep and neg of course.. so viral it is.
Austin is finishing his antibiotics from his ear infections. And guess what... he starts a fever tonight like Madison! YEAH
I do not know how to be more strict on hand washing, sanitizing, watching cup swapping and bleaching a person can do to prevent this! Oh well i guess it will be building up their immunities!

This morning i walk into get them up and Madison looks at me and says in her pitiful voice "mommy, I need medicine" and Austin chimes in " Mommy, I am hungry"

Today out of the blue Madison started singing "row row row your boat" I do not recall ever singing this one to her... so funny where they pick things up at.

Also while watching Backyardigains today about Pirates they are walking around saying "a pirate says Arggggg" So cute!

I need to get some pics on here of Alexis and her Smiling and laughing. So cute! Adam can really get her going, of course! She has been doing this for about 2 weeks now.

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Chelle said...

That's pretty funny... Frequent Doctor Miles!

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