Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday Monday!

I did not have to watch the little boy i watch today. So the kids and I go to eat lunch at like 2 with a friend of mine and her son at Red Robin. The kids did AWESOME eating today no issues, ate all the food and it was a lot of food. We left and i went thru the car wash drive thru, of course Austin did not like it towards the end when it was real loud. I stopped by Dollar General for shrek chairs that are the folding kind for 6 dollars, well they were out. I ended up getting the hard plastic kind shrek ones for 5. Adam stops by another Dollar store they have one folding shrek one and so he gets Madison a Pink Barbie one. So we are still on the look out for one more shrek one. We come to nap! after they wake up daddy is home and we went outside to play. Austin fell AGAIN and scraped his knee. I promise to get pics up soon!

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