Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sick Madison

Sunday Madison’s fever hits 104 so I decide to take her to the Dr at the clinic she has an ear infection and strep. So we get meds and go home. We keep her away as much as possible from everyone. Her fever breaks Monday. So all is good just cont meds. Well it comes back, so on wed I take Alexis for a weight check and she is 7 lbs 15 oz YEAH dr Donnelly said YEAH no more having to wake her up to eat let her demand it when she wants to eat. I also mentioned that Madison was not getting 100 Percent better. I told her what happened. She said that meds *zpack* that was given will only treat her ear infection. So she gives me a prescription for the right meds for the strep. And It will help the ear too and said stop the other med. Well on I believe 2 days later 3/16 she wakes up saying everything hurts she said she could not stand up. I called mom over and her and Jared came to stay with Austin and Alexis. I took Madison. She gets checked out. She has the FLU and another ear infection in the other ear. She said since she had the flu shot that the symptoms will be lessened to about 4 days. Well she was the worst I have ever seen her she was pitful. The next day she was amazingly much better! Thank god Austin did not get it or the baby.

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