Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What a day!

Tuesday May 29th a day from you know where! Even though the twins slept in Alexis of course woke up to eat and then went back to sleep but that was all she did all day besides her cat naps. Kids were extra whiny, Alexis screamed all day! all because she had more bottles than normal over the weekend. So that proved my point with her colic. She gets more gas with her bottles and screams! but after a day with more than normal bottles she screams in pain and is hard to nurse she you have to give her at least one bottle to calm down that day so she can nurse the rest of the day and get back on track. Make sense? As i was dealing with a screaming baby, Madison and Austin decide to get the container of sugar off the counter that Adam forgot to put away last night, they open the spout and bring it to me saying "here you go mommy" But they have it upside down from the kitchen to the living room where i was feeding Alexis. So i stop with Alexis put her down, get on to them telling them why we do not get stuff off the counters. I get out the vacuum (which of course Austin did not like), I sweep the kitchen up. as i get lunch fixed Alexis screams the entire time. I get them fed, down for nap and take Alexis upstairs to my bed to nurse (she does better there) and try to get her to nap (NOT). It of course is closing week for Adam so that means late night from him ( not good with a day like today for me). I get Alexis to finally sleep while i get the kids up and down stairs while i start dinner. Adam gets home dinner, done and the phone rings. It is Juneanne asking me if i am coming to my OWN baby shower that the Murfreesboro twins club is giving me... LOL , i said yes it is not until the 29th, she said that is today...LOL Mommy dead brain! So since dinner is all on plates and ready I leave and say "have at it"...LOL not really. So i go to my shower, so nice! lots of diapers and other nice gifts! We had an adult twins panel talk about growing up a multiple. SO fun! two of them had twins themselves!

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