Thursday, May 17, 2007

My delivery story

2/17 we go visit Meemaw at home FINALLY!! Kids could not go see her in the hospital no kids in ICU. We go to babies r us in Huntsville to get the stroller/ car seat combo and a few other things we will have to have right away. We go eat Mexican food it was good. It was snowing!!! It came down hard at meemaws and on the road on the way home. On the way home At 9:10 I start having Contractions, I decide to time them for the first time in a while. At first they are 6 to 7 min apart. Then they go to about 5 to 6 then 4 to 5. I call mom and the Dr. this goes on till 11p. I take the kids to moms after a long trip due to the snow and we stop by the house to get their pack n plays and stuff. I get to the hospital before midnight. They monitor me and decide that since I still had my cerclauge (which was coming out next week) I got in my room and was to be monitored constantly. I could not sleep at all, Adam was on the little couch they had in there. I was only allowed ice chips! The nurse came in many times to keep her on the monitor. I cont to have contractions.
2/18 I took a shower before the dr came in. She said if I cont when the dr came in at 8a I could get my cerclauge taken out and have nature take its course. Dr growdon was due to be in around 11. He came in talked to use about the options since I was only 1 cm dilated. Since the baby had not really dropped into the pelvic area yet I could wait it out there for few hours and see how I progressed. If not movement into the canal and no more dilation and still having contractions then he would C section that afternoon. He let me get up and walk; he said that does not do anything for moving labor along it only eases the pain for mom. If movement occurs and I start dilating more then we will proceed as normal. I walked for 45 min, came back to the monitor and since then they had a hard time keeping the baby on the monitor, when they did the nurses kept saying that is low heartbeat or it is galloping or is that mom or baby. She would dip when I had a contraction. Dr growdon came in and said it looked fine. But the nurses thought otherwise. He left and about an hour later they called him saying that the baby was in distress and we needed to C section ASAP. So they call for an Emergency c section. Of course I am in panic mode at this point. Praying and praying, Adam calls my mom and gets suited up. Since it was Emergency no time for epidural only a spinal. I get in the ER and get prepped up Dr growdon is on his way so his partner at the hospital starts the C section. I get the spinal which was awful I felt like I could not breathe, I was numb from chest down. The anasetiologist said if you can talk you can breathe, but said I could not take deep breaths. I was also sleepy so my eyes wanted to go to sleep, Adam keep saying stay awake. She was born at 2:32p Dr growdon came in then, she came out screaming and was grabbing some sort of cord. Adam got some good pics, they show me her for a moment and she was having trouble breathing. Her heart was fine. She had wet lungs from the c section; she and Adam go to the nursery, as I am getting sewn up. Dr growdon said that it was a good thing I had a c section because the previous c section scar was Paper thin and her placenta was thinning in spots with the cord thinning from the placenta down to the baby and it was not planted in the center as it should be it was on the edge. If I had labored we both could have lost a lot of blood. I get to my room in L & D and we call all family and stuff. They show us the Placenta and they are going to send it off to pathology. Alexis came in weighing 7 lbs 5 and ½ oz. they measured her at 18 and ½ in. Sunday night my mom slept at our house while Adam stayed with me. My mom stayed with the kids while Adam worked. Madison was ready to bring her home she was in the nursery under an oxygen hood because her lungs were retracting and breathing fast. I get to my room and Adam is allowed to go in the nursery and see her I am still in my bed with a catheter and IV. I get some good sleep I was not in any real pain. I took toradol. I got some sleep! YEAH for that. I still wanted my baby in my room, that is why I had the cerclauge and took all the precautions to have a term baby so I could have that experience but nope she had to stay there and eventually got to NICU

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